The order of Acharya

[Based on Deivathin Kural by Kanchi Paramacharya]

Sri Adi Shankara Bhagawadh Pada established Peetas all across India. He has given an important order to us, who be in these Peetas. It is that we should always meditate on the Ishwara, and make others do the same. Why Ishwara-Dhyana, it is because He has manifested as us all. That is, for us to find out that our real swaroopa is He himself. If not found so far, just meditate on that one who is called Ishwara who is the embodiment of all auspiciousness. The one who surpasses attributes yet adorning them (Saguna, Nirguna). Since we and He are one and the same, He will make us realize our real swaroopa, which is none other than He himself. When this happens, all the gunas will be gone and we will become Nirguna.

We are sending our children to the school. If they do not behave well, we blame it on the teacher. If you are not behaving well, then it means that I, your guru is not correct. When one has the responsibility of correcting the other, then when this person makes a mistake, it is to be blamed on the person responsible. The papa committed by the people gets to the king. The papa of the wife goes to her husband, says the Shashtras. A guru normally has a few disciples. The papa done by the disciple goes to the guru. If he is a Jagadguru, imagine the amount of papa he may get, the world full of papa.

[We are trying to avoid the word Sin for Papa as the English word sin has an established half-baked theory which does not convey the message properly.]

The only way to get rid of this papa is to do Bhagawadh-Dhyana. Hence the Adi Shankaracharya suggested us to get the people to do dhyana. If they don’t do, then do it yourself on behalf of them, He said. Hence I am trying my best to do Dhyana for you all. So if you can do how much ever dhyana you can, it will reduce my weight.

Why dhyana? To purify the mind, to bear the effect of old papa karma, to not to do any new papa, everyone should do dhyana. If one is determined, they definitely will get time. The time spent in gossip, newspaper (social media!), can be diverted here for one’s benefit. One should consider the first duty is to do dhyana, whether one gets wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, how much ever they could, they should do dhyana.

Not just us, but we should also encourage others to do dhyana. Don’t get frustrated if they aren’t but suggest them with a lot of love and in a way they understand. When explained with love, any mind will listen. I mentioned Shri Adi Shankara’s order to do dhyana and to make others do so. Whether I am making you to do dhyana or not, I am completing part of his orders by doing it myself. I got the bhagya to tell this because of you. Shri Acharya wanted to say this and you are blessed by hearing it. So this is a win win situation.

Please get this clearly in your mind. When this janma gets over, ‘phew, we did get the benefit of taking this birth. We can go without a fear’, such a determination and satisfaction should be felt by everyone. Let the Parameshwara guide us all in that direction and bless us. Right from our childhood we have done so many papa. If we had started doing Ishwara Dhyana from our childhood, a lot of such papa would have disappeared. But we are still accumulating papa. The purpose of taking this birth itself is to do the Ishwara-Dhyana. The papa baggage is ever increasing. Let us stop it. This world is a place of accumulating this papa baggage. Let us stop it and make this world a place where we empty this baggage.

There are quite a few places for this – our own body, mind, Shashtras, Kshetras, Theertha are available only in this world. The papa committed by our words and hands, let us make them disappear by using the same words and hands. When we leave this world, let us not have the papa baggage. Then we can leave lightly and blissfully as that of cotton. We can reach wherever we came from and can remain blissfully ever after.

There is a saying in Kannada about our Acharya: ‘He makes even the Papi a Paramatma’. Those who are called Dhuratma is nothing but the Paramatma says Shri Shankara and to make him reach that state, He has made foot steps for. This starts from Karma Marga, goes via the Bhakthi Marga and ends at Gnana Marga.

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~ to be continued…!

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