The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 1 – Prayer

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Source – Siththan Arul

Pranaam devotees of Agastya!

Sri Gurunatha Agastya has given another opportunity to present a series of the grace of Siddhas’ for which my namaskaram to Sri Lopa Mudra Sametha Agatheeshwara.

Recently, I got an opportunity to talk to a few Vasi Yogi’s who are specialized in the Siddha Marga. They have clear cut answers for all the happenings of the human life. I submitted all the questions I had in mind through Agastya’s words of wisdom and was surprised at the way they received those questions and answered them. It was as if they taught me in the place of a teacher. As the conversation went by, I realized that whatever I thought I know is nothing from the way they explained things in a simple manner. So I crafted my questions carefully and noted down the answers and guidances carefully, which I will present in the coming weeks.

Today’s title is Prayer.

My question: O Sire, Lord Agastya has mentioned that there is nothing which is greater than, grander than Prayer. Can you please explain this in detail?

The answers they gave is compiled below.

– The Lord Almighty gave a blessing to the mankind to purify himself, purify his karma. That blessing is Prayer.
– It can be classified in to two. 1. Prayer for self and 2. Prayer for others.
– In this Kali Yuga, 95% people do the first kind. Only 5% understand what the Siddhas said and follow the second type.
– When such a shortage is present, how can the world we rectified, sanctified?
– The reason for all the bad things happening in this world is man’s greed. But that will be taken care of by the Lord Himself.

How should this prayer be?

– It should be natural, just as a child asks the sweet from its father, the child knows it has the rights
– It should be without attachment. Even if the prayer is for one’s relatives, the thought approach should be ‘These are all your children, they have taken birth as friends and relatives due to their Karmic effects’ – just as we will pray for unknown.
– When praying for those who are in difficulty, pray ‘What you think is good for this Atma, please do that, and do that faster’

Most importantly,

– When someone prays for others, he/she dissolve their karma, they purify the stains that cover the Atma and begin to elevate themselves.
– Such a person’s prayers will take effect immediately as they continue to do so
– The Lord Almighty gives an opportunity for everyone to raise themselves up spiritually but the man who calls himself as having sixth sense does not understand this. It is the mankind who loses the opportunity, and who feels sorry for them is the Siddhas and the Lord.

My question: But the prayers are happening in the temples and in holy places. People indeed do their prayers in ways they know. Isn’t it enough?

“Good question. For a very thirsty person, how can a drop of water quench his thirst? Such small prayers aren’t enough to dissolve the amount of bad karma. How can 5% cross 95%?”

My Question: True indeed. How can one place their prayers to God? How should it be? How will such prayers cleanse the Atma? Can you please explain in detail?

“This is a good question too. But you have missed asking something. Can you think what that is?”

They gave some time to think but I could just not get it. I agreed I didn’t know.

“I said the Lord gives many opportunities for everyone right? If not all of them, you could have asked for a few examples right?”

I bowed my head down and requested them to explain a few examples.

He began to explain. Myself and the others around started to pay close attention.

~ to be continued…!

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