How to reduce the burden of grief – Advaita series

[Based on the Deivathin Kural by Kanchi Paramacharya]

Grief and its cause

We must ALL try to get the true wisdom of the Almighty. This wisdom is nothing but there is nothing other than the Almighty himself. The one appears as many. When we distract ourselves in to these many, there is disturbance, imbalance and the grief happening because of it. When we stop running behind the many and turn towards knowing the one which has manifested as many, then there is no imbalance and therefore no grief. This will give a permanent bliss. This is called as wisdom or gnana.

It appears as we do get some happiness out of the material world. But it is not permanent. How can we make the bliss from external source be permanent. It will run away. Just like how the sun light shines out of the gap in the branches, the bliss appears from time to time and disappears. The eternal bliss lies in knowing the cause of this world.

There is grief in every human being. It may appear that the rich, those in big social status are free from grief and we struggle to become like one by seeing them. The more higher one rises, the effect after falling down becomes higher too. Hence there is none who is free from grief. Just like how someone thinks that they are the most intelligent and beautiful, they think their grief is the highest in the world. The grief is born with us. We have sown the seed for this grief through our past karma. There is no escaping it.

But there is a way to bear the grief through this karma and be peafeful. There is also ways not to accumulate more karma. That wisdom is a way to do it. If one becomes insane, there is no grief, but there is no bliss either. The Gnani is the only one who is ever awake and without grief. There is no turbulence in his mind. The external struggle doesn’t affect him inside.

When one waves the pot full of water from within the pond, the weight of the pot is not felt but when one takes it out, the weight is felt. They use to transport the huge tree trunks underneath water for this reason. We should submerge these grief in this wisdom. The grief then becomes very light.


The one whom the grief does not touch is a yogi. Sin or the dirt accumulated in the mind is the reason for grief. When the dirt gets cleaned, the mind just turns towards the Lord by itself. The dirt can be cleared off only through rigorous measures and controls. When one does that and wins, the routine and measures in controlling the body itself becomes a yoga to be with the almighty.

When the mind has nothing, it automatically dissolves in to the source where it came from. When it merges with the source, then the mind ceases to exist. It stops running. It is the grief-free state. Just like how the water vapour starts it journey, takes many forms, keeping flowing and mixes with the ocean and ceases to exist on its own, but has become one with the ocean, the ocean, the yogi or the gnani merges their minds to the one source, Eka, and remains in that state. The yogi who has reached the state of Samadhi, even if they come back and appear normally, the experience of that state remains intact.

If somone gets a slightest of thought that they ‘should’ do something or ‘want’ something, they may not have experienced the eternal bliss. The yogi feels only mercy, a limitless one. He thinks that nothing should be harmed because of him. Whatever he does, he does not feel like he is doing it. There is only that mercy which shows in his actions.

Parameshwara destroys everything which appears like a bad thing. He does that only to make those Jiva’s who has loads of karmic ties within them to be within him, He destroys. We are eternally in the cycle of good and bad, birth and death. This punarapi jananam-punarapi maranam cycle should stop. The rituals and spiritual practices are meant only for this noble exercise. When it is done from the childhood, when crores and crores of people are equipped in this sadhana, then one parama-gnani appears from one of them. Such a birth is beneficial to the entire mankind.

Let us see how to get rid of this grief.

There is cause and effect. Whatever we go through now must have a cause in the past. This could be either a papa, or punya and sometimes it is said that the papa and punya of others may have an effect on us too. When the child suffers a disease, they say it is the effect of the parents’ papa effect. They suffer mentally by seeing the suffering of the child. It appears that the bad effect one goes through may be a punya effect of his enemy.

Whatever the reason maybe, the foremost cause of all the universe is that one Para Shakthi. That Ishwara’s will is what created the universe. He relates us to many a things. There is nothing without a reason or connection in this world. What appears to be not connected does have some relation within.

The karma one does has its effect, good or bad. As a sublime effect, the disease or gruhachara (deiva kutram) happens. One can do parikara through horoscope, medicine or mantrika. When our karma is about to be spent off, any of these will have its effect. If one accepts the life as a happening of the Lord’s will, they can remain unaffected, this maturity is the greatest parikara.

To ensure that no new karmic effect getting accumulated no matter how the past was. The only way is to meditate on the Ishwara. The only way out of grief is to surrender to Ishwara. The state of wisdom where there is nothing secondary or external to give a grief, is the ultimate way out. There is no sukha or dukha. What remains is the truth (Sathyam) which is auspicious (Shivam) that is beautiful (Sundaram).

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~ to be continued…!

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