Face to face with Sri Ramana Maharishi – 10

Justice N. Chandrasekhara Aiyar was High Court Judge at Madras. I paid my homage to the sage only twice, and was struck by his large luminous eyes, through which the very soul peeps into us, as it were. When he fixes his keen gaze on us, it looks as though he is seeing the inner clockwork of a mechanism in a transparent case; and you get the feeling that a mild current of grace is flowing into you from him.

He is a veritable storehouse of spiritual energy and wisdom. He radiates shanti or Peace, and those who come into contact with him feel a subtle, pervasive and godly influence greatly spreading over them. Such men belong to a superlative category of their own. He speaks very little, but when he does speak his words roll out slowly, with deliberate and telling effect. His silence is however more eloquent than his speech. The tremor of his head is suggestive of the famous Upanishadic teaching – not this, not this.

Perfect detachment, indifference to pain and pleasure, absolute renunciation, true mental equipoise are hallmarks of the Indian rishis. Sri Ramana belongs to this great hierarchy of Seers.

To be in his presence is by itself a stirring experience in the elevation of the soul; to receive a few words of counsel from him is a rare blessing; to be the recipient of his benediction is to be assured of a special fortune.

11 Eleanor Pauline Noye of California visited the Ashram twice in 1940 and stayed for about ten months.

My heart throbbed with expectation as I was taken to the hall. As I entered, I felt the atmosphere filled with Sri Bhagavan’s Purity and Blessedness. One feels a breath of the Divine in the Sage’s presence. When He smiled it was as though the gates of Heaven were thrown open. I have never seen eyes more alight with Divine Illumination – they shine like stars. His look of Love and Compassion was a benediction that went straight to my heart. I was immediately drawn to Him. One feels such an uplifting influence in His saintly presence and cannot help but sense His extraordinary

It is not necessary for Him to talk, His silent influence of love and light is more potent than words could ever be. I do not think there is another like Him on earth today. To see Him is to love Him. As I looked upon Sri Bhagavan’s serene face and into His eyes which beamed with mercy, my soul was stirred. He knew how much I needed Him, while He looked straight into my heart. Everyone who comes to Him is blessed; the inner peace which is His is radiated to all.

I had not slept well for years, although I had been taking medicine. I said nothing to Sri Bhagavan about this. The amazing thing was that I slept soundly the first night and thereafter without taking any medicine. I received ‘the Medicine of all medicines’, the unfailing grace of the Lord. I arose next morning, feeling refreshed, as though I were born anew. Soon after, as I was standing by the gate one afternoon, Sri Bhagavan
stopped while on His way to the hill and asked me, “If I had more peace.” His loving solicitude made me feel quite at home; and when He smiled my joy knew no bounds.

When I left America, I longed for peace. Here at the feet of the Lord of Love, peace and happiness garlanded me and enriched my being. I know that Bhagavan led me to this heaven of rest. Mere words can never express the peace and joy felt in His Presence; it must be experienced. There one truly has a glimpse of the Eternal. The most Blessed experience of my life was my stay at the feet of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The Ashram is so primitive, but therein lies its charm. It is truly the Holy-land. The air is permeated with His peace and love. On full moon night it is especially inspiring to go round the hill. In this deep silence and quietude one readily hears the voice of God.

I reluctantly made plans to leave the place. I had grown to love it and was very sad during those last days. Sri Bhagavan said, “I will always be with you, wherever you go.”
When the last day arrived, I could not stop crying. In the afternoon when I sat before Sri Bhagavan He smiled and said, “She has been crying all day; she does not want to leave me!” Later I went to Him for His blessings. The pain of parting was almost more than I could bear; with tears in my eyes I knelt with deepest reverence and devotion before my beloved Master. May He always be my Father, Mother and God; and may I always be His child, and whatever I do, may it be in His name.

She wrote the following after the Maharshi’s mahanirvana:
What tribute can a candle pay to the sun? What we best conceive, we fail to speak. Words cannot express the infinite love and tenderness we experienced during those days beside him. He seemed to clasp us to his bosom as a mother clasps her child. As we beheld his utter submission, one could not help but think of Lord Jesus before the crucifixion. Sri Bhagavan treated his body as something apart from him. As the body grew weaker his face became more radiant, his eyes shone like two stars.

He was ever abiding in the Self. A few days before he passed away, he remarked, “They say I am dying, but I shall be more alive than before.” Now he is all pervading.

Internationally renowned psychologist Dr. C.G. Jung of Zurich has said, “What we find in the life and teachings of Sri Ramana is the purest of India with its breadth of world liberated and liberating humanity, it is a chant of the millenniums.”

~ to be continued…!

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    Dear Sir

    Why this has been stopped suddenly. the last publication was in dec 2018 and no more after that. the english version is really useful to people who do not know Tamil. hence my humble request is to start the english version

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