The GOS – Maha Muni Agastya visits His temple – 1

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Those who read The Sitthan Arul series by Shree Karthikyean may realize for sure that certain things happening in front of them are through the grace of Agastya himself. There are many experiences where He has guided, turn my life towards good, made me do good. This post is one such experience I felt.

I used to read the post published in Thursdays early in the morning and visit a temple of Agastya to pray. I and a couple of my friends go along in one of their car. If I am not able to, I ask my friends to visit and I go there in the evening alone for darshan. This is happening for years now. When going in the car, I think of many such experiences that Agastya gives to others and think often, “how great it will be if He gives me such an experience.”

I tell my friends that even if God appears before us and asks what we want, we should be very clear in what we want. I like to sit in meditation, through God’s grace. I have listened to the wise men saying that the peace one gets through meditation empowers them.

While being in meditation once, I prayed to the Maha Muni Agastya thus: “I pray for your grace and I should feel it as well. Please allow me.”

I have this habit of forgetting what I prayed for after some time, even done whole heartedly. I forgot about the above prayer eventually as well. Months passed by where I visited many sacred places, had darshan and while meditating, I just say “Requesting your grace.”

It was a Thursday 4.30 am. I read the Sitthan Arul as usual and felt very light. My intuition said that something is going to happen today. Once read, I took bath and sat down for mediation with mantra japa. After a few minutes of struggle, the mind, body and senses became quiet and I began to be in that state. While being so..

I heard someone telling me subtly in my right ears, “I will come there to receive the abishekha today. Just observe the surroundings before the abisheka and my idol during the abisheka carefully.”

I woke up and came out and realized it was Agastya himself who mentioned this in my ears. I became very alert. It began to rain heavily in a few minutes. I involved myself in the routine while staying very alert, I have to pay attention if any other information comes.

The temple I visit is about a 30 minutes drive from my home. The enroute is full of traffic. Here the Maha Muni stands with Lopa Mudra, there are other shrines for Ganapathy, Nagaraja, Krishna, Odhiyappa (Muruga) and Navagraha. The temple opens up at 5.30 and abisheka happens at 6 am. Nirmalya, Abishekha, Alankara, Pooja, all these take place where one can come out by 6.30 after receiving Prasada. We normally start from our place at 5.15 am.

That morning, my friend wasn’t seen till 5.40 and I became a little angry yet remained silent, deciding I shouldn’t spoil anything that is going to happen today. I felt that Agastya is testing me on how I deal with things. My friend came at 5.50 with a lot of ‘sorry’. I remained silent and handed over the bag to be kept inside. We started at 5.55. In normal days, the pooja will be over by 6.30, how can then we see or feel anything in the abisheka now? Agastya himself should do some miracle, we put every worry in His feet and remained silent.

As it rained well, the road was clean and without traffic as a lot of people didn’t come out due to the rain. The rain had made the air cool as well. My mind was quiet without any worry. I sat in padmasana pose in the back seat of the car and began to meditate. After a while, I didn’t know where I was. I was awakened by my friend after reaching the temple, only then I came back to this world. It was a bright morning, 6.30 am showed the time.

I was observing everything, remained silent and went inside the temple. The shrine was open, lamps lit but the abisheka hasn’t taken place as the big vessel with water used for abisheka was intact. No one was there. I was still silent but was actively observing everything when the temple in-charge came and said ‘the priest hasn’t come yet. I had opened the shrine myself. Just wait, he will come and do the abisheka.’

There is a small mandapa in front of the shrine where they keep all the pooja items. There is a small pathway between this mandapa and His shrine. It is where the steps to go into the shrine begins. I stood there and had His darshan saying, “Here I am! It is your turn to bestow your grace.” and stood there in the mandapa with my waist resting on it. My friends stood behind the mandapa. I hadn’t mentioned anything about what I heard that morning to them, I thought let them realize when it happens.

The priest came rushing in a while and entered the shrine to perform the abisheka. As he began to chant the Mantras…

A dense air form flew down, crossed my friends, climbed the mandapa and climbed the stairs and entered the shrine s l o w l y. Along with this came the aroma of Vibuthi, Kozhundhu, Panneer, Turmeric fragrances.

I was motionless and was looking at Agastya’s idol inside the shrine.

~ to be continued…!

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