The GOS – Agastya’s Anantha Sayana – 4

The boy stood opposite to the Prasnar, prayed and looked in to the field. He chose a square in the left and was about to keep the cowries with his right hand and he changed the cowries to his left hand at the very last minute and kept it in the same square with his left hand. The Prasnar made a note of this.  

The place he kept was the 4th bhava, Kumbha Rasi (sukha sthana) of the lagna. Next, 6th bhava (Mesha Rasi), 8th bhava (Mithuna Rasi), 9th bhava (Kataka Rasi) and the Prasna kept growing.  

Nothing was satisfying to the minds. It appeared the Prasnar was losing patience too. He prayed aloud saying “Padmanabha, Amara Prabho” while giving the cowries to the boy.  

As the last step, he gave 4 cowries to the boy and he kept it in the Dhanur Rasi, the 12th place of Vrishchika Rasi.  

Everyone was quiet while the Prasnar’s disciples took notes. He waited till they all completed their notes and he looked at the Maharaja who nodded his head as approval. Right after the field, all the devata were shown karpooram and nivedhanam indicating the Prasnam was done, without telling out the Prasna Vidhi.  

The Prasnar said he will review the notes of his 22 disciples and let everyone know of the results tomorrow. Everyone took to their abodes. The next day, after the Maharaja gave his approval, the Prasana results were read. Only the important part of the results are given below.  

“With the grace of God, with His approval, the Maharaja prayed for the Prasna Vidhi. Are there any shortcomings in the methods of Pooja done at the temple? If so, what pooja can be done to rectify this, was the prominent question. There has been no mistakes in the rules of pooja and therefore there is no need of any change of rules, is the result of this Prasna.  


The mistakes done by humans are the source of problems, is what is shown through the appearance of these Lagnas. All the wealth here belongs to this deity but the moment the human-odour touched it, as it was messed up, all were against the will of God. All the wealth sat here through the wish of the Three Eyed Lord, even that too for a public benefit, knowing which will do what, they were kept here.  

The incidents after the wealth were touched is a clear indication of the Lord’s. It is beneficial for the humans to correct themselves through these indications. *** IF THEY KEEP GETTING CLOSER TO THE WEALTH, THOSE WHO ARE RELATED TO THIS, THEIR FAMILIES WILL SEE DESTRUCTION, without knowing how the poison got in to!*** 

The Adi Sesha, Hanuman and Sri Narasimha are very angry at what happened. It is advisable for the humans to step aside and be quiet.” – read the Prasnar.  

Below are some points mentioned by various Siddhas in different Nadis.  

“They witnessed the wealth of the Anantha Padmanabha who lies in the Iluppai bed, in yoga nidhra. The Rishis were upset and the Siddhas are angry.”  

“The guardians Lion Headed (Narasimha), Pashupathi Nath (Nepal), The snake dwells in the forest (Nagaraja), Mangala Peychi Mulai Undan, Kodanatha Puramayya Keshava are all upset.” 

“As the wealth were touched, the Narasinga, Ananthan Kadu Nagaraja Swamy, the Krishna in Vishwamangalam, Anantha Pura Perumal dwelling in Kasarkodu, Adi Keshava Perumal in Thiruvattaru, Pashupathinath in Nepal, are all very upset.” 

Though it was clear from the Prasna that something very wrong has happened. There was something which kept coming back in my mind.  

What was that?  

“All the wealth sat here through the wish of the Three Eyed Lord, even that too for a public benefit, knowing which will do what, they were kept here.” – what does it mean?!  

I began to think – “should I pray to the Three Eyed Lord Himself?!”  

~ stay blessed!  

Featured image courtesy: Flickr

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