The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 8 – Important for those who read this :)

Source – Sitthan Arul

Before we mention about the inverted Shiva Linga, I wanted to say something. When you publish this conversation, all those who read this should adhere the following points in their lives. Remember, we gave the permission to meet us after two long years of your follow up. At first we thought we would not share anything in detail. But we respected your good intention of sharing these things to a wider audience, so we explained them in detail. Let’s move on..

Those who have chosen the Siddha Marga are called “Siddha Vidhyarthi”. I share a number of things with you but I myself am a Vidhyarthi (student) still. Only this thought can elevate us. They stand away from the normal material life, practice Siddha way of life, purify their thoughts, focus their mind to a point and remain in meditation. They are affected by the thought patterns of others a lot. It is a hindrance to their meditation. Every human may get a chance to meet a noble soul in their lives due to their karma. Once done, all the conversation they had, information gathered, their presence, all these give a blissful state of mind. They forget themselves. But when they resume their life, they should focus in adhering to the wisdom they gained by meeting thous souls. But instead, they shouldn’t keep thinking about these souls. This creates a big hindrance for these souls’ meditation. It pulls them back and creates a block in their Siddha Marga. This is the reason, while they are being a Vidhyarthi, they stay away from worldly affairs and others.

Second, Siddha Marga is a method which completely shun anything that harm other beings. They should not even look in to the direction of those who think of harming other beings. For example the meat eaters. If one has the curse of Guru, they could remediate by doing service to some other guru in some other birth. But if and when one incurs the curse of a Siddha, there is no way out at all. It is the most dangerous of all. The almighty shows the presence of a guru’s curse in a person’s horoscope but hides any curse of Siddha if present. It is only known to the Lord and the Siddhas. Such a curse which cannot be found out easily, why risk incur it? One can make the guru feel blissful and ward off a guru’s curse, but the Siddha who is unaffected and unattached, how will one make them cool down? When will such be free?

Third, the Siddhas use Vamacharam (Atharvana Veda) only for medicinal purposes. They are well versed in all the prayoga. In spite of knowing when what to do, they do so only after getting the Lord’s permission. They are not only the dear children of God, but they are like the God’s right hand. Only through them the Lord is still doing all the miracles. The witchcraft and black-magics will vanish in front of them. The humans should never enter these paths. The humans are the reason why the Vamachara has grown so much now. Even if something like that is written in one’s karma, they should fight against it and live. They should strive to get the Lord’s grace and never use Vamachara against a jiva.

Fourth, in this place where the Lord himself has been Tamil, there is preaching against Him in Tamil itself. One should stay away from those who speak ill of the Lord. We should completely refrain ourselves from seeing such things and hearing such words. Even something is given, it gets completed only when someone receives it. So there should be none to receive such ill thought flow of the Lord, to receive. Just stay away and remove the circumstances out of your mind. Why should you be a witness?

In reality, impossible is impossible in our terms. The Siddhas protect the world by giving away so much. Do not think that whatever is given to you is just for you, pay attention that the Lord is placing a test in front of you.

The Siddhas opposed idol worship. It is also true that the same Siddhas themselves installed the idols in various places for worship. The child in the first grade uses books to read but these books are not useful when it reaches the university. The first grade lesson begins in the temple. Once grown spiritually, the temple will be used for others who reach the first grade but not to the spiritually grown. Know this.

Whatever one has got, even when it is given by the Lord based on his deeds, one should know the test in place. The Lord is quietly watching if the one who has is lifting the one who doesn’t.

The Lord may forgive the mistakes done unknowingly, but when one does a mistake after knowing, there is no forgiveness, but he gets punished immediately.

The answers to your questions are right there within yourself. Look for it and you will find. You will not get lost.

As the wise man went on with these gems, I was staring at him with bewilderment. What blew me out was the greatest of Siddha Marga wisdom were in such simple terms. He read my mind again and said, “the mustard is small but the spice in it?” – he smiled and paused.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: La Tiber, DeviantArt

3 thoughts on “The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 8 – Important for those who read this :)

  1. Ra Chandiramouliswara says:

    It is totally divine and thought provoking indeed. Please ask Sidhaas about Macquarie protecting ourselves from such negative people and places?? This is becoming all the more important when we spend more compared to what little positive is earned by us!!! Pranaamas to Samastha Sidha a vidyarthis

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