The GOS – Siddha Marga – Karma accumulated through food 3

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The mankind does not know the amount of papa accumulated through food. Do you know, it is the almighty’s maya that he created the different tastes such as sweet, sour, spice etc., As long as the mankind is under this spell, it is easier for the Nava Grahas to control them. It means that whoever has better control over the food, he can safeguard himself from the effects of Nava Grahas. The sins accumulated in the body is just because of the food. Let us see how to escape from it though.

Whenever you partake food, take a bit of water in your right hand, chant a japa known to you, sprinkle the water on the food, and then take it. The agni present in every human can be felt in the palm as a heat. The mantra japa empowers it even more. The sprinkling of this water removes the dosha in the food.

Invite the Almighty to be within and pray to accept the food as an offering and eat it with a mentality of total surrender. Any dosha related to the food will not affect the person who eats it. Even simplifying it further, before eating the food, think ‘Sarvam Krishnarpanam’ or ‘Sarvam Shivarpanam’ genuinely and eating will be greatly beneficial too. (Recall how the brahmins perform ‘Anna Suddhi’ before eating food everytime).

The environment in which one eats food should be quiet. Very noisy location, places where foul words are being spoken will create dosha in the food. If you get a very very quiet place, know that it is a grace of God.

When those who cook be clean, think of good thoughts, chant whatever mantra they know while cooking, will ward off any dosha in the food naturally. Nowdays, this is where all the Anna Dosha culminates.

Before eating, take some food, pray to all the Gurus and Pithrus (ancestors), and offer this for other living beings to eat and then consume the rest. This will ensure one gets all the blessings from everyone. When the other beings eat this food, whoever he might have thought of while offering the food will get the benefit of this food being offered and he in turns gets a very good life.

Those who feed the hungry cuts the chain of cause-and-effect, his bad karma. Those who do this with the Almighty in mind becomes one with the Almighty himself. What is greater than quenching one’s hunger is greater than quenching someone else’s hunger. The mankind should realize this.

The Lord has created a leaf if eaten, there won’t be hunger for a long time. There is a leaf which cures all sorts of diseases. Another one turns any metal to gold. The godmen who do penance in these forests aren’t attracted towards these leaves, but these leaves are the reason why they remain peacefully without the worries like hunger affecting them.

“Do you know? All the Siddhas, Thavasi’s, Rishi-Muni’s, Siddha Vidhyarthis at the end of their prayer, they submit their thankfulness to Agastya Maha Muni? Whoever guru this gratitude and thanks are submitted through, it reaches Agastya himself at the end. Do you also know that the Almighty does not even accept any prayer that is not foreseen by Agastya Himself?”

I folded my hands together within my mind and offered a hearty thanks to Agastya. I felt very pleased to know about such a Siddha who is all powerful, and to drive my life in the direction He has shown.

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~ To be continued…!

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