The GOS – Siddha Marga – Karma accumulated through food

Source – “Let us pause this conversation right here and continue tomorrow. It’s become very dark now. You will be given a simple dinner. Have it and take some rest.” – He said. I thought I will take that as an approval to stay with them for the night but a surprise awaited me. […]

The GOS – Some truths and about The Inverted Shiva Linga!

Source – He continued. The Grammar became Thirukkural! Only those who felt hunger and pain can realize the pain and hunger of others. Use Tamil, Lord Muruga who is Tamil himself, use it with gratitude and thankfulness. The Lord Subramanya will reside in your tongue. The Siddhas will be around you and protect. For […]

The inverted Shiva Linga

Inverted Shiva Linga and what it defines. What does the Lord convey with every human birth? This is a very important post.

Simple advices of Siddha Marga 6 – Forget The Face

Source – “Should forget the face” – well this sounds very good. I have never heard of it. Kindly clarify this for me.” “In Tamil, every word is good indeed. How we are gathering them as a garland is where the humans should put their focus. Only by speaking simple and peaceful words, the […]