Simple advices of Siddha Marga 6 – Forget The Face

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“Should forget the face” – well this sounds very good. I have never heard of it. Kindly clarify this for me.”

“In Tamil, every word is good indeed. How we are gathering them as a garland is where the humans should put their focus. Only by speaking simple and peaceful words, the sanctity prevails around. Let me tell you about it later.

To forget one’s face is a penance. I shall explain it as simple as possible. Tell me this, how many faces does a man have?”

“Just one?”

“The face when described, is the place where the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, forehead, cheeks, chin reside. But a man has many faces. His thoughts, mind, his position, they give different faces. Based on their urges, echoes, he changes his face often. For instance when his child calls him Father, he appears like a Dad. When his wife calls, as a husband and so on. He puts on various faces.

To forget the face is not just these faces. He should also let go of the faces he puts on. He puts a kind of face in front of unknown persons. This should change. Simply put, he should see every Atma in one Bhava. Whatever feelings he has is there in other beings too. Man should get this understanding, plus, with an understanding of whatever is happening is because of the almighty’s will and therefore remaining silent. When required, help others, guide them in the right direction without expecting any returns and go on. He should live for all other atma. He should never expect, and should treat winning and losing equally and should accept things as they happen and proceed.

When one tests himself on the above in all circumstances and continues this as a penance, the mind subdues. His mind remains still and the beginning stages of Siddha Marga becomes very easy. When someone crosses this stage, the Siddhas themselves will guide him in the right direction. When someone decides to observe and thinks he should correct himself, ‘forgetting the face’ becomes easier. Inside him emanates the Brahmathvam. He then becomes a Brahmana.

The one who remains with the atma, there is nothing in this world to obtain other than realization – nirvana – moksha. The one who remains with the body gets karma, vasanas all the way till the end and beyond the birth.”

“What you are saying is true indeed. But how is this practical for those who dwell in this materialistic world where they have to put forth various faces. Is it possible at all to follow what you are saying?”

“Why not?! No one stops from doing the duties of this world or to put efforts in being well. Such efforts when falls under Dharma, the blessing of the elders and wise men will help one cross it. They only stop man from going down the path of Adharma. Those who follow Adharma does not even think that they hurt others.

Even now there are many Atma who follow the path of Dharma, performing their duties and accepting whatever comes as it is, in the Siddha Marga while remaining in their family lives. Their count is less, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t here.

To do all these, the Siththam should be still. If that happens, one doesn’t accumulate karma, sees everything as equal and can forget their face.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Manish Verma

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