Cure for Dengue Fever

There is cure available for Dengue, a natural one that too! This is a quick post on the method to prepare this natural remedy which works very effectively. Certified and tested by doctors.

TASMAC getting closed – just imagine!

Rumors are that the TASMAC of TamilNadu will be closed for good by the orders of CM J Jayalalithaa. We welcome this bold decision and appreciate this Iron Lady on behalf of the countless well wishers across the nation.

Taj Mahal, the symbol of cruelty

You got me right here. The Taj is NOT the symbol of love. It is a symbol of cruelty. Those who call it the symbol of love either do not know what love is, or do not know history or are simply overlooking the facts upon the surface beauty of the building. I am not […]

What attracts Westerners towards Hinduism

A lot of westerners are drawn towards the Vedic Dharma and have found an inner peace in them. Their number continues to increase for the good of all and then naturally, the question arises – Why? What is attracting them towards Hinduism as its most commonly and erroneously being called or the Sanatana Dharma?  What […]

Response to Welcome

[Editorial synthesis of four Chicago newspaper reports from: Herald, Inter Ocean, Tribune, and Record,ca. September 11, 1893]** [Sisters and Brothers of America,] It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the grand words of welcome given to us by you. I thank you in the name of the most ancient order […]

Even power cut is good sometimes!

I happened to visit Rameshwaram recently. Among the other beautiful things in the temple such as the world famous 3rd corridor, abhisheka to theSpatika Linga at 5 in the morning and the likewise, an incident happened whichnot only gave goosebumps but also wonder and inspiration.   The darshan of Ramanatha Swamiis done. We walk along […]

Up India! Conquer the world by your spirituality!

Find out how you alone can be responsible for your fate and how positive expectations have great power in them. This time tested method from the Vedas, through the lips of the greatest Rishi Swami Vivekananda, is the need of the hour for oneself and of India.