Dwaita / Boutha = Advaitha (Advaita series)

[Based on the Deivathin Kural by Kanchi Paramacharya]

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पुर्णमुदच्यते
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Purnnam-Udacyate
Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate ||
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

This is the Shanti mantra (invocatory verse) of Isha Upanishad (IshaVasya Upanishad) Which is a part of the (Shukla) Yajurveda. It means, Brahmam is complete. The world is complete. From the complete Brahmam came this world. Even though the completeness called world is taken out from the completeness called Brahmam, what remains in the Brahmam is the Brahmam itself, the completeness itself.

The question now is, how can one remain complete if something is taken out of it? What does the above mantra state in reality? The world is not a thing which has come out of Brahmam. It is the Brahmam which has manifested itself as the world. Brahmam itself appears as the world. Brahmam did not ‘create’ the world with something else. Neither it has ‘transformed’ itself as the world. It merely ‘appears’ or ‘manifests’ as the world. Just like the rope appears as snake in the night. It is just two complete thing which when observed as rope, the snake doesn’t appear and vice versa.

Did the weight of the rope change when it appears as snake? No. This is what the above mantra means, the completeness is what remains when the completeness manifests itself or appears itself as the complete world. But why should the rope appear as the snake? It is because of the ignorance or maya. What is Maya? What is not there means Maya. The non-existant Maya makes the same Brahmam appear as many. How can a non-existent thing ‘do’ such a thing? Let us answer this mathematically.

We saw addition and subtraction earlier. It doesn’t increase, neither decreases and remains the same. Let us divide and multiply now. We divide a number with another. When the dividing number becomes smaller and smaller, the remainder increases.
If 16 divides 16 and the remainder is 1.
If 8 divides it, the remainder is 2.
If 4 divides it, the remainder is 4.
If 1 divides it, the remainder is 16.

If the number divides it becomes 0, then the remainder becomes infinite. Whatever is divided by 0 becomes infinite. 1/0 = infinite and 100000 (plus some more 0’s) divided by 0 = infinte. The same infinite. This infiniteness can be associated to the infinite Brahmam. The non-existent, valueless 0 makes the number infinite and can be abbreviated to Maya. The same Brahmam while remaining constant, appears to be on a constant move while in the world. This is similar to multiplying anything with 0, the answer is 0 always.

Brahmam (world) X Maya (0) = 0, the Maya filled world aka 0. Therefore the Advaita says that the Brahmam is bliss absolute, the one without a second.

Dwaita says that the world that appers is also true, sathya.

Buddhism says that the world, Brahmam everything is 0, maya. It stops by saying everything is maya.

So we could either say:

Advaita X Buddhism = Dwaita
Dwaita / Buddhism – Advaita

Featured image: Ramanasrama, from the picture, are you searching where is Boutha? It is not there as everything is maya aka 0 as per Buddhism :).

~ to be continued…!

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