The GOS – Siddha Marga – Karma accumulated through food

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“Let us pause this conversation right here and continue tomorrow. It’s become very dark now. You will be given a simple dinner. Have it and take some rest.” – He said.

I thought I will take that as an approval to stay with them for the night but a surprise awaited me. The food was served only to me. They just took tea and I didn’t feel like asking why. They are following a method and know what they want very well. I lied down in the place allotted to me and was chewing all that happened during the day in my mind. Before I knew, I had slept off.

It was 7 in the morning when I woke up. The body felt like it had the most peaceful sleep. I came out and saw the others were doing Vasi Yoga. The eldest wise man was in meditation. I went and stood next to him slowly and he opened his eyes.

Namaskaram, I said.

“Thiruchitrambalam” – he said.

“Go ahead and do what you have to do, take bath and come.” – he pointed me. The well water was cold, I started from the feet and all the way to the head, it was so refreshing.

When I stood before him, he opened a small bag and said, “Here is holy ash. If you have the habit of smearing it, do so.”

I applied the bhasm mixing with water in my forehead and in my body. It had a nice fragrance. I thought it must have been used for an abisheka in some temple.

“It is the bhasm used in the abisheka of Lord Muruga Peruman. It means that you have his grace as well.” and asked, “How come you got the thought of mixing it with water and applying it?”

“O Sire, I always apply the vibuthi (holy ash) mixing with water. I have seen many doing so also. I feel if we do so, it remains in the forehead for a long time.”

The other three had done their practices by now. The eldest looked at the youngest of all and nodded his head as saying ‘see you then’. The youngest one went down.

“Those in Siddha marga always apply vibuthi after mixing with water. I just wanted to know if you got this from someone as part of a deekshai.”

“When applying vibuthi everyday, say ‘Om Namah Shivaya! within and pray, “I am goiing to become just this (ash), destroy my ego and be present in me, make me realize it”

“Thanks very much. I shall certainly do it.”

“Stay here for some time. I shall be back within a nazhigai” – he took the other two and went out.

The mind started closely observing the silence around. The city dwellear that I was, this surrounding, the gentle cool breeze, a forest type of an appearance, the chirping of birds, the sound from the cow-herd from a distance, the huge mountain opposite, all these brought a serene peace within me. I did not feel like thinking or talking. If this is the nature, then why am I not getting this peace where I am, everything except the mountain is there too? Is this the noise that’s the reason?” I thought and sat down for meditation. I couldn’t think really.

I heard someone saying “Namashivaya” from a distance and woke up. All four of them were seated in front of me.

“Looks like you went deeper in meditation. I said I’ll be back in one nazhigai but it took 45 minutes. We waited for another 15 minutes and then only woke you up. How was the surrounding?”

“It was very peaceful.” – I said.

“You must have thought, “Why aren’t we feeling this in the city I think?”

“Yes indeed!”

“It is only when the atma within the man realizes that the truth becomes clear. Though there is nature, it is only when someone sits quietly in meditation and gives away good thoughts as rays, it receives it, amplifies it and gives it to those who ask for it. Those who receive it cleanses himself and everything around him. Whatever practice and meditation we do to the Lord, we offer it to the nature itself. We seldom expect. We just pray that it should reach everybody. Those who live in the city cannot realize these truths due to their lifestyle and the noise around them. How can they sit for meditation then? It is nature why you felt peaceful here. Every atma wants to be at peace, but the problem arises when deciding where to pick that peace from. They get stuck in it but instead if they search within, they can get the light. A lot of truths can be realized.”

“True indeed. But the man probably forgets it in their search for life.”

“It is him who decides what he wants to search right? It is all materialistic thing he searches for, so they are left with so much suffering. Those who eat idly when hungry is in the same earth as that of those who eat the air when hungry. The only difference is that those who eat the food accumulates a lot of papa karma. The thavasi eats the air, drinks water and cleanses the nature.”

“What?! The food that nature gives the man to sustain his life, he gets papa karma through this? Can you please explain this further?”

“Sure, listen with patience and understand.”

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS – Some truths and about The Inverted Shiva Linga!

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He continued. The Grammar became Thirukkural!

Only those who felt hunger and pain can realize the pain and hunger of others.

Use Tamil, Lord Muruga who is Tamil himself, use it with gratitude and thankfulness. The Lord Subramanya will reside in your tongue. The Siddhas will be around you and protect.

For a good life, divine should reside in one’s mouth.

Control your senses and route it to the higher plane. But do not restrain or suppress anything or grow something, it is a future prison you are constructing for yourself.

As the Karma gets dissolved, just as the sand gets removed in the anthill, the almighty appears within you just as the snake comes out of the anthill.

Food, even when given as charity is Narayana Seva. The body without the Atma when given to Agni, is Shiva Seva.

There is nothing permanent in this world, except the Lord.

The thought becomes ripened when the divinity dwells.

One who searches for Subramanya in Panchathayana Pooja, he will be shown the Paraparam (almighty) easily.

Become the philosophy in Chin-mudra. The scattered life will come in control.

Grow like a rice grain. Bow down like it humbly. Within you will dwell the Shiva like the rice pearl.

Everywhere it is sweet that is bitter, spice that is sour.

Just how karma is hidden within a disease, karma dwells in hunger too. The karma-dahana happens in the stomach everyday.

As he went on, I was dumbfounded. I wondered if I could remember everything. He paused as if he read my thought again.

“Ok, let us see about the inverted Shiva Linga!”

“Shiva Yogis sit in meditation and meditate on the holy feet of the Lord in Sahasrahara. In the peak of this meditation, the holy feet disappears and a Shiva Linga appears. As they continue their meditation, the Shiva Linga slowly changes direction facing their inner body (inverted). This can be called as ‘ripened’ as if the rice grain bows down when it is ripened. We could also say that the Lord is turning towards the Thavasi due to the penance.

At a stage, when the Shiva Linga is completely inverted, for a nazhigai, drops of nectar falls inside the body from that Shiva Linga. It purifies the body. When this nectar has spread all across, the body will not even need air to breath. The inverted Shiva Linga talks just that – by saying indirectly ‘try if you can’. If you can, try to see the Inverted Shiva Linga in your shukshma during meditation.”

I felt this is the most difficult part of any Sadhana I have ever heard. It is those humans who walked down this path, persevered, stood by their sadhana and has become Siddhas as said by many a wise men, I realized.


The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 8 – Important for those who read this :)

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Before we mention about the inverted Shiva Linga, I wanted to say something. When you publish this conversation, all those who read this should adhere the following points in their lives. Remember, we gave the permission to meet us after two long years of your follow up. At first we thought we would not share anything in detail. But we respected your good intention of sharing these things to a wider audience, so we explained them in detail. Let’s move on..

Those who have chosen the Siddha Marga are called “Siddha Vidhyarthi”. I share a number of things with you but I myself am a Vidhyarthi (student) still. Only this thought can elevate us. They stand away from the normal material life, practice Siddha way of life, purify their thoughts, focus their mind to a point and remain in meditation. They are affected by the thought patterns of others a lot. It is a hindrance to their meditation. Every human may get a chance to meet a noble soul in their lives due to their karma. Once done, all the conversation they had, information gathered, their presence, all these give a blissful state of mind. They forget themselves. But when they resume their life, they should focus in adhering to the wisdom they gained by meeting thous souls. But instead, they shouldn’t keep thinking about these souls. This creates a big hindrance for these souls’ meditation. It pulls them back and creates a block in their Siddha Marga. This is the reason, while they are being a Vidhyarthi, they stay away from worldly affairs and others.

Second, Siddha Marga is a method which completely shun anything that harm other beings. They should not even look in to the direction of those who think of harming other beings. For example the meat eaters. If one has the curse of Guru, they could remediate by doing service to some other guru in some other birth. But if and when one incurs the curse of a Siddha, there is no way out at all. It is the most dangerous of all. The almighty shows the presence of a guru’s curse in a person’s horoscope but hides any curse of Siddha if present. It is only known to the Lord and the Siddhas. Such a curse which cannot be found out easily, why risk incur it? One can make the guru feel blissful and ward off a guru’s curse, but the Siddha who is unaffected and unattached, how will one make them cool down? When will such be free?

Third, the Siddhas use Vamacharam (Atharvana Veda) only for medicinal purposes. They are well versed in all the prayoga. In spite of knowing when what to do, they do so only after getting the Lord’s permission. They are not only the dear children of God, but they are like the God’s right hand. Only through them the Lord is still doing all the miracles. The witchcraft and black-magics will vanish in front of them. The humans should never enter these paths. The humans are the reason why the Vamachara has grown so much now. Even if something like that is written in one’s karma, they should fight against it and live. They should strive to get the Lord’s grace and never use Vamachara against a jiva.

Fourth, in this place where the Lord himself has been Tamil, there is preaching against Him in Tamil itself. One should stay away from those who speak ill of the Lord. We should completely refrain ourselves from seeing such things and hearing such words. Even something is given, it gets completed only when someone receives it. So there should be none to receive such ill thought flow of the Lord, to receive. Just stay away and remove the circumstances out of your mind. Why should you be a witness?

In reality, impossible is impossible in our terms. The Siddhas protect the world by giving away so much. Do not think that whatever is given to you is just for you, pay attention that the Lord is placing a test in front of you.

The Siddhas opposed idol worship. It is also true that the same Siddhas themselves installed the idols in various places for worship. The child in the first grade uses books to read but these books are not useful when it reaches the university. The first grade lesson begins in the temple. Once grown spiritually, the temple will be used for others who reach the first grade but not to the spiritually grown. Know this.

Whatever one has got, even when it is given by the Lord based on his deeds, one should know the test in place. The Lord is quietly watching if the one who has is lifting the one who doesn’t.

The Lord may forgive the mistakes done unknowingly, but when one does a mistake after knowing, there is no forgiveness, but he gets punished immediately.

The answers to your questions are right there within yourself. Look for it and you will find. You will not get lost.

As the wise man went on with these gems, I was staring at him with bewilderment. What blew me out was the greatest of Siddha Marga wisdom were in such simple terms. He read my mind again and said, “the mustard is small but the spice in it?” – he smiled and paused.

~ to be continued…!

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The inverted Shiva Linga

What does the Lord convey in every birth?

This post may change your life forever. Hence pay attention to every word, please. It is rare to be born as humans, hence requesting you to take complete advantage of it! ~ editor,

This is the 7th episode of the Simple advises of Siddha Marga series.

“Once the Siththam is stable, the Atma finds its way to salvation. That’s where the first seed of Siddha state is sown. For this, a man should reduce his external searches and ask questions within – why, what, how – and wait patiently, he will understand everything correctly. He can also understand the cause for everything that’s happening in the world. Only when there is a relation with the Siddhas, even for a minute, he can walk in this path. Do you know something? The Siddhas and the Almighty are ever ready and are very eager to guide such a man in the right direction. It is the man who doesn’t have time because his priorities are faced towards the worldly affairs. 

The one who controls his mind and keeps it between the eyebrows (Suzhumunai), he can listen to their voices, and can realize that the voices speak the truth when he witnesses them happening in the real world. He needs to have faith. Those who do penance search for secluded spots only for this reason. Whatever things happen after the penance, the end of penance will lead only to the ten-gate.”

“Please explain about the journey to these ten-gate in detail.”

“Keep this as a base. Whatever is being said, unless one realizes them himself, he cannot know for sure, right?”


“Have you touched the head of a just born baby?”

“Yes I have”

“Why don’t you say how it will be?”

“The top of the skull will feel like its open with the skin covering it. When rubbed gently, we can feel there’s a small bump.”

“True! The Lord conveys a message to the mankind through the newborn everytime. The atma which got separated from him (or thinks it has separated from him) and lives the life governed by fate, attains salvation when such an atma leaves a body through the ten-gate. The wise men call this as Sahasrara. The Siddhas call it Dasavasal. This is because the human body contains 9 holes. He should gather the energy from all of these and drive it to the Dasa-vasal, the tenth hole. The open bump gets covered after one month of birth. The parents worry that it should cover faster and apply oil to cool it down. It normally gets closed down faster as well.

The intent of Vasi Yoga is to drive the atma by inhaling and exhaling the breath in a methodical manner all the way to Dasa-vasal. When one begins the practice and walks down the path, he gains control over the breath. He begins to realize the secrets of life, almighty, siddhas, things happening externally, internally, everything. As the time goes by, all the rare things becomes part of him. If all these are said, the man will get confused and so the wise men said ‘Watch the tip of your nose, watch your breath’. What to do, even this has become a big business now.” – he smiled.

“We can say this is due to the time now I think”

“No! One does a business by knowing what the other person doesn’t! Leave it! Let us get back on track. The chest of a person is called ‘Hrudaya Kamalam’. When one meditates his ishta devata on his chest and inhales, the Lord will make him realize his presence right where the man seated him, you know? If you can, try placing the simplest form of God, the Shiva Linga in your heart. You may feel the Linga form thrusting in your chest literally after sometime.

The wise men saw this in their meditation when they went through the Suzhumunai to the Dasa-vasal – there is a Linga hanging upside down and waiting to drive the atma to salvation. It means, the Lord Shiva himself is waiting to help man to salvation, we could say right?”

I was sitting quietly watching him with surprise. I had this question about ‘upside down Shiva Linga’ seen in a certain Siddha temple. The Avudai or the base is visible in the ground, Banam will appear buried inside. A Siddha himself made this linga thus. Whenever I cross this place, I think about the message the Siddha wants to convey. But I was answered in a more profound manner without even asked for.

“What? The moment you saw that linga, you began to research and now you have the answer. But you haven’t got the answer to your actual question yet, right?” – he shocked me by asking.


Simple advices of Siddha Marga 6 – Forget The Face

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“Should forget the face” – well this sounds very good. I have never heard of it. Kindly clarify this for me.”

“In Tamil, every word is good indeed. How we are gathering them as a garland is where the humans should put their focus. Only by speaking simple and peaceful words, the sanctity prevails around. Let me tell you about it later.

To forget one’s face is a penance. I shall explain it as simple as possible. Tell me this, how many faces does a man have?”

“Just one?”

“The face when described, is the place where the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, forehead, cheeks, chin reside. But a man has many faces. His thoughts, mind, his position, they give different faces. Based on their urges, echoes, he changes his face often. For instance when his child calls him Father, he appears like a Dad. When his wife calls, as a husband and so on. He puts on various faces.

To forget the face is not just these faces. He should also let go of the faces he puts on. He puts a kind of face in front of unknown persons. This should change. Simply put, he should see every Atma in one Bhava. Whatever feelings he has is there in other beings too. Man should get this understanding, plus, with an understanding of whatever is happening is because of the almighty’s will and therefore remaining silent. When required, help others, guide them in the right direction without expecting any returns and go on. He should live for all other atma. He should never expect, and should treat winning and losing equally and should accept things as they happen and proceed.

When one tests himself on the above in all circumstances and continues this as a penance, the mind subdues. His mind remains still and the beginning stages of Siddha Marga becomes very easy. When someone crosses this stage, the Siddhas themselves will guide him in the right direction. When someone decides to observe and thinks he should correct himself, ‘forgetting the face’ becomes easier. Inside him emanates the Brahmathvam. He then becomes a Brahmana.

The one who remains with the atma, there is nothing in this world to obtain other than realization – nirvana – moksha. The one who remains with the body gets karma, vasanas all the way till the end and beyond the birth.”

“What you are saying is true indeed. But how is this practical for those who dwell in this materialistic world where they have to put forth various faces. Is it possible at all to follow what you are saying?”

“Why not?! No one stops from doing the duties of this world or to put efforts in being well. Such efforts when falls under Dharma, the blessing of the elders and wise men will help one cross it. They only stop man from going down the path of Adharma. Those who follow Adharma does not even think that they hurt others.

Even now there are many Atma who follow the path of Dharma, performing their duties and accepting whatever comes as it is, in the Siddha Marga while remaining in their family lives. Their count is less, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t here.

To do all these, the Siththam should be still. If that happens, one doesn’t accumulate karma, sees everything as equal and can forget their face.

~ to be continued…!

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