The GOS – Maha Muni Agastya visits His temple – 2

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The priest who was doing the abishekha was startled as the fragrance entered the shrine. He looked out but couldn’t make out anything. He continued the Abisheka. He normally applies oil and washes it with water but for some reasons, he mixed a number of fragrances in the water and performed the abisheka.

As I was watching, I felt for a second that Agastya opened his eyes, smiled a bit and went back to Dhyana. While the abisheka was still happening, there was a light that came out of His right hand and spread out. Right after, the rays of sunlight touched His feet. Everyone including the priest noticed the sunlight and thought that it is the sunlight which caused ‘that’ light.

I got goosebumps as I kept watching. I said “Thanks so very much O Lord. This is enough” and I prostrated. For that moment, I felt an utmost satisfaction of achieving everything and felt what is there in life to achieve. The glimpse of the eyes opening made me yearn, and I prayed that I should get that darshan whenever I wanted.

Surprisingly, when my friend sent a picture of Agastya the next day, it appeared as if His eyes were open and were looking at a distance, thinking. The eyes appeared just as the human’s. We all would have been visualizing the temple and how the entire scene must have been, Agnilingam Arunachalam who runs the Sitthan Arul blog has kindly given the link for the picture of the Sanctum Sanctorum for everyone’s darshan.

The abisheka was done, alankara and deepa-aradhana happened where Agastya’s form appeared as it does normally. It was only the three of us witnessing the abisheka, where at least 10 people stand. The priest was minding his business and so was the temple in-charge. We realized that it is for His grace that we remained there.

The priest distributed the prasadam while still wondering where that fragrance came from. We were so silent that we did not want to speak anything. The mind was still. When we came out, one of the friends said slowly:

“When standing behind the mandapa, just before the abisheka started, I felt air descending down and entering the sanctum-sanctorum followed by a divine fragrance. Was it He?”

“Hmm.” – I just said and they understood everything. We all were so satisfied. There were a number of revelations following that incident:

1. If the wish is pure from the heart and is simple, He fulfills them for sure.
2. He is a very strict guru without any bias, but also is very merciful. Just as a Father who knows the minds of the children.
3. He makes situations favourable, purifies them and presents to us as a gift.
4. It is on us, to remain humble, discard ego and arrogance and follow His guidance.
5. What He expects from us above all is, “steadfast faith, bhakthi to the Lord, respect to the Guru and a lot of patience.”

I share the above as I realize to be very important to all those who read this series. When we were reading the Nadi in Nambi Malai, He said, “You are all my children” to those who were present.

We should think what we should do, how we should be for Him to say, “You are my son, you are my daughter” to all of us! Think!

~ To be continued…!

Featured image: Sitthan Arul

One thought on “The GOS – Maha Muni Agastya visits His temple – 2

  1. Subramanian S says:

    Dear Sir

    As this temple is at Balaramapuram which is near Thiruvananathapuram, can i think that Shri Karthikeyan went to this temple from Thiruvananthapuram which is 30 minutes drive to Balaramapuram

    does Shri Karthikeyan live at Thiruvananthapuram . Sir any chance of meeting him

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