The GOS – Siddha Marga – Karma accumulated through food

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“Let us pause this conversation right here and continue tomorrow. It’s become very dark now. You will be given a simple dinner. Have it and take some rest.” – He said.

I thought I will take that as an approval to stay with them for the night but a surprise awaited me. The food was served only to me. They just took tea and I didn’t feel like asking why. They are following a method and know what they want very well. I lied down in the place allotted to me and was chewing all that happened during the day in my mind. Before I knew, I had slept off.

It was 7 in the morning when I woke up. The body felt like it had the most peaceful sleep. I came out and saw the others were doing Vasi Yoga. The eldest wise man was in meditation. I went and stood next to him slowly and he opened his eyes.

Namaskaram, I said.

“Thiruchitrambalam” – he said.

“Go ahead and do what you have to do, take bath and come.” – he pointed me. The well water was cold, I started from the feet and all the way to the head, it was so refreshing.

When I stood before him, he opened a small bag and said, “Here is holy ash. If you have the habit of smearing it, do so.”

I applied the bhasm mixing with water in my forehead and in my body. It had a nice fragrance. I thought it must have been used for an abisheka in some temple.

“It is the bhasm used in the abisheka of Lord Muruga Peruman. It means that you have his grace as well.” and asked, “How come you got the thought of mixing it with water and applying it?”

“O Sire, I always apply the vibuthi (holy ash) mixing with water. I have seen many doing so also. I feel if we do so, it remains in the forehead for a long time.”

The other three had done their practices by now. The eldest looked at the youngest of all and nodded his head as saying ‘see you then’. The youngest one went down.

“Those in Siddha marga always apply vibuthi after mixing with water. I just wanted to know if you got this from someone as part of a deekshai.”

“When applying vibuthi everyday, say ‘Om Namah Shivaya! within and pray, “I am goiing to become just this (ash), destroy my ego and be present in me, make me realize it”

“Thanks very much. I shall certainly do it.”

“Stay here for some time. I shall be back within a nazhigai” – he took the other two and went out.

The mind started closely observing the silence around. The city dwellear that I was, this surrounding, the gentle cool breeze, a forest type of an appearance, the chirping of birds, the sound from the cow-herd from a distance, the huge mountain opposite, all these brought a serene peace within me. I did not feel like thinking or talking. If this is the nature, then why am I not getting this peace where I am, everything except the mountain is there too? Is this the noise that’s the reason?” I thought and sat down for meditation. I couldn’t think really.

I heard someone saying “Namashivaya” from a distance and woke up. All four of them were seated in front of me.

“Looks like you went deeper in meditation. I said I’ll be back in one nazhigai but it took 45 minutes. We waited for another 15 minutes and then only woke you up. How was the surrounding?”

“It was very peaceful.” – I said.

“You must have thought, “Why aren’t we feeling this in the city I think?”

“Yes indeed!”

“It is only when the atma within the man realizes that the truth becomes clear. Though there is nature, it is only when someone sits quietly in meditation and gives away good thoughts as rays, it receives it, amplifies it and gives it to those who ask for it. Those who receive it cleanses himself and everything around him. Whatever practice and meditation we do to the Lord, we offer it to the nature itself. We seldom expect. We just pray that it should reach everybody. Those who live in the city cannot realize these truths due to their lifestyle and the noise around them. How can they sit for meditation then? It is nature why you felt peaceful here. Every atma wants to be at peace, but the problem arises when deciding where to pick that peace from. They get stuck in it but instead if they search within, they can get the light. A lot of truths can be realized.”

“True indeed. But the man probably forgets it in their search for life.”

“It is him who decides what he wants to search right? It is all materialistic thing he searches for, so they are left with so much suffering. Those who eat idly when hungry is in the same earth as that of those who eat the air when hungry. The only difference is that those who eat the food accumulates a lot of papa karma. The thavasi eats the air, drinks water and cleanses the nature.”

“What?! The food that nature gives the man to sustain his life, he gets papa karma through this? Can you please explain this further?”

“Sure, listen with patience and understand.”

~ to be continued…!

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