Simple advices of Siddha Marga 5 – Lesson One

Lesson one of Siddha Marga

Source – “Pay attention here again – when you go to an interview, you may or may not get the job right? Just so, when a prayer is submitted to the Lord by offering the Shukshma bodies, it is up to the Lord whether to accept this offering or not. There are multiple stages, […]

The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 4 – An easy path with danger

Source – Continuing the simple pathway to realization through Siddha Marga. “Make careful notes hereafter. One should give wholeheartedly. Only then it will bear its fruit even if reaches them. Anything given for the sake of it does not bear its benefits intended. This applies to the prayers submitted to the Lord as well, […]

The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 3 – Why is Bharath called a Karma Boomi?

Source – [Namaskar devotees of Agastya. This post narrates the conversation between the author and those who are wise and experts in Siddha Marga. We do not think that we could write to satisfy everyone as there may be a lot of questions and the answers may not be what we were expecting. Our […]

The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 2 Prayer

Follow this one rule and you are all set spiritually. Your karmic effects gets dissolved, you will become purer and purer. Your atma will reach higher states of being leading ultimately to the self-realization aka moksha aka nirvana! Just follow this brethren!