Simple advices of Siddha Marga 5 – Lesson One

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“Pay attention here again – when you go to an interview, you may or may not get the job right? Just so, when a prayer is submitted to the Lord by offering the Shukshma bodies, it is up to the Lord whether to accept this offering or not. There are multiple stages, what types of karma can be dissolved, what can be reduced in this birth, in which birth one should go through certain karma etc., Even if He accepts all the Shukshma bodies, the pending karma will have to be spent in this birth itself. If in that case, a karma which was about to be spent in a future birth whose Shukshma body had been offered and accepted, that karma will probably be assigned in this birth to be spent, so a big disease or a problem may arise.

So when praying to offer a Shukshma body, one should be careful and be ready to accept whatever comes. It is not like offering the bodies and slide through the karmic ocean just like that.

The ‘opportunity’ of Moksha is only to those who do not have even a drop of debt. Watch, it is opportunity. But if we search for who such a person is, you wouldn’t find even one. Debt can be two ways, one that the mind perceives and one that is beyond the mind. To put it short, the mankind should yearn for not even a dirt of karma sticking to them. There are ways in Siddha Marga for this.

Being human, they are bound to either give or receive something or the other at all times. It is by nature. But this very thing is what becomes the gateway for accumulating karma. Plus his desires, thought, his perception and the likewise. If someone decides to live a honest life apart from all these, the world will put every possible dirty karma on to his head. If he remains silent thinking that whatever garbage is dropped in to him is only done to the almighty which resides inside him, the karma dropped automatically goes back to those who dropped it. Thus, his atma gets purified by only those who are dropping dirt on him. See how strange this punishment is, right?

“If you do not want to accumulate anything, when receiving anything, think ‘Narayanarpanam’. When giving anything, think ‘Shivarpanam’ and give. Nothing will bound you.”

I thought at once, “Ha, this sounds pretty simple!” but still asked, “What is the concept behind this?”

“Till the time one lives, everything belongs to Shriman Narayana, so when you receive something, say Narayanarpanam (Narayana + Arpanam – offering to Narayana). When giving, we offer it wholeheartedly, and with a wish that let them be happy. And everything in the end goes back to Lord Shiva. So when giving, it is Shivarpanam.” – he paused.

There was silence for a while everywhere. A temple bell rang from a distance gently permeating that silence. All four of them stood up and nodded me to stand up.

In a second, a huge snake went out from a bush nearby towards where the temple bell sound. I was shocked. Even shocking was a chillness in my back. When I regained my senses, one of the four put his hands on my shoulders and said, “quiet”.

He said, “Amma has gone to witness the pooja for the Lord. We can continue our discussion.” I suppressed the surprise and said, “We all can go to witness the pooja as well, can’t we?”

“I has to be experienced from where we are and not to chase it. If the eyes are closed and did focus, the same pooja can be seen within. If chased, then there may be blocks. Try if you want.”

“No no, I don’t want to do it. Whatever you say is just fine.”

He laughed, “Are you scared?”

“To tell the truth, yes!”

“I said when closed the eyes, one can see this pooja right, the Siddhas call it ‘Ul poojai”. Have you heard of the story where a certain person constructed a temple within his mind and the Lord gave precedence to his over the king’s temple. Have you heard that incident?”

“Oh yes! But I have always felt that there is some deeper meaning in it. But I couldn’t realize what it is.”

“Yes it is deeper indeed. To know it, we should witness it from a distance.”

“Please can you help me realize the deeper meaning?”

“The person while in meditation forgets who he is, where he is and becomes the thing he is meditating on. Nothing affects him which are happening outside for his attention is focussed on that point. At that time, he doesn’t even have a sense of his own body. The Lord wants the humans to attain this very state.

Those with the sense of body will have all sort of vibrations, distracting him. You saw the snake and realized how close you were seated to such a danger according to you. But the rest of them were just normal. It wasn’t a danger, not even an experience for them. Why is that?”

“Is it the mind focussed in a point, without any vibrations?”

“Fairly correct, but the actual truth is: It is the faith that “Everything happens as per His will” and that “Not even an atom moves without His will” and “He will take care of everything”. Those who attain this state of mind can do anything, his mind is focussed and everything appears to be normal.”

“To attain this state of a steadfast mind, can you please suggest where a man should begin, what practices he should follow?”

“You know the first lesson already. The very first lesson of Siddha Marga is – “To forget the face” – he paused.

~ To be continued…!

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