The inverted Shiva Linga

What does the Lord convey in every birth?

This post may change your life forever. Hence pay attention to every word, please. It is rare to be born as humans, hence requesting you to take complete advantage of it! ~ editor,

This is the 7th episode of the Simple advises of Siddha Marga series.

“Once the Siththam is stable, the Atma finds its way to salvation. That’s where the first seed of Siddha state is sown. For this, a man should reduce his external searches and ask questions within – why, what, how – and wait patiently, he will understand everything correctly. He can also understand the cause for everything that’s happening in the world. Only when there is a relation with the Siddhas, even for a minute, he can walk in this path. Do you know something? The Siddhas and the Almighty are ever ready and are very eager to guide such a man in the right direction. It is the man who doesn’t have time because his priorities are faced towards the worldly affairs. 

The one who controls his mind and keeps it between the eyebrows (Suzhumunai), he can listen to their voices, and can realize that the voices speak the truth when he witnesses them happening in the real world. He needs to have faith. Those who do penance search for secluded spots only for this reason. Whatever things happen after the penance, the end of penance will lead only to the ten-gate.”

“Please explain about the journey to these ten-gate in detail.”

“Keep this as a base. Whatever is being said, unless one realizes them himself, he cannot know for sure, right?”


“Have you touched the head of a just born baby?”

“Yes I have”

“Why don’t you say how it will be?”

“The top of the skull will feel like its open with the skin covering it. When rubbed gently, we can feel there’s a small bump.”

“True! The Lord conveys a message to the mankind through the newborn everytime. The atma which got separated from him (or thinks it has separated from him) and lives the life governed by fate, attains salvation when such an atma leaves a body through the ten-gate. The wise men call this as Sahasrara. The Siddhas call it Dasavasal. This is because the human body contains 9 holes. He should gather the energy from all of these and drive it to the Dasa-vasal, the tenth hole. The open bump gets covered after one month of birth. The parents worry that it should cover faster and apply oil to cool it down. It normally gets closed down faster as well.

The intent of Vasi Yoga is to drive the atma by inhaling and exhaling the breath in a methodical manner all the way to Dasa-vasal. When one begins the practice and walks down the path, he gains control over the breath. He begins to realize the secrets of life, almighty, siddhas, things happening externally, internally, everything. As the time goes by, all the rare things becomes part of him. If all these are said, the man will get confused and so the wise men said ‘Watch the tip of your nose, watch your breath’. What to do, even this has become a big business now.” – he smiled.

“We can say this is due to the time now I think”

“No! One does a business by knowing what the other person doesn’t! Leave it! Let us get back on track. The chest of a person is called ‘Hrudaya Kamalam’. When one meditates his ishta devata on his chest and inhales, the Lord will make him realize his presence right where the man seated him, you know? If you can, try placing the simplest form of God, the Shiva Linga in your heart. You may feel the Linga form thrusting in your chest literally after sometime.

The wise men saw this in their meditation when they went through the Suzhumunai to the Dasa-vasal – there is a Linga hanging upside down and waiting to drive the atma to salvation. It means, the Lord Shiva himself is waiting to help man to salvation, we could say right?”

I was sitting quietly watching him with surprise. I had this question about ‘upside down Shiva Linga’ seen in a certain Siddha temple. The Avudai or the base is visible in the ground, Banam will appear buried inside. A Siddha himself made this linga thus. Whenever I cross this place, I think about the message the Siddha wants to convey. But I was answered in a more profound manner without even asked for.

“What? The moment you saw that linga, you began to research and now you have the answer. But you haven’t got the answer to your actual question yet, right?” – he shocked me by asking.


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