The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 3 – Why is Bharath called a Karma Boomi?

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[Namaskar devotees of Agastya. This post narrates the conversation between the author and those who are wise and experts in Siddha Marga. We do not think that we could write to satisfy everyone as there may be a lot of questions and the answers may not be what we were expecting. Our role merely is to narrate what has been told. There is no compulsion in following what is described here. To determine the depth of a pond, one has to get down in the water. To do so, one has to remove the garment called ‘ego’ and after knowing the depth, it may feel that we don’t need anything at all. If one feels so, then that Atma has crossed the ocean.]

This is me asking the next question:

Q – “When this body is made of 5 elements, can we submit a prayer without their help? Every prayer will be based on the attribute of one of the elements. For example, the wise ones say that the karma and prayers done here becomes fruitful faster and whatever done in the foreign land doesn’t have much effect. What is the meaning of this?”

A – “Are you referring to Prayer or doing Karma?”

Q – “They are related to one another though being different right?”

A – “Yes, they are different. But one doesn’t exist without the other. I understand your question. They call Bharath as Karma Boomi. You are trying to ask, why did the Almighty create this land where the karma and prayers are answered faster than others. Why is this partiality? Right!

This creation is a deva rahasya. Not many understands why the Almighty created Bharath as Karma Boomi and all others are referred by us as Boga Boomi. Man constructs a house with a kitchen, hall, entrance, terrace, backyard etc. Why? It is for his convenience. Moreover it is what the society accepts as a norm right? It is the same stone which becomes a stepping stone and the other becomes an idol kept in a temple. If we ask the scukptor why, he may say that the stone used for idol has the attributes, the other one though having the attribute, I thought let it be used as a stepping stone. Just so, the Almighty chose different place as per the attributes they had. Who are we to ask. But since the human possesses the quality of ‘asking’, this question will remain. It is enough to know till here for now.”

Q – “There are many a place like Temples, Samadhis, Holy places to submit our prayers. How can one know how much our prayers are being accepted?”

A – “If the prayer is personal, it will take time to understand. If it is for others, we may see that it bears the fruit almost immediately. From this, we can know what the Almighty guides you in to. Why we call prayer to be the most beneficial and powerful is only when it is done for others. Man forgets his needs when praying for others where the Almighty takes care of it at once.


Let me say this, pay attention. One should always strive to reduce the burden of karma. The man has many a different bodies. The sukshma shareera (subtle body) for the upcoming janmas are already ready. The bodies we see here is called Sthula or Boutheega (physical) body. The bodies without the mixture of 5 elements are ready in their respective places. Based on the karma you accumulate, the Lord decides how you are going to bear its fruits and fixes a specific subtle body or shukshma body. You do good, you get good results, you do bad, you get bad results. This cycle of birth goes on and on and on (punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam). The man does not think why. He does not think about the ways to get rid of this cycle. He should do good, he should refrain from doing bad, and submit the karma effect of both the good and bad to the Lord. “I do not want good or bad, O Lord take them yourself” should be his prayer. Think of how many are doing it. Then the thought of what will happen to the Shukshma Body that are waiting for us? You will then think about what to do to even surrender those Shukshma bodies and get rid of this birth-death cycle. The simple answer to that is, ‘submit a prayer which is truthful to your very soul to the Almighty’. Even that can be dissolved.”

Q – Can we dissolve the birth-death cycle by merely praying, this is very surprising.

A – There are many such simple methods spread all across in the Siddha Marga. People do not have time or mind to understand. That’s all.

~ to be continued…!

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