A new logo

Gnana Boomi hosts a new logo. After a number of thought process and discussions with the design team, we coined the present one which represents more than one concept.


  1. It looks like the Chin Mudra.
  2. It looks like a flame that of knowledge, wisdom and realization.
  3. It is also the alphabets G and B aka Gnana Boomi. The previous logo resembled these as well.

But why a new logo? Well the previous one did serve its purpose quite well. It is surprising to realize that we’ve been online spreading noble thoughts for the past 6 years and counting. We intend to continue this journey with our beloved readers’ support but also will explore other spheres of the same goal, one’s ultimate realization of the Self. And it is only appropriate we start right from the brand itself. We will also work towards re-designing the interface of the site as some of you kindly pointed out.

The increase in number of new and regular visitors and their feedback from time to time tells us something clear. They seem to have derived some value out of this site and we’re humbled by that very thought. It makes us feel happy and responsible at the same time. Thank you!

We sincerely hope you like it. Please add your valuable feedback in the comments section.

Important update on Agastya Jeeva Nadi


It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that GnanaBoomi announces that Sage Agastya has agreed to resume providing guidance to those who seek (Nãdi) His grace through Jeeva Nãdi again. 

When The Grace of Siddha series started, many a readers requested the contact details of Jeeva Nãdi readers and thus far, the information was not available. It was due to the Maharshi Agastya’s instructions that the Jeeva Nãdi be kept under pooja so far. Now, He has kindly listened to all our prayers and has ordered the Nãdi be read again. Those who seek His guidance with a pure heart and true yearning, can obtain the same in The Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, Kallar. 

The contact information of the Ashram is that of Her Holiness Mataji at +91 98425 50987. At present, they have only 5 sessions for a month and it is done by prior appointments. Those who wants to read the Nãdi for themselves should be present in front of Guruji who reads the Nãdi. 

A few important points to note:

1. Please call up the number and speak to Mataji to fix up a time to get the Jeeva Nãdi reading and to obtain the directions to reach the place. The Guruji speaks English, if you are not familiar with Tamil.  

2. The Jeeva Nãdi is read on Saturdays mainly. But on Wednesdays, they do read the Nãdi for urgent needs.

3. The Guru Muni Agastya has kindly agreed to give His clairvoyance even on Saturdays that falls on a Ashtami, Navami days, where the Nãdi is not normally read.

4. Have your questions clearly written down. The Guruji asks for it before reading the Nãdi. This is to keep the questions running in his mind, to seek guidance from Agastya Muni. Avoid discussing your issues while waiting, to anyone. It is better to focus on Agastya Muni, do chanting or prayer and sit in silence. A satsang is good, but let it not turn in to a gossip session. It is a general recommendation to avoid disclosing your name, profession or why you have come here to anyone. You have come to get guidance from Agastya Muni. So request Him to guide you than disclosing personal information prior to the reading. 

5. The person to whom the Nãdi is to be read, must be present in the divine altar and others are not permitted. Speak to HH Mataji for further clarifications or updates about the same.

6. Be generous in your contributions. Though they do not charge for Jeeva Nãdi reading, they do accept the donations for feeding a group of poor children, their education etc.

7. Last but not least, have a yearning and a true seeking mind. DO NOT try to validate or test the Nãdi revelations. This is not a labaratory but a place of spiritual solace.

Jeeva Nãdi reading at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Agastya Muni has instructed the Nãdi be kept in pooja at Thanjavur and kindly agreed to resume reading from June 2014. You may contact Shri Ganesan through this mail address – arut.kudil at gmail.com (no space in between, replace the word at with the @ symbol). His phone number is +91 9443421627, which remains switched off most of the times as he may be busy. We have heard that his phone remains on on Mondays. He responds to email queries however. 


1) In any place, it is a general recommendation NOT to reveal your personal identity before the Nãdi reading is done. This is particularly important because, the Agastya Muni has clearly mentioned that what comes out of reading has its effect on the Karma of the person and even the Karma of the reader. So, have faith but remain silent about your identity till the Nãdi reading is done. 

2) GnanaBoomi.com has NO affiliations or direct involvement in any of the above places regarding Jeeva Nãdi reading. We are merely updating these information as it may come helpful to those who seek His guidance and we have NO direct or indirect association with the places above. 


We sincerely thank Sage Agathiyar for His continuous grace upon us. 

Om Agatheesaya Nama:

Read Ramayana

What is your benchmark of piousness?

What’s your score in possessing good qualities?

And how far have you been successful in following those qualities?

For instance, speaking only the truth. This seems simple isn’t it? Give it a try and ye shall find the road-block within five minutes! 

Sage Valmiki had a longing. He wanted to know if there is anyone who is a perfect picture of all the qualities good. When Narada appeared before him, he lists them with utmost sincerity and expectation. Each of those qualities when looked deeper, takes at least a life time to get comfortable with, as against mastering and yet, Valmiki wants to know that: 

“Who in this world is a person:

1) of adorable and admirable character, 2) of great valor, 3) of acute discernment about right and wrong, 4) that appreciates, remembers and grateful for the help received from everyone, 5) that stands by his word all the time, 6) and pursues his goals to their completion, unswerving? 7) Who is a man of proven record and reputation, 8) who always wishes and does good to all beings, 9) who is well read about all aspects of life, 10) who is capable of getting the most challenging things done, 11) who is also approachable, personable and pleasing to all alike, at all times?
Who is a person 12) of exemplary courage, 13) in complete control of his temperament, 14) of great intellect, 15) that is unbiased and doesn’t indulge in slander, 16) and whose displeasure would be taken note by even the gods?

Greedy he must have been, ain’t he? No! Yet, there lived a person flesh and blood in this very Earth, who not only possessed the quality of speaking only the truth, but was the very picture of all these qualities above. Do we need to say he was Sri Ramachandra? His glory is sung in Ramayana. 

Ever wanted to read the Ramayana’s original slokhas in Devanagiri or a handful of other Indian languages AND to know what they mean, right from your inbox? ReadRamayana.org has such a wonderful initiative. You will receive about 100 slokas in your email, along with their meaning.

Join in, read and appreciate that such a man lived right here in this Earth and get inspired. Talking about evolution, He truly is the benchmark of all evolved ones!




The feast of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara Marriage at Madurai

Out of the 64 holy plays of Lord Shiva at Madurai, the divine marriage has a prime spot. Not only that it drew all the divine beings to Madurai for the celestial event, it has other sweet incidents associated with it. This is when He subdues the ego of Kanchanamalai by having Gundodhara consume every food particle in the palace. This is when He asks Mother Ganga to flow here as Vaigai river. The whole of Madurai celebrates this divine wedding with great enthusiasm and pomp.

Courtesy: Deviantart.com

Courtesy: Deviantart.com

This celestial wedding draws people from all over the world.  Many a volunteers gather up to provide shelter, butter-milk and food to devotees during this festival. Such a feast is being organized by “Pazhamudhir Solai Thiruvarul Murugan Bhaktha Sabha” during the wedding on 23rd of April 2013. From the evening of 22nd of April around 5 PM, preparation for the feast such as cutting vegetables etc will commence. They plan to feed about 40 thousand individuals this time. The speciality about this feast is that it is organized by gathering materials from the public, prepared by volunteers among the public and served. They have been doing this

Those who want to be involved directly or indirectly may please do so at the contact information given below. 

One can contribute to the essential items for the feast.

Pazhamudhir Solai Thiruvarul Murugan Bhaktha Sabha
C/O Chamundi Vivekanandan
Chamundi Paaku
New #41, Old# 20/3, Mela Gopura Street
Madurai – 625 001
Phone: +91 94424 08009, Shop: 0452 2345601
Chennai: +91 9841267823  | chamundihari@gmail.com

The details are available in Tamil here.

With unthinkable crowd, the mammoth efforts put forth by the security guards and police must be rewarded and appreciated. Do pass on your appreciation to the volunteers and the police if you pass by Madurai during the Chitrai festivals. Just saying ‘good job, thank you’ will make them feel they are on top of the world and can never be matched with any compensation.

Featured Image Courtesy: Flickr.com

Second Anniversary!


It’s our second birthday! It’s unbelievable that so many days went by. Thank you for all the support and encouragement provided. With your support, we are crawling in to the third year, looking forward to share much more valuable thoughts. 

Gnana Boomi now hosts a new look and feel as you may have noticed. We are pleased to let you know that the site is now responsive, meaning it shows up just great on any device, be it a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop.  

The flower indicates innovation and creativity with its vibrant colors and will continue to be the icon for new updates made here.

Thanks to Veerle for the great tutorial on how to make this awesome flower. 

Do let us know how you feel.