The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 2 Prayer

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There are so many simple things in the world which we do not pay attention. We can see how things appear different based on our perception. I mentioned that prayer is a blessing given to mankind by the Almighty to purify himself and to dissolve his karma. One can also perceive the prayer as a punishment given to him by the Lord, isn’t it? – he paused.

The Almighty waits for every Atma which crosses births after births to reach itself, gives appropriate circumstances and waits again. When that doesn’t happen, it tests the atma again and just as a teacher asking the student to write something a 100 times, the almighty gives another birth for the atma to realize itself. No one wants another janma right? Only after clearing the exam one can reach Vaikunta / Kailasa.

Let’s come to your point. Tell us exactly what you observed in situations where you had to pray. I thought for a while and began to reply carefully.

“I do not know if it is right or wrong, but let me say it. Those who suffer with disease, those who beg for a living, those who are hungry, those who bear the burden of family issues, I have encountered many a situations.” – I said.

“Very well. Then it means you have limited your prayer only to humans, right?” – he asked with a smile. The other three laughed rather loudly looking at each other, as if they sensed where this conversation was heading to. One of them said:

“He is stuck today. The wise, big one is going to take him for a ride.”

“There is no partiality between us as big or small. We are all equal. Well, aren’t there any other situations than humans? Other living beings, nature, river, earth, sky, air, fire, there are many a things that the man utilizes, aren’t they alive? Do you think they don’t talk?”

“No. The humans don’t understand what they speak and even if they do, they wouldn’t understand. To understand, they must reach a specific state. To reach that state, a certain mercy should always be oozing out from them. When that happens, when he changes in accordance with nature, everything is heard, understood. But man does not have time for all these. He wants to fulfill his desires, to suppress everything and to possess everything. This is the first 95% of prayers I mentioned earlier. Our 5% has to increase and become 100% and to remain there. It is for this purpose that the Siddha Marga yogis are waiting. The first step towards this is Prayer we could say.

Just add these to the situations you mentioned above. Your karma will be dissolved sooner, your body will get cleansed and your atma will reach higher states! But patience is required. You cannot circumbulate the banyan tree today and touch your stomach tomorrow (a proverb associated with married ladies to circumbulate banyan tree which is abundant source of oxygen and other medicinal qualities which help them to conceive). You should not hasten either. This has to become your second nature. Let me tell you a few situations.

If you see an ambulance, pray “O Lord, enough of them suffering with this disease because of their karmic effects. Please cure them or give them the moksha”. Leave the rest to the Almighty.

If you happen to see any living being dead, pray “O Lord, please give Moksha to the Atma in this body. Please do not give another birth to it. Please retain it in your holy feet.”

If you happen to see a place where living beings are butchered and kept for food, pray “Lord, please give some sense to these humans. Please do not give birth to any of these who have lost their lives. Please forgive the mistake the humans do, save them.”

If you happen to see the elements being destroyed or polluted, pray “Lord, please save. Please give some sense to these humans.”

When crossing a hospital, pray “Please cure them all at the earliest.”

When seeing a greedy one, pray “O Lord, let them get their thinking straight.”

When going to temples, holy places, Samadhis of great Mahans, pray for the welfare of the entire world.

As you pray for the welfare of others, your karma will dissolve sooner. Your body and mind will become purified. You can cross the punishment time of being born here faster. The atma will cross many a stages and will become purer and purer. In that state, if you see any situation and think ‘Om’, the Lord will fulfill your wish. This is the simplest method.” – he paused.

Humans, in spite of these situations in front of them don’t realize them. This is the practical reality. The other three praised “You have explained it very simply and clearly.”

The elderly one looked at me as if “Do you have any more questions?”

“Yes there are. It is not just for me to know, but for many others. Please help.”

“Agreed. Say it out.”

I prepared myself to ask the next question.

~ to be continued…!

5 thoughts on “The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 2 Prayer

  1. GnanaBoomi says:

    At 4.30 in the morning, this is one of the best to indulge your thinking, you are awesome Senthil. May I request you to subscribe to our newsletter below?

  2. Poornimaa V says:

    Sir,,The ultimate purpose of life forgotten . May i pray Lord to give me his warmth to understand fully as to what i should do?
    i m confused.

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Yes indeed Ms Poornimaa, our sages proclaim that when the heart truly yearns to know the purpose of life, to realize our self, the Guru appears.

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