Simple advices of Siddha Marga 5 – Lesson One

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“Pay attention here again – when you go to an interview, you may or may not get the job right? Just so, when a prayer is submitted to the Lord by offering the Shukshma bodies, it is up to the Lord whether to accept this offering or not. There are multiple stages, what types of karma can be dissolved, what can be reduced in this birth, in which birth one should go through certain karma etc., Even if He accepts all the Shukshma bodies, the pending karma will have to be spent in this birth itself. If in that case, a karma which was about to be spent in a future birth whose Shukshma body had been offered and accepted, that karma will probably be assigned in this birth to be spent, so a big disease or a problem may arise.

So when praying to offer a Shukshma body, one should be careful and be ready to accept whatever comes. It is not like offering the bodies and slide through the karmic ocean just like that.

The ‘opportunity’ of Moksha is only to those who do not have even a drop of debt. Watch, it is opportunity. But if we search for who such a person is, you wouldn’t find even one. Debt can be two ways, one that the mind perceives and one that is beyond the mind. To put it short, the mankind should yearn for not even a dirt of karma sticking to them. There are ways in Siddha Marga for this.

Being human, they are bound to either give or receive something or the other at all times. It is by nature. But this very thing is what becomes the gateway for accumulating karma. Plus his desires, thought, his perception and the likewise. If someone decides to live a honest life apart from all these, the world will put every possible dirty karma on to his head. If he remains silent thinking that whatever garbage is dropped in to him is only done to the almighty which resides inside him, the karma dropped automatically goes back to those who dropped it. Thus, his atma gets purified by only those who are dropping dirt on him. See how strange this punishment is, right?

“If you do not want to accumulate anything, when receiving anything, think ‘Narayanarpanam’. When giving anything, think ‘Shivarpanam’ and give. Nothing will bound you.”

I thought at once, “Ha, this sounds pretty simple!” but still asked, “What is the concept behind this?”

“Till the time one lives, everything belongs to Shriman Narayana, so when you receive something, say Narayanarpanam (Narayana + Arpanam – offering to Narayana). When giving, we offer it wholeheartedly, and with a wish that let them be happy. And everything in the end goes back to Lord Shiva. So when giving, it is Shivarpanam.” – he paused.

There was silence for a while everywhere. A temple bell rang from a distance gently permeating that silence. All four of them stood up and nodded me to stand up.

In a second, a huge snake went out from a bush nearby towards where the temple bell sound. I was shocked. Even shocking was a chillness in my back. When I regained my senses, one of the four put his hands on my shoulders and said, “quiet”.

He said, “Amma has gone to witness the pooja for the Lord. We can continue our discussion.” I suppressed the surprise and said, “We all can go to witness the pooja as well, can’t we?”

“I has to be experienced from where we are and not to chase it. If the eyes are closed and did focus, the same pooja can be seen within. If chased, then there may be blocks. Try if you want.”

“No no, I don’t want to do it. Whatever you say is just fine.”

He laughed, “Are you scared?”

“To tell the truth, yes!”

“I said when closed the eyes, one can see this pooja right, the Siddhas call it ‘Ul poojai”. Have you heard of the story where a certain person constructed a temple within his mind and the Lord gave precedence to his over the king’s temple. Have you heard that incident?”

“Oh yes! But I have always felt that there is some deeper meaning in it. But I couldn’t realize what it is.”

“Yes it is deeper indeed. To know it, we should witness it from a distance.”

“Please can you help me realize the deeper meaning?”

“The person while in meditation forgets who he is, where he is and becomes the thing he is meditating on. Nothing affects him which are happening outside for his attention is focussed on that point. At that time, he doesn’t even have a sense of his own body. The Lord wants the humans to attain this very state.

Those with the sense of body will have all sort of vibrations, distracting him. You saw the snake and realized how close you were seated to such a danger according to you. But the rest of them were just normal. It wasn’t a danger, not even an experience for them. Why is that?”

“Is it the mind focussed in a point, without any vibrations?”

“Fairly correct, but the actual truth is: It is the faith that “Everything happens as per His will” and that “Not even an atom moves without His will” and “He will take care of everything”. Those who attain this state of mind can do anything, his mind is focussed and everything appears to be normal.”

“To attain this state of a steadfast mind, can you please suggest where a man should begin, what practices he should follow?”

“You know the first lesson already. The very first lesson of Siddha Marga is – “To forget the face” – he paused.

~ To be continued…!

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The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 4 – An easy path with danger

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Continuing the simple pathway to realization through Siddha Marga. “Make careful notes hereafter. One should give wholeheartedly. Only then it will bear its fruit even if reaches them. Anything given for the sake of it does not bear its benefits intended. This applies to the prayers submitted to the Lord as well, a reason why some prayers doesn’t become fruitful too. It is not a blame though. Humans are controlled by Kali, and he follows what others do in the material plane. They don’t do anything with total faith or mind. Just as they do any work in the material plane, let them do it with prayers also and see if it happens or not. It will.”

“What will you do when you spot a temple on the way?”

“I will enter the temple, have darshan and pray to the Lord”.

“What if you do not have the time to enter the temple, how will be your prayer then?”

“I will think of the Lord’s holy feet in my mind and pray, ‘please bless and protect every being O Lord'”

“Good prayer indeed. But still, have you observed what happens when you pray at that time, in that situation?”

“I have seen a human who looks just like me doing a sashtanga namaskaram in front of the Lord. But I will think that it is my mind that creates such an image, it is not real, and I will go my way.”

The wise man kept looking in to my eyes for a while.

He then looked around at the others and smiled, “That look-alike is nothing but one of the Shukshma Deha of yours. The body which is observing what is happening and to record. The body which follows you wherever you go!

You could pray when you see that body at the Lord’s feet thus: “O Lord, please take that Shukshma Deha and make me birthless, and offer the body to the Lord wholeheartedly. If the Lord is willing, he may dissolve the karma related to that Shukshma Deha or change it to another one. I am not saying that the Lord will dissolve every karma, he of course can. But he may will that you spend some in the same birth itself. There is another way to spend and dissolve all the karma and these shukshma bodies, much faster.” – he paused.

“Whenever you see a body prostrating in a temple, “Whatever form you have taken and whichever temples you are, these Shukshma Bodies are praying to you Lord. I thereby offer my namaskaram to you. Please take all these bodies and make me birthless.” – by praying thus, we could offer many a Shukshma bodies to the Lord himself, right?”

“Yes indeed. This is simple too. If this is true, then it is very easy for the mankind to cross the ocean of birth and death. They do not have to accumulate so much of hatred, grief and greed and suffer so much!” – I said.

“It is their doubt, disbelief, is this all possible, attraction towards material world, desire above all, are the blocks. They cause blockage to such simple things to be practised.

But even if someone tries to put this in to test, they have to face a potential danger, a test by the Lord himself.”

“How can a test from the Lord be dangerous? How can the man venture in to this then? You are showing a way and are mentioning it is too dangerous, how can the mankind be blamed for not venturing in to all these?” – my voice echoed frustration a bit.

“Humans always want everything to be easy. You do not know how much difficulty a Siddha goes through to get in to this path. The Lord has tested them like a gold in the fire.

Lord Shiva gave his abode to those who kept thinking his name, “Nama Shivaya” even when they were thrown in to the ocean or fed poison. Even if he gives a small portion of those tests to you people, none of you will fair. Such people do not have the eligibility to even question.” – he said very slowly but steadily.

I began to think if I had made any mistake or said anything wrong.

One of the others said, “Let there by debate, but let us not deviate. Let us continue the conversation. Please explain the test by the Lord and what is the danger too.”

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 3 – Why is Bharath called a Karma Boomi?

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[Namaskar devotees of Agastya. This post narrates the conversation between the author and those who are wise and experts in Siddha Marga. We do not think that we could write to satisfy everyone as there may be a lot of questions and the answers may not be what we were expecting. Our role merely is to narrate what has been told. There is no compulsion in following what is described here. To determine the depth of a pond, one has to get down in the water. To do so, one has to remove the garment called ‘ego’ and after knowing the depth, it may feel that we don’t need anything at all. If one feels so, then that Atma has crossed the ocean.]

This is me asking the next question:

Q – “When this body is made of 5 elements, can we submit a prayer without their help? Every prayer will be based on the attribute of one of the elements. For example, the wise ones say that the karma and prayers done here becomes fruitful faster and whatever done in the foreign land doesn’t have much effect. What is the meaning of this?”

A – “Are you referring to Prayer or doing Karma?”

Q – “They are related to one another though being different right?”

A – “Yes, they are different. But one doesn’t exist without the other. I understand your question. They call Bharath as Karma Boomi. You are trying to ask, why did the Almighty create this land where the karma and prayers are answered faster than others. Why is this partiality? Right!

This creation is a deva rahasya. Not many understands why the Almighty created Bharath as Karma Boomi and all others are referred by us as Boga Boomi. Man constructs a house with a kitchen, hall, entrance, terrace, backyard etc. Why? It is for his convenience. Moreover it is what the society accepts as a norm right? It is the same stone which becomes a stepping stone and the other becomes an idol kept in a temple. If we ask the scukptor why, he may say that the stone used for idol has the attributes, the other one though having the attribute, I thought let it be used as a stepping stone. Just so, the Almighty chose different place as per the attributes they had. Who are we to ask. But since the human possesses the quality of ‘asking’, this question will remain. It is enough to know till here for now.”

Q – “There are many a place like Temples, Samadhis, Holy places to submit our prayers. How can one know how much our prayers are being accepted?”

A – “If the prayer is personal, it will take time to understand. If it is for others, we may see that it bears the fruit almost immediately. From this, we can know what the Almighty guides you in to. Why we call prayer to be the most beneficial and powerful is only when it is done for others. Man forgets his needs when praying for others where the Almighty takes care of it at once.


Let me say this, pay attention. One should always strive to reduce the burden of karma. The man has many a different bodies. The sukshma shareera (subtle body) for the upcoming janmas are already ready. The bodies we see here is called Sthula or Boutheega (physical) body. The bodies without the mixture of 5 elements are ready in their respective places. Based on the karma you accumulate, the Lord decides how you are going to bear its fruits and fixes a specific subtle body or shukshma body. You do good, you get good results, you do bad, you get bad results. This cycle of birth goes on and on and on (punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam). The man does not think why. He does not think about the ways to get rid of this cycle. He should do good, he should refrain from doing bad, and submit the karma effect of both the good and bad to the Lord. “I do not want good or bad, O Lord take them yourself” should be his prayer. Think of how many are doing it. Then the thought of what will happen to the Shukshma Body that are waiting for us? You will then think about what to do to even surrender those Shukshma bodies and get rid of this birth-death cycle. The simple answer to that is, ‘submit a prayer which is truthful to your very soul to the Almighty’. Even that can be dissolved.”

Q – Can we dissolve the birth-death cycle by merely praying, this is very surprising.

A – There are many such simple methods spread all across in the Siddha Marga. People do not have time or mind to understand. That’s all.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 2 Prayer

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There are so many simple things in the world which we do not pay attention. We can see how things appear different based on our perception. I mentioned that prayer is a blessing given to mankind by the Almighty to purify himself and to dissolve his karma. One can also perceive the prayer as a punishment given to him by the Lord, isn’t it? – he paused.

The Almighty waits for every Atma which crosses births after births to reach itself, gives appropriate circumstances and waits again. When that doesn’t happen, it tests the atma again and just as a teacher asking the student to write something a 100 times, the almighty gives another birth for the atma to realize itself. No one wants another janma right? Only after clearing the exam one can reach Vaikunta / Kailasa.

Let’s come to your point. Tell us exactly what you observed in situations where you had to pray. I thought for a while and began to reply carefully.

“I do not know if it is right or wrong, but let me say it. Those who suffer with disease, those who beg for a living, those who are hungry, those who bear the burden of family issues, I have encountered many a situations.” – I said.

“Very well. Then it means you have limited your prayer only to humans, right?” – he asked with a smile. The other three laughed rather loudly looking at each other, as if they sensed where this conversation was heading to. One of them said:

“He is stuck today. The wise, big one is going to take him for a ride.”

“There is no partiality between us as big or small. We are all equal. Well, aren’t there any other situations than humans? Other living beings, nature, river, earth, sky, air, fire, there are many a things that the man utilizes, aren’t they alive? Do you think they don’t talk?”

“No. The humans don’t understand what they speak and even if they do, they wouldn’t understand. To understand, they must reach a specific state. To reach that state, a certain mercy should always be oozing out from them. When that happens, when he changes in accordance with nature, everything is heard, understood. But man does not have time for all these. He wants to fulfill his desires, to suppress everything and to possess everything. This is the first 95% of prayers I mentioned earlier. Our 5% has to increase and become 100% and to remain there. It is for this purpose that the Siddha Marga yogis are waiting. The first step towards this is Prayer we could say.

Just add these to the situations you mentioned above. Your karma will be dissolved sooner, your body will get cleansed and your atma will reach higher states! But patience is required. You cannot circumbulate the banyan tree today and touch your stomach tomorrow (a proverb associated with married ladies to circumbulate banyan tree which is abundant source of oxygen and other medicinal qualities which help them to conceive). You should not hasten either. This has to become your second nature. Let me tell you a few situations.

If you see an ambulance, pray “O Lord, enough of them suffering with this disease because of their karmic effects. Please cure them or give them the moksha”. Leave the rest to the Almighty.

If you happen to see any living being dead, pray “O Lord, please give Moksha to the Atma in this body. Please do not give another birth to it. Please retain it in your holy feet.”

If you happen to see a place where living beings are butchered and kept for food, pray “Lord, please give some sense to these humans. Please do not give birth to any of these who have lost their lives. Please forgive the mistake the humans do, save them.”

If you happen to see the elements being destroyed or polluted, pray “Lord, please save. Please give some sense to these humans.”

When crossing a hospital, pray “Please cure them all at the earliest.”

When seeing a greedy one, pray “O Lord, let them get their thinking straight.”

When going to temples, holy places, Samadhis of great Mahans, pray for the welfare of the entire world.

As you pray for the welfare of others, your karma will dissolve sooner. Your body and mind will become purified. You can cross the punishment time of being born here faster. The atma will cross many a stages and will become purer and purer. In that state, if you see any situation and think ‘Om’, the Lord will fulfill your wish. This is the simplest method.” – he paused.

Humans, in spite of these situations in front of them don’t realize them. This is the practical reality. The other three praised “You have explained it very simply and clearly.”

The elderly one looked at me as if “Do you have any more questions?”

“Yes there are. It is not just for me to know, but for many others. Please help.”

“Agreed. Say it out.”

I prepared myself to ask the next question.

~ to be continued…!