The GOS – Siddha Marga – Karma accumulated through food 2

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“What is Karma? It is the effect of what is done. Karma gets added both through good and bad deeds. When will the effect of that Karma be fruitful, in which birth, how an Atma will experience is decided by the almighty. The karma of an atma gets dissolved by two methods. One is Karma Paripalana and the second is Karma Parivarthana.

What is Karma Paripalana?
It is the atma experiencing the effect of karma and dissolving it.

What is Karma Parivarthana?
An Atma’s Karmic effect is accepted by another Atma and going through its effect.

There isn’t a need of an example of an Atma experiencing its own karmic effects. Everyone gets doubtful about the second, how is that even possible! If we observe the lives of any wise man you know, we shall find out. Examples are: Ramalinga Adigal, Ramana Maharishi, Yogi Ram Surot Kumar to name a few. Not many understands what they did to the mankind. There are countless others like these one. It is because of these Mahans that the humankind is saved from many a disasters. This is true.” – he paused.

“Ok, let’s come to the point. We saw about the karma dissolving in two methods. We already saw that 95% of karma comes by either giving or accepting karma from others. Out of this 95, half of it comes from food, the remaining is through his deeds. If his deeds and food becomes pure, he can rise up. The circumstances in which food is cooked, how the food materials are procured, how it is served, the mindset in which the person eats it, all these determines his future, his good and bad effects. For instance, a non-vegetarian food will only increase the savage mentality in him. This is because, the body which is cooked contained an atma and it would have struggled to remain alive, its fight for life must have been present in the body. Such a body is eaten, how can one get Satvic mentality? One has to attain Satvic stage and remain in that state for him to get the feeling of divinity from the almighty. Only then can he progress right? Understand this too. Even if you eat vegetarian food, if the person who cooks it, serves it eats non-vegetarian, the dosha of this person will be shared with you, who eats this food. This is Karma Paripalanam.”

I was shocked at this. We could have accumulated papa even if we have searched for and found vegetarian food. How can we drill down so deep and live in this age? I wondered and asked him too.

“Please forgive if my question is wrong. How is it practical to find out if a food is linked to evil effects in such a world which has all sorts of people? Is the method you mentioned practically possible?”

“It is. Practically Possible.” – he said firmly.

I felt that he must have researched well, implemented it and must have succeeded as well. That is why he answers so firmly.

“Ok, I believe, but please clarify.”

“There is a saying in the Siddhas, “The Siddha is the one who can convert meat (karuvadu) to brinjal (kathirikkai)”. This is not a magic. Let us however see this later. Have you heard of the word ‘Aacharam’ which is used by a lot of people for so long?”

“Yes, those who are spiritual, those who does not lose their balance, those who follow a certain path are referred to be as ‘Aachara seela'”

“In the Achara, aa refers to the Almighty. Charam refers to dependability. It simply means “To be dependant on the Almighty”, a method of living which is as per the will of the Lord. In this way, living without hurting any being is also being in Aacharam, right?”


“Only when there is someone to eats or receives, the person who gives / does remains. If the one who eats corrects himself, where is the question of the giver? Unless individuals correct themselves by themselves, even those who are vegetarians, should take part in the effect of the papa directly or indirectly, right?”

“We cannot fix the society, unless the individual corrects themselves. How can the impure society give out a good generation?”

“Now do you understand? Why Siddhas refrained from living with the humans? They knew that their connection itself is prone to such sins. But they are waiting with a lot of hope that the humans will realize and fix themselves.”

~ to be continued…!

Featured image: Humble Life Yoga

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