The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 4 – An easy path with danger

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Continuing the simple pathway to realization through Siddha Marga. “Make careful notes hereafter. One should give wholeheartedly. Only then it will bear its fruit even if reaches them. Anything given for the sake of it does not bear its benefits intended. This applies to the prayers submitted to the Lord as well, a reason why some prayers doesn’t become fruitful too. It is not a blame though. Humans are controlled by Kali, and he follows what others do in the material plane. They don’t do anything with total faith or mind. Just as they do any work in the material plane, let them do it with prayers also and see if it happens or not. It will.”

“What will you do when you spot a temple on the way?”

“I will enter the temple, have darshan and pray to the Lord”.

“What if you do not have the time to enter the temple, how will be your prayer then?”

“I will think of the Lord’s holy feet in my mind and pray, ‘please bless and protect every being O Lord'”

“Good prayer indeed. But still, have you observed what happens when you pray at that time, in that situation?”

“I have seen a human who looks just like me doing a sashtanga namaskaram in front of the Lord. But I will think that it is my mind that creates such an image, it is not real, and I will go my way.”

The wise man kept looking in to my eyes for a while.

He then looked around at the others and smiled, “That look-alike is nothing but one of the Shukshma Deha of yours. The body which is observing what is happening and to record. The body which follows you wherever you go!

You could pray when you see that body at the Lord’s feet thus: “O Lord, please take that Shukshma Deha and make me birthless, and offer the body to the Lord wholeheartedly. If the Lord is willing, he may dissolve the karma related to that Shukshma Deha or change it to another one. I am not saying that the Lord will dissolve every karma, he of course can. But he may will that you spend some in the same birth itself. There is another way to spend and dissolve all the karma and these shukshma bodies, much faster.” – he paused.

“Whenever you see a body prostrating in a temple, “Whatever form you have taken and whichever temples you are, these Shukshma Bodies are praying to you Lord. I thereby offer my namaskaram to you. Please take all these bodies and make me birthless.” – by praying thus, we could offer many a Shukshma bodies to the Lord himself, right?”

“Yes indeed. This is simple too. If this is true, then it is very easy for the mankind to cross the ocean of birth and death. They do not have to accumulate so much of hatred, grief and greed and suffer so much!” – I said.

“It is their doubt, disbelief, is this all possible, attraction towards material world, desire above all, are the blocks. They cause blockage to such simple things to be practised.

But even if someone tries to put this in to test, they have to face a potential danger, a test by the Lord himself.”

“How can a test from the Lord be dangerous? How can the man venture in to this then? You are showing a way and are mentioning it is too dangerous, how can the mankind be blamed for not venturing in to all these?” – my voice echoed frustration a bit.

“Humans always want everything to be easy. You do not know how much difficulty a Siddha goes through to get in to this path. The Lord has tested them like a gold in the fire.

Lord Shiva gave his abode to those who kept thinking his name, “Nama Shivaya” even when they were thrown in to the ocean or fed poison. Even if he gives a small portion of those tests to you people, none of you will fair. Such people do not have the eligibility to even question.” – he said very slowly but steadily.

I began to think if I had made any mistake or said anything wrong.

One of the others said, “Let there by debate, but let us not deviate. Let us continue the conversation. Please explain the test by the Lord and what is the danger too.”

~ to be continued…!

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