7 fool proof steps to plant a positive day

Planting a day? Does it mean, we can choose how our day is going to be? Yes! The steps given below are simple but do not underestimate its simplicity. It really works very effective when implemented.         a) Planning – Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail!  When you are about […]

Breathing is everything

Take it in any sense, it is true. The doctor cannot agree more with that, or the yogi, even the athiest. If there is one thing which is truly common among every living thing in the planet, it is breathing. And this breathing is the key to everything says none other than the Masters of […]

Find the Core Of Your Being!

The superconscious mind and the body of the soul have been around a long time. This immortal body of yours has been around a long time, and it’s seen many lives come and go, many experiences pass by the windows of its eyes. Some need no explanation, because they are the playing out of vibrations. […]

The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi – Silence and Solitude

  Devotee: Is a vow of silence useful? Maharshi: The inner silence is self-surrender. And that is living without the sense of ego.   Devotee: Is solitude necessary for a sannyasin ?   Maharshi: Solitude is in the mind of a man. One might be in the thick of the world and yet maintain perfect […]

Questioning – a vital base of Sanatana Dharma

 Perhaps, the core of Sanatana Dharma is solidified with this very attribute of Questioning. It is only by questioning, inquiring that one learns. It is also a proof to good listening, to ask good questions. Quite interestingly, almost any form of thought which is directed to learning is a question. Our ancestors used this natural […]

One more time!

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? If you truly are, take two steps, read this post first, and act on it! Simple.