A new logo

Gnana Boomi hosts a new logo. After a number of thought process and discussions with the design team, we coined the present one which represents more than one concept.   It looks like the Chin Mudra. It looks like a flame that of knowledge, wisdom and realization. It is also the alphabets G and B aka Gnana […]

Read Ramayana

Ever wanted to read the Ramayana with the original sloka and its description in English? The initiative from ReadRamayana.org delivers the slokas in your email. Join in, read and appreciate that such a man lived in flesh and blood in this same Earth and be inspired!

The feast of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara Marriage at Madurai

For the Chitrai Festival in Madurai, avolunteer group based in Madurai is organizing a massive feast this year to feed about 40 thousand devotees. This is done by collecting resources from the public, prepared by public and served to public.

Second Anniversary!

What's new!

Yeeha! It’s our second birthday! It’s unbelievable that so many days went by. Thank you for all the support and encouragement provided. With your support, we are crawling in to the third year, looking forward to share much more valuable thoughts.  Gnana Boomi now hosts a new look and feel as you may have noticed. We are […]