Advaita and Atomic Science – Advaita series

[Taken from the Deivathin Kural by Kanchi Paramacharya]

The human life has desires, it has grief, fear and so on. To be untouched by them is Moksha. It is only through the Advaita Anubhava one can be devoid of grief, fear, jealous and all the evils and one can experience the Ananda of Moksha right here and right now. There is grief when something is different from us. There is fear or desire towards it. When there is nothing else, all that is seen or felt is just one, where is jealousy or fear. Snakes and lizards cause us fear but how can we get fear when we ourselves become as snakes and lizards?

Moksha is not something one can experience only after the physical body dies or by going somewhere to attain it. When one experiences the ‘oneness’, he can be at moksha right here and right now.

How can everything be one, we do see different things right? Either what we see should be the truth or what the Gnanis experience as Advaita should be the truth. Truth should provide changeless peace and bliss and fulfillment, which are its attributes. The life we see in front of us does not have these attributes. The Gnanis who experiences the advaita ananda are the ones who remain in that bliss, peace and fulfillment. We dream of different things and they appear very real when we are at sleep, what happens to them when we wake up? It is only the dreamer who remains. Similarly, this world is just an illusion. Once this illusion clears and one wakes up, all that is there is the Paramatma alone.

Advaita says that it is the same One which manifests itself in to many. What does science say? It agrees to the above statement. Earlier, the scientists stated that everything in this world comes under 72 elements. The idea was that these 72 elements were different from one another. Now after the discovery about the Atom has widened, they found that these 72 elements which appear to be different is from the same ‘Energy’ or Shakthi. The matter (Elements) and the source (Energy) are not different is what they have established. The great minds such as Einstein or Sir James Jeans have come very close in their statement of what Adi Shankara said about Advaita. When He said the world is an illusion, He stated that the world is not the end. It has its source in something else. It is relative but not absolute.

The only grief part about the discovery of energy and matter being the same is that it was used in the invention of atomic bomb. This is the bad side effect of using science to discover worldly things, with the limitation held at the brain level. This discoveries should go deeper from the brain and external world to the mind and beyond. When the truth that every Jeeva is just the same, the same brain who invented the atomic bomb for the destruction would have done something constructive to the world. The only glad thing is that such measures have been experimented with, constantly.

What is Advaita? It means ‘no two’ literally. Dvaita means there’s two. What does ‘no two’ mean, which two? We are here as Jeeva’s and there’s Swami. This is dvaita. Advaita says, ‘the only reality is Swami alone’, and there is no second thing other than Swami himself. It is the same Swami who has manifested through its Maya Shakthi as many. Just as an actor who can adorn many different characters but yet is the same person. We could say Jivatma and Paramatma but it is just the Paramatma there is, says Advaita. When we experience this, we no longer remain the Jiva with so many limitations but will be one among the Sat-Chit-Ananda, is Paramacharya’s Advaita philosophy.

When there is nothing else, what will control? What will be controlled? To be controlled, there has to be one who controls and one who is controlled. Such a state need not have to be obtained by going to Vaikunta or Kailasha, but can be obtained right here and now. That Brahmam or Paramatma is ever present, everywhere. The same sky is present inside the pot (Gatahasa) and outside (Mahakasa). When the pot breaks, the sky is all that remains.

But to reach the state of ‘I am that’ there is various steps, one cannot be a grand-master in his first session. There is Karma, Upasana etc., such as steps that Shankaracharya has given us. When following these procedures, one should constantly remind themselves that ‘what is seen and observed are just the same’ constantly. Let the experience in reality happen when it will, but the mind has to be reminded about this all the time.

If advaita is not possible, then there must be something different than the Paramatma. If so, where did it come from? What is it made of and who made it? We are with brain (with chaitanya), if we have been brainless or without chaitanya, then there must be something which has created this Jata-Prapanja for it cannot act by itself. In that case, it shows that it is the same Paramatma who has manifested as Jata Prapanja. Then the Jivas, have we come ourselves? We have various swabhava, attributes, appearance etc., which cannot be created as it were. The brain of Jiva did not come from elsewhere, it is created by the Big-brain itself.

Such Jiva get their food, clothing and shelter from this Jata Prapanja (this world in itself). The Jiva has sense organs to perceive heat, taste, smell etc., Such is the relation between the Jiva and World. Is all these created by the Jiva itself? There is some work done by a bigger brain to have these related. If the world and Jiva were created by two different things, then to make this relationship won’t be possible. So the source for both becomes the same Chaitanya. When it has created, it did not do it with an external thing apart from itself. So the only logical conclusion is that the same thing has manifested in to many. It has the power to do so, Maya Shakthi. This is Advaita. Those who has such a knowledge and wisdom, is the realized person, even if he may be a Chandala. This state is called Moksha, which can be attained and experienced right in this same birth, while in the physical body.

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