The GOS – Siddha Marga – Karma accumulated through food 3

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The mankind does not know the amount of papa accumulated through food. Do you know, it is the almighty’s maya that he created the different tastes such as sweet, sour, spice etc., As long as the mankind is under this spell, it is easier for the Nava Grahas to control them. It means that whoever has better control over the food, he can safeguard himself from the effects of Nava Grahas. The sins accumulated in the body is just because of the food. Let us see how to escape from it though.

Whenever you partake food, take a bit of water in your right hand, chant a japa known to you, sprinkle the water on the food, and then take it. The agni present in every human can be felt in the palm as a heat. The mantra japa empowers it even more. The sprinkling of this water removes the dosha in the food.

Invite the Almighty to be within and pray to accept the food as an offering and eat it with a mentality of total surrender. Any dosha related to the food will not affect the person who eats it. Even simplifying it further, before eating the food, think ‘Sarvam Krishnarpanam’ or ‘Sarvam Shivarpanam’ genuinely and eating will be greatly beneficial too. (Recall how the brahmins perform ‘Anna Suddhi’ before eating food everytime).

The environment in which one eats food should be quiet. Very noisy location, places where foul words are being spoken will create dosha in the food. If you get a very very quiet place, know that it is a grace of God.

When those who cook be clean, think of good thoughts, chant whatever mantra they know while cooking, will ward off any dosha in the food naturally. Nowdays, this is where all the Anna Dosha culminates.

Before eating, take some food, pray to all the Gurus and Pithrus (ancestors), and offer this for other living beings to eat and then consume the rest. This will ensure one gets all the blessings from everyone. When the other beings eat this food, whoever he might have thought of while offering the food will get the benefit of this food being offered and he in turns gets a very good life.

Those who feed the hungry cuts the chain of cause-and-effect, his bad karma. Those who do this with the Almighty in mind becomes one with the Almighty himself. What is greater than quenching one’s hunger is greater than quenching someone else’s hunger. The mankind should realize this.

The Lord has created a leaf if eaten, there won’t be hunger for a long time. There is a leaf which cures all sorts of diseases. Another one turns any metal to gold. The godmen who do penance in these forests aren’t attracted towards these leaves, but these leaves are the reason why they remain peacefully without the worries like hunger affecting them.

“Do you know? All the Siddhas, Thavasi’s, Rishi-Muni’s, Siddha Vidhyarthis at the end of their prayer, they submit their thankfulness to Agastya Maha Muni? Whoever guru this gratitude and thanks are submitted through, it reaches Agastya himself at the end. Do you also know that the Almighty does not even accept any prayer that is not foreseen by Agastya Himself?”

I folded my hands together within my mind and offered a hearty thanks to Agastya. I felt very pleased to know about such a Siddha who is all powerful, and to drive my life in the direction He has shown.

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~ To be continued…!

The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga 3 – Why is Bharath called a Karma Boomi?

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[Namaskar devotees of Agastya. This post narrates the conversation between the author and those who are wise and experts in Siddha Marga. We do not think that we could write to satisfy everyone as there may be a lot of questions and the answers may not be what we were expecting. Our role merely is to narrate what has been told. There is no compulsion in following what is described here. To determine the depth of a pond, one has to get down in the water. To do so, one has to remove the garment called ‘ego’ and after knowing the depth, it may feel that we don’t need anything at all. If one feels so, then that Atma has crossed the ocean.]

This is me asking the next question:

Q – “When this body is made of 5 elements, can we submit a prayer without their help? Every prayer will be based on the attribute of one of the elements. For example, the wise ones say that the karma and prayers done here becomes fruitful faster and whatever done in the foreign land doesn’t have much effect. What is the meaning of this?”

A – “Are you referring to Prayer or doing Karma?”

Q – “They are related to one another though being different right?”

A – “Yes, they are different. But one doesn’t exist without the other. I understand your question. They call Bharath as Karma Boomi. You are trying to ask, why did the Almighty create this land where the karma and prayers are answered faster than others. Why is this partiality? Right!

This creation is a deva rahasya. Not many understands why the Almighty created Bharath as Karma Boomi and all others are referred by us as Boga Boomi. Man constructs a house with a kitchen, hall, entrance, terrace, backyard etc. Why? It is for his convenience. Moreover it is what the society accepts as a norm right? It is the same stone which becomes a stepping stone and the other becomes an idol kept in a temple. If we ask the scukptor why, he may say that the stone used for idol has the attributes, the other one though having the attribute, I thought let it be used as a stepping stone. Just so, the Almighty chose different place as per the attributes they had. Who are we to ask. But since the human possesses the quality of ‘asking’, this question will remain. It is enough to know till here for now.”

Q – “There are many a place like Temples, Samadhis, Holy places to submit our prayers. How can one know how much our prayers are being accepted?”

A – “If the prayer is personal, it will take time to understand. If it is for others, we may see that it bears the fruit almost immediately. From this, we can know what the Almighty guides you in to. Why we call prayer to be the most beneficial and powerful is only when it is done for others. Man forgets his needs when praying for others where the Almighty takes care of it at once.


Let me say this, pay attention. One should always strive to reduce the burden of karma. The man has many a different bodies. The sukshma shareera (subtle body) for the upcoming janmas are already ready. The bodies we see here is called Sthula or Boutheega (physical) body. The bodies without the mixture of 5 elements are ready in their respective places. Based on the karma you accumulate, the Lord decides how you are going to bear its fruits and fixes a specific subtle body or shukshma body. You do good, you get good results, you do bad, you get bad results. This cycle of birth goes on and on and on (punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam). The man does not think why. He does not think about the ways to get rid of this cycle. He should do good, he should refrain from doing bad, and submit the karma effect of both the good and bad to the Lord. “I do not want good or bad, O Lord take them yourself” should be his prayer. Think of how many are doing it. Then the thought of what will happen to the Shukshma Body that are waiting for us? You will then think about what to do to even surrender those Shukshma bodies and get rid of this birth-death cycle. The simple answer to that is, ‘submit a prayer which is truthful to your very soul to the Almighty’. Even that can be dissolved.”

Q – Can we dissolve the birth-death cycle by merely praying, this is very surprising.

A – There are many such simple methods spread all across in the Siddha Marga. People do not have time or mind to understand. That’s all.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS – Simple advices of Siddha Marga – 2 Prayer

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There are so many simple things in the world which we do not pay attention. We can see how things appear different based on our perception. I mentioned that prayer is a blessing given to mankind by the Almighty to purify himself and to dissolve his karma. One can also perceive the prayer as a punishment given to him by the Lord, isn’t it? – he paused.

The Almighty waits for every Atma which crosses births after births to reach itself, gives appropriate circumstances and waits again. When that doesn’t happen, it tests the atma again and just as a teacher asking the student to write something a 100 times, the almighty gives another birth for the atma to realize itself. No one wants another janma right? Only after clearing the exam one can reach Vaikunta / Kailasa.

Let’s come to your point. Tell us exactly what you observed in situations where you had to pray. I thought for a while and began to reply carefully.

“I do not know if it is right or wrong, but let me say it. Those who suffer with disease, those who beg for a living, those who are hungry, those who bear the burden of family issues, I have encountered many a situations.” – I said.

“Very well. Then it means you have limited your prayer only to humans, right?” – he asked with a smile. The other three laughed rather loudly looking at each other, as if they sensed where this conversation was heading to. One of them said:

“He is stuck today. The wise, big one is going to take him for a ride.”

“There is no partiality between us as big or small. We are all equal. Well, aren’t there any other situations than humans? Other living beings, nature, river, earth, sky, air, fire, there are many a things that the man utilizes, aren’t they alive? Do you think they don’t talk?”

“No. The humans don’t understand what they speak and even if they do, they wouldn’t understand. To understand, they must reach a specific state. To reach that state, a certain mercy should always be oozing out from them. When that happens, when he changes in accordance with nature, everything is heard, understood. But man does not have time for all these. He wants to fulfill his desires, to suppress everything and to possess everything. This is the first 95% of prayers I mentioned earlier. Our 5% has to increase and become 100% and to remain there. It is for this purpose that the Siddha Marga yogis are waiting. The first step towards this is Prayer we could say.

Just add these to the situations you mentioned above. Your karma will be dissolved sooner, your body will get cleansed and your atma will reach higher states! But patience is required. You cannot circumbulate the banyan tree today and touch your stomach tomorrow (a proverb associated with married ladies to circumbulate banyan tree which is abundant source of oxygen and other medicinal qualities which help them to conceive). You should not hasten either. This has to become your second nature. Let me tell you a few situations.

If you see an ambulance, pray “O Lord, enough of them suffering with this disease because of their karmic effects. Please cure them or give them the moksha”. Leave the rest to the Almighty.

If you happen to see any living being dead, pray “O Lord, please give Moksha to the Atma in this body. Please do not give another birth to it. Please retain it in your holy feet.”

If you happen to see a place where living beings are butchered and kept for food, pray “Lord, please give some sense to these humans. Please do not give birth to any of these who have lost their lives. Please forgive the mistake the humans do, save them.”

If you happen to see the elements being destroyed or polluted, pray “Lord, please save. Please give some sense to these humans.”

When crossing a hospital, pray “Please cure them all at the earliest.”

When seeing a greedy one, pray “O Lord, let them get their thinking straight.”

When going to temples, holy places, Samadhis of great Mahans, pray for the welfare of the entire world.

As you pray for the welfare of others, your karma will dissolve sooner. Your body and mind will become purified. You can cross the punishment time of being born here faster. The atma will cross many a stages and will become purer and purer. In that state, if you see any situation and think ‘Om’, the Lord will fulfill your wish. This is the simplest method.” – he paused.

Humans, in spite of these situations in front of them don’t realize them. This is the practical reality. The other three praised “You have explained it very simply and clearly.”

The elderly one looked at me as if “Do you have any more questions?”

“Yes there are. It is not just for me to know, but for many others. Please help.”

“Agreed. Say it out.”

I prepared myself to ask the next question.

~ to be continued…!

Dwaita / Boutha = Advaitha (Advaita series)

[Based on the Deivathin Kural by Kanchi Paramacharya]

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पुर्णमुदच्यते
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Purnnam-Udacyate
Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate ||
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

This is the Shanti mantra (invocatory verse) of Isha Upanishad (IshaVasya Upanishad) Which is a part of the (Shukla) Yajurveda. It means, Brahmam is complete. The world is complete. From the complete Brahmam came this world. Even though the completeness called world is taken out from the completeness called Brahmam, what remains in the Brahmam is the Brahmam itself, the completeness itself.

The question now is, how can one remain complete if something is taken out of it? What does the above mantra state in reality? The world is not a thing which has come out of Brahmam. It is the Brahmam which has manifested itself as the world. Brahmam itself appears as the world. Brahmam did not ‘create’ the world with something else. Neither it has ‘transformed’ itself as the world. It merely ‘appears’ or ‘manifests’ as the world. Just like the rope appears as snake in the night. It is just two complete thing which when observed as rope, the snake doesn’t appear and vice versa.

Did the weight of the rope change when it appears as snake? No. This is what the above mantra means, the completeness is what remains when the completeness manifests itself or appears itself as the complete world. But why should the rope appear as the snake? It is because of the ignorance or maya. What is Maya? What is not there means Maya. The non-existant Maya makes the same Brahmam appear as many. How can a non-existent thing ‘do’ such a thing? Let us answer this mathematically.

We saw addition and subtraction earlier. It doesn’t increase, neither decreases and remains the same. Let us divide and multiply now. We divide a number with another. When the dividing number becomes smaller and smaller, the remainder increases.
If 16 divides 16 and the remainder is 1.
If 8 divides it, the remainder is 2.
If 4 divides it, the remainder is 4.
If 1 divides it, the remainder is 16.

If the number divides it becomes 0, then the remainder becomes infinite. Whatever is divided by 0 becomes infinite. 1/0 = infinite and 100000 (plus some more 0’s) divided by 0 = infinte. The same infinite. This infiniteness can be associated to the infinite Brahmam. The non-existent, valueless 0 makes the number infinite and can be abbreviated to Maya. The same Brahmam while remaining constant, appears to be on a constant move while in the world. This is similar to multiplying anything with 0, the answer is 0 always.

Brahmam (world) X Maya (0) = 0, the Maya filled world aka 0. Therefore the Advaita says that the Brahmam is bliss absolute, the one without a second.

Dwaita says that the world that appers is also true, sathya.

Buddhism says that the world, Brahmam everything is 0, maya. It stops by saying everything is maya.

So we could either say:

Advaita X Buddhism = Dwaita
Dwaita / Buddhism – Advaita

Featured image: Ramanasrama, from the picture, are you searching where is Boutha? It is not there as everything is maya aka 0 as per Buddhism :).

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 225 – Perumal & Adiyen 26 – Kali’s plot against Anjana

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Anjana and her husband reached Tirumala in the night. Since the horses were tired too, they made them take some rest in a nearby small town, gave them water. Then they let them graze nearby. One of the horses did not go anywhere so they cut some grass and hanged it as a pile in a nearby tree. The soldiers began to watch them for the night whilst a tent was arranged for them to take rest.

When it was midnight, Kali came to the place. He knew Anjana. He also knew that the son from Anjana is going to take over the entire world. He knew that Venkatava will bless them for a child, whose name will be Hanuman. If Hanuman is born, Venkatava’s glory will spread all the worlds, thereby hindering every activity he is planning to do. He therefore decided that they should not have the darshan of Lord Narayana. He thought of various means and then decided that he will appear as Venkatava himself and drive them back. He did not waste any time in taking action. He stood as Him, before Anjana couple.

Anjana’s joy did not know any bounds. They fell at His feet saying, “It is our blessing that you appeared before us yourself.”

“What do you want? Tell me and I shall fix it.” – said Kali, in disguise of the Lord.

“We are yearning for a child as you know Lord.”

“That’s all right? Are you going all the way to Tirumala for this simple request? You don’t have to go there to have my darshan. I have given it to you right here and am blessing you for a child as well. But…” – dragged Kali.

“What Swami?” – Anjana was worried.

“Putra-Kameshti yagna should be done for two years, that too by Narada and Brahma. They won’t accept this that easily. That’s the problem.” – said Kali.

“Venkatava himself says this? The moment you blessed us with your words, we think that we are indeed blessed with a child. Why then a yagna, that too with the help of Narada and Brahma. I don’t quite understand.” – said Anjana’s husband.

“Fair enough. Let it not be Narada or Brahma. Let it be done on a Ashtami day with the help of Badra Kaali.”

“What?!” – screamed the couple at the same time.

“Are we talking to Venkatava himself? We never heard of a Putra Kameshti yagna done by Kaali Devi? How come Tirumaal say such a word?” – Anjana asked, terrified.

Kali did not expect this question.

“Alright alright. There need not be a yagna done with Badra Kaali. You don’t have to go to Tirumala. Just pray from here. The Kali Purusha himself will bestow all the blessings you need. Is it enough?” – asked Kali who was still disguising as the Lord Himself.

Anjana felt the conversation to be irrelevant and she infact started suspecting the form which stood before them. She began to pray earnestly to the Lord.

“O Paranthama! I came here seeking your blessings. Please do not test me and my husband now. Please bless me with a son.” – she went deep in to her prayers, sincerely. Won’t the Lord hear it? He did, and understood that Kali is in to something. The next moment…

A circle of fire surrounded the couple with a divine voice…

“O Anjana couple! Fear not! This is the play of Kali. He is distracting you in my form. Do not trust his words. Me and my Sudarshana Chakra will take care of him.”

The moment they heard it, they were prepared for the next set of action. Within then, the circle of fire surrounded the tent, the soldiers and the horses. Kali was exposed. He ran away.

“Thank God! We are saved.” – said Anjana. They became grateful on the mercy shown by the Lord. They both chanted “Venkatanatha Govinda” right from the bottom of their hearts.

“Kali won’t come near you. Your Tirumala pilgrimage will be successful. Due to your past lives’ merits, a beautiful male child will be born to you.” – the divine voice said again.

“If such a child is born, then let it be called as your own child O Lord, though he will be called as the son of Anjana. Let him grow in your holy feet.” – Anaja said pleasingly. Though Anjana’s husband did not like it much, he got angry in fact. He moved from that place at once. Anjana was grateful as to what she said only to find her husband missing. She asked the soldiers to look for them. When they couldn’t find him either, she began to pray to the Lord again who said:

“Do not worry. He won’t leave you. But he is upset about the promise you made for he wanted to raise the boy himself and not as Venkatava’s son. Now Vayu is consoling him near the stream. Go there and bring your husband here.” – the Lord showed her the way. A vision she saw there gave her goose bumps.

Varuna, Vayu, 18 Siddhas, The Holy Trinity all were seated where her husband was giving a male child to Vayu with Agni as the shakshi (agni is considered a witness in any holy practices in Sanatana Dharma. Hence the term ‘agni-shakshi’) as if giving an adoption.

She could not believe this vision whether it is true or not. She touched her belly to see if she feels anything. As this vision continued to appear within her mind again and again, Anjana thought, I haven’t even got pregnant, how is my husband giving a child as adoption, she thought and fell down unconscious.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 224 – Perumal & Adiyen 25 – Mangalam Chakra Rajaya Mahaneeya Gunaptaye!

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Jealousy and hatred are not just a possession of humans, but they are also present in those who live in higher worlds. This was proved with Kali’s action who mixed deadly poison in all the food items. But there was someone who witnessed it, the one whose presence is mandatory for us humans, the Vayu Deva. He ran to Lord Vishnu who was deeply immersed in the Veda Kosha of the Rishis and murmured it in His ears.

“O Lord, blessed I am. There is an urgent message.”

“What is it Vayu?”

“Kali has mixed deadly poison in the food that is being prepared for Devas, Munivars and Siddhas.”

“That’s all right? Let him do so!”

“My Lord?!

“What else do you want me to do?”

“If anyone consumes the food, they won’t be alive. It is not an ordinary poison. It is Aala-Haala poison.”

“There is One who consumed it already right? Tell this to the Three Eyed Lord.” – Lord Narayana immersed Himself in the Veda Kosha again. Vayu did not understand this. He thought why is the Lord acting like he is careless? He rushed to Lord Shiva with the thought of not losing a single life to the deadly poison.

Lord Shiva was witnessing the dance by the damsels, He welcomed Vayu:

“O Vayu, come on here. Sit beside me. Have you witnessed such a beautiful dance? It is rare to get such a sight.” – He began to enjoy the dance by even clapping to the tunes. Vayu was restless. As the Lord did not turn towards him for a long time, Vayu went straight to Agastya Muni.

Agastya went to the kitchen at once and checked if there was poison in any of them. Surprisingly, they were very tasty with no trace of any poison.

“Vayu, the food is delicious. There is no trace of poison in it?” – asked Agastya.

“No, the foremost of Siddhas! I saw with my own eyes. Kali stood here in this place and was mixing it. The dense odour of the poison made even me gasp for breath.”

“I am not mistaking you, it is only through air that all fragrances come out. But how did all the poison go out? Someone must have done a miracle then.” – Agastya began to think and Lord Venkatava appeared in his Gnana-Drishti (eyes of wisdom). The moment Kali walked out of the assembly, He has been closely watching his actions and saw him mixing poison in the food. As he went mixing the poison, the Lord added a petal of Thulasi plant on them. The Thulasi leaf broke the poison that Kali mixed.

Not just that, He made His Sudarsana Chakra revolve around the place so no further harm can be done. As the Chakra revolved around the place with so much of radiance, Kali ran away from Tirumala notwithstanding the heat and light. Agastya knew all these through his Gnana Drishti. Having done all these, this real ‘thief’ is enjoying the festival around Him. He indeed is the thief of hearts, Agastya smiled to himself.

Vayudeva was puzzled, “Swami, why do you laugh yourself, if I may know?”

“O why not? All these are the play of Lord Venkatava.” – Agastya explained what happened. Vayu was immensely pleased saying, “if this celebration goes on well, it is enough.” They both walked in to the main hall where the celebrations were happening. Lord Narayana did not have the Sudarsana Chakra in His hands. Agastya went straight up to Him and asked as if not knowing, “You are referred to as Shanka Chakra Gadha Dhara. Why is the Chakra missing now?”

“My Agastya is observing all these it seems” – said the Lord lovingly and called him closely, explaining everything, as if He is not aware of what others know or not. Agastya happily listened to the whole thing from the Lord Himself. After a while, food was served to all those present. Kali was thinking that everyone should have reached the abode of Yama by this time. But when he came to know that the feast was wonderful, he lost his peace once again.

He clearly knew that as long as Lord Narayana is in Tirumala, none of his plans will work out. He could not turn Sesha, Garuda or Shani or any rishi-munis. He therefore decided to show his tricks to the public and animals. The person whom he chose was wrong again. It was Anjana. Her devotion had surprised everyone. His father wanted her to marry the bravest of men. He announced that the would be groom should kill a mad elephant with just a spear.

No one came forward for this crazy task. Her father waited for a while and took rest to a nearby jungle for a break. There indeed was a mad elephant destroying everything that came in its way. People ran for their lives. He himself wanted to put an end to the elephant’s atrocities but what he saw was a young man threw a spear on the forehead of the elephant, killing it. Anjana’s father knew that he has found the man he was in search for. He approached the young man and knew that he is the king of a small town nearby. He spoke to him about his daughter and sought his preference for a marriage. He agreed.

They got married. Since there wasn’t any offspring for a long time, Anjana set forth to Tirumala with her husband as somone said that the Lord there will bless them for an offspring.

~ to be continued…!

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The title is from the mantra of Sudarsana Chakra fondly called as Chakarathazhvar in the southern India. One of the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu, Tirumohur, this enchanting mantra of Chakkarathazhvar is said:


The GOS 223 – Perumal & Adiyen 24 – The Celestial Reunion!

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Though Kali was furious, Shanishwara did not pay attention to him at all. He even forgot the assurance he gave to Lord Brahma that he would trouble people only to drive them towards the path of Gnana. Even if Lord Brahma gets furious, I wouldn’t forsake Lord Venkatava, he thought.

“Only because of him my wife left and hasn’t returned yet. How long will I be able to live without her when everyone is living happily with their spouses, why should I suffer?” – he thought, plus Kali does not have a family life. When Shani took this decision, Lord Vishnu was pleased.

He announced the transformation of Shani to all the rishi munis and devas. To honor Shani, He said:
“Hereafter, those who come to Tirumala to have my darshan, all the effects that is happening and will happen through Shanishwara will disappear at once. Particularly, those who visit here on Saturdays, wait and have darshan, their three janma’s Shani dosha will ward off.”

“Not just that, those who visited thus, their heirs will be born without any disability, without any issues in their mental ability, even if they had committed a hideous crime in their previous births, if they visit Tirumala on a Saturday, even the dangerious Brahma Hathi Dosha will disappear. This is a respect we give to Shanishwara.”

“In fact, those who make a visit here on Saturdays, if they attempt anything new on Saturdays, it will get completed smoothly. There will be a priority given to Saturdays.” – said Lord Narayana. Everyone were pleased on hearing this. Adi Sesha was very troublesome hearing all these.

“Did I mistake such a merciful Lord? No one will ever forgive me for what I did. Why did I listen to Kali and Shani? I lost the ability to think on my own. Is this fate or is this a mere play of the Lord?”

“O Sesha, what is the confusion? You may get many a solution if you speak out.” – said the all knowing Lord.

Adi Sesha stood up with respect.

“Whatever it is, it is a grave mistake to have gone against you. Please forgive me. I surrender myself to your holy feet.” – said Sesha. Then he suddenly fell down at the Lord’s feet who lifted him up and embraced him against His chest and rubbed his back with love.

“Look here Sesha. Neither I get separated from you or you get separated from me. I will wait for you. You will be here in my feet forever. Is this enough?” – the Lord kissed Sesha on his forehead. Everyone clapped on seeing this. Sesha’s eyes was tearful. He rolled his tail out of happiness and banged it on the ground.

Garuda, as if was waiting for a time, came running and embraced Sesha saying, “All those snakes who were killed by the Garudas will come back to life through the grace of Lord Narayana. We shall serve Him just like before but with more unity and love.”

Everyone looked at this rare sight of Garuda embracing the snake Sesha with pleased hearts. One person however seldom liked the proceedings and it was no doubt our Kali Purusha. He was frustrated as all those whom he believed have forsaken him. The Lord looked at him straight in his eyes.

For a split second, Kali Purusha felt what is called fear. What we all yearn for for birth after birth, that all pervading Lord is looking straight in to his eyes and Kali felt that he might surrender himself to this Lord with this sight. Hence he swiftly turned his glance away.

“Kali, you lost to me for the third time. If you stop your deeds, you shall be forgiven as well. What do you say?” – asked Sriman Narayana who does not have an enemy qualified to fight Him.

“Thanks for your kind gesture. At the same time, I have to fulfill Lord Brahma’s orders. The earth is going to be under my rule till the Maha Pralaya. It is not appropriate for you to try blocking it in any way.” – answered Kali with frustration.

“Fair enough! Even after so many defeats, you talk with the same energy and self confidence. I appreciate your courage.”

“I am not going to be deceived by your sugar talks like others. I am neither Shanishwara, Sesha or Garuda, to fall at your feet. You may have won today. But there is 7000 human years where Earth will be under my clutches. No Venkatava can stop me.”

“Why are you so angry Kali? Brahma Deva is right here. If I say a word, all your activities will cease to exist. Isn’t it Brahma Deva?”

“Please forgive me O Lord! It is important to have the avatar of Kali in Earth. When his deeds ripens, Pralaya will happen. Only then I can create new worlds. Hence Brahma is not in a position to accept your queries.” – Brahma answered swiftly, but Venkatava did not take it offensive.

“Very well. Continue what you have to do. If those who are affected by you come to my shelter, I won’t forsake them. But one condition though, if your deeds affect the devas or those who have surrendered to me, I will swiftly act against you. Think before you act therefore.” – the Lord warned Kali.

“Thanks for your suggestions. I wouldn’t come to you for I have the humans at earth for me to go to.” – laughed Kali.

Then there appeared Neelothumbika, the wife of Shanishwara who came with her friends with Purna Kumba Maryadha and fell at Lord Narayana’s feet. She said, “I came to know that my husband has changed his mind for good. This is all your grace. I will never forget this.”

The Lord was pleased. He ordered Shani with love, “Hereafter, you both should never leave the other.”

Kali stormed out of the place with no one trying to stop him. The Lord said, “Now we should celebrate even for Sesha and Shanishwara, not just Garuda.”

“If the Lord permits, very well shall it be.” – said everyone in a pleased voice. Sesha was immersed with bliss. Shanishwara’s joy knew no bounds. Garuda was blissful too. The next day, there were pompous celebrations with Lord Vinayaka doing the Vedic Yagna. Auspicious instruments were played everywhere. Everyone were chanting Narayana, Narayana with very pleased faces. Everyone were celebrating with dance, music and festivals.

Kali wanted to take revenge on Garuda, Shani and Sesha and to stop these festivals. He could not understand how. Then he slowly entered the kitchen where delicious food items were kept. He began to poison every one of them slowly.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 223 – Perumal & Adiyen 23 – Garudas to the rescue

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

Those who commit mistake won’t know fear. Their eyes will be blindfolded with anger and rage. But when Dharma rises up, they will be scattered in to pieces with no chance of getting up again. Adi Sesha was in such a condition, blindfolded with anger. In spite of it, he had a little fear that Lord Narayana has not responded to anything – be it not sending a messenger to him to talk peace, in knowing well that he was with Kali and Shani, He did not respond at all, he feared. He also had a strong faith. If he surrenders to the Lord, He will definitely forgive his mistakes and embrace him again.

But what they say in the sky was terrifying. There were countless Garudas shielding even the sun flying around everywhere. Sesha has never seen this massive amount of Garuda before. All the Garudas stooped down to catch every snake who ran for their lives here and there. The snakes started hiding themselves in the tree holes and gaps in the rock. But the Garudas skillfully took them out of these gaps with their beaks. Some even rolled the rocks with their beaks and caught hold of the snakes. Shanishwara was also scared of this sight but Kali began to threaten Sesha.

“Why are you silently witnessing? Shouldn’t you break the neck of all these garudas and send them to Yama Loka?”

“Is it one or two to break neck? These are in thousands! Just see how Shani is scared too!” – Sesha was frustrated. “O Shani, aren’t you thinking that we should hide somewhere?”

“Sesha is right. It is ideal that we leave at once.” – said Shani.

Kali seldom liked this thought.

“What’s the point in getting scared about everything? Why did we come here? What word did we give Brahma Deva? I am so sad how I am going to rule this earth in Kali Yuga with such cowards.” – he gasped.

Sesha and Shani became furious.

“Kali Purusha!” – roared Shani like a lion. “Do not insult us for there is none who dared to do so. I am sparing you as you came as a friend.”

“..or else? Will you have jumped out and thrashed all the garudas and saved Sesha’s heirs? None. You were just witnessing how Sesha’s heirs are getting killed by Garudas. You could not do anything. I am shameful of it.” – Kali spoke his mind.

Shani turned towards Sesha. “Why are you silent?”

“What else can I do when my heirs are getting killed thus. I could not save them right?” – Sesha’s teary eyes shook Shani. He came closer and held Sesha’s shoulders tightly.

“Sesha, look at me! Will I abandon you? Why are you talking all these by listening to Kali? I will bring back the lives of all these snakes with my power.”

Sesha was pleased. “How are you going to do it?”

“I will tell Yama, who lives trusting me to bring them back to life.”

“Will Yama listen to you? What if he rejects your query?”

“Sesha, you are asking a childish question. Yama has never refused my bidding. He won’t either. If he does, his life wouldn’t be his.” – laughed Shani. This gave a lot of hope to Kali and Sesha.

As the three of them were talking, the Garudas and Eagles began to fly circling them.

“As per the orders of Garuda, we are arresting you three and are taking you to Venkatava. The rest is all in front of the Lord.” – the Garudas said these with respect and carried them first to Garuda Himself. Garuda did not even face them but ordered them to be taken in front of Lord Venkatava.

Garuda’s act created a burning sensation in Sesha’s stomach. However, he could not know that Garuda was facing the other side trying to hide his tears as he thought, “the friend who was with me serving the Lord has got confused by listening to Shanishwara.”

The three were made to appear in the Sabha of Lord Venkatava. There seated Maha Muni Agastya as well, who was the primary advisor for the Sabha. Lord Narayana appeared and sat in the Sabha suddenly with the radiance of thousands of crores of sun. When everyone paid their respects to the Lord in the form of ‘Charanagathi (surrendering in the lotus feet of the Lord), the Lord said:

“Sesha, you could come and sit beside me.”

The moment Sesha heard this, he started crying profusely. The Lord laughed within and looked at Shani, “O Shanishwara, I feel heavy hearted to see you standing. You could sit next to the Maha Muni Agastya.”

When Shanishwara saw that huge Simhasana, he had an immeasurable respect and devotion towards the Lord. He was thinking that he will be punished severely for his acts. He folded both his hands and the Lord said with a voice that was choked with compassion:

“This day you have stepped on Tirumala is very auspicious. Hereafter, this Shani will stay here besides me and will relieve those who are possessed by Shani, may I say?”

Shani said: “Your wish is my command, O Lord. Whoever visits this Tirumala to have your darshan on Saturdays, thier Shani-Dosha will vanish completely. This hill will become even holier every Saturday.” – Shani spoke in a state of forgetting himself completely, scaring Kali purusha totally.

“Enough, Shani, enough! Stop it or there will be disaster here.” – roared Kali.

~ to be continued…!

The title for this episode is inspired by Amar Chitra Katha’s ‘Garuda to the rescue’. Featured image courtesy – Swamy’s indology blog.

The GOS 221 – Perumal & Adiyen 21 – Shani commands Sesha!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!

It is not true that fate is powerful that never spares anyone but the Gods are exempted, as we see in many puranas. If we are affected by Rahu or Kethu, we worship Nagalinga, do archana or prarthana. But if the lord of Rahu and Kethu, Adi Sesha himself is stuck in a problem? Sesha was losing his mind in the influence of Shanishwara, nay, he was completely losing himself.

Shanishwara was really happy. It wasnt possible to get Garuda separated from Narayana. At least Sesha could be, he felt.

“O Brother! Tell me what I should do now.” – Adi Sesha was emotional.

“You have to do a lot. But…”

“But what?”

“Nothing. Garuda said the same thing. But he changed his mind suddenly and surrendered to Narayana. I was doubtful if you would do the same.”

Sesha was furious. He started breathing heavily.

“You have mistaken me. I love my dignity. I am ashamed that you compared me with Garuda.”

Shani was sure that Sesha is committed to his decision. He then began to persuade Sesha with soothing words.

“Brother. It’s my experience that made me speak so. Let it go. Don’t keep these in mind. It is not good also to be emotional frequently. If possible, try remaining silent like me.” – he tapped Sesha’s back. Sesha felt very comfortable. He listened to all that Shani said by sipping the milk in a golden bowl.

“First let all the munivars, devas and gandharvas know that you have abandoned Narayana and that you are not going to serve Him.”

“So be it brother”

“Narayana will be shocked on hearing this. He will send many messengers to persuade you. They may speak so sweet to pull you towards Him.”

“That won’t happen. Once I decide, nothing can change me.” – roared Sesha.

“Fair enough. If he sends some messenger, put forth a condition to them.”

“What kind of condition?”

“If Narayana wants you to serve Him, then place a condition that Garuda should leave Him forever.”

“Good. I can be at peace only when Garuda leaves Narayana. I will certainly place this condition. Then?”

“A lot are there. You think that Narayana has a greater affinity towards you that He made yourself as Tirumala and remains there. But don’t you think it is a kind of slavery? How long would you bear it? You must abandon being there at and as Tirumala.”

“How is that possible?”

“Listen with patience, brother. You are with me now mentally. But your physical body is spread from Gokarna till Srisaila with Venkatava being right in the center of your body at Tirumala.”

“…but I accepted it with all my will. What is wrong with it?”

“No. That is where Narayana played clever. You were cheated. Never mind. Just shrink yourself and quit being Tirumala.”

“What if I do so?”

“Narayana will have to fall down and should remain in the banks of Koneri river.”

Sesha became silent on hearing this.

“Sesha. If you do not like this plan, leave it. I was concerned that a brother suffers like being a slave to Narayana while He praises and prioritizes Garuda for everything.” – Shani looked at Sesha.

“There’s nothing wrong in what you said. But I wasn’t comfortable abandoning Tirumala all of a sudden. Can I be with you mentally and leave my physical body there?”

“See? Just a while back you spoke something else. Now you are changing your words. I don’t know how to explain. If it is your fate to be a slave to Narayana and Garuda, how can I stop it?” – Shani showed a pseudo anger.

“Please don’t be angry brother. All these will happen only after me calling everyone and let them know of my decision to abandon Narayana right? It can be taken care of later. What if I abandon Vishnu, and haven’t said anything against Garuda and what if Narayana doesn’t send any messengers, what will be my position?”

“Now you asked an intelligent question indeed. If something happens out of our plan, myself and Kali Purusha will devise a strategy and ensure that you are not affected at all. Don’t you worry.”

The Lord Almighty was witnessing all these conversation, obviously. He knew that Kali will do anything to make his plan work. He therefore wanted to give a shock treatment to block such things even temporarily as it may spread venom across all other creatures. He called upon Garuda.

“Bring Agastya here at once.”

Garuda went on to find Agastya seated in the middle of a jungle, doing pooja to Narayana. As a slight breeze touched him, he turned to find Garuda standing next to him.

“Welcome O Garuda! Namaskara. Are you well? Had you summonned me, I would have come myself. Your face says that you have come on Venkatava’s orders. If you mention it, I shall do it at once.”

“O Agastya Muni! I am doing well. But I do not know when what will happen at Tirumala. Venkatava asked me to bring you to Him at once. Hence I came. Please come with me.” – Garuda folded his hands.

“O! The Lord wanted to see me?! Let me come at once. I was doing the pooja only to him. How blessed I am. Let us go at once.” – Agastya completed the pooja and started with Garuda, discussing what was happening. Kali was witnessing all these in disguise. He desired to know Vishnu’s plan of action. He was pleased that Adi Sesha could be separated from Vishnu, if not Garuda.

Agastya paid a humble respect by bowing down with folded hands to Narayana.

“Welcome Agastya! Let there be auspiciousness. There is an important task to be completed. Hence I called you without saying what it is.” – the Lord smiled.

“Your wish is my command, O Lord!” – Agastya stood humbly with folded hands.

The Lord kept looking at Agastya who understood the purpose and became even more focussed. Everyone around were eagerly awaiting to know what the Lord is going to say. No conversation happened. Then after a while, the Lord said:

“…that’s what you need to do. Please start working on it right away.”

No one around, including Narada who was present understood anything. They all looked at Agastya as to what He is going to say. He said:

“I am blessed. Let me start the work right away!”

What work? What did the Lord say?!

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Soma Thread