Please let us know your feedback and comments about Gnana Boomi.

We have been asked repeatedly on where and how to find Jeeva Nadi readings and questions related to astrology. We don’t do astrological readings. For Jeeva Nadi readings, please check here. For general readings on Jeeva Nadi, please contact Agathiar Google groups (requires a membership).

A number of students contact us for the Gnana Bhumi scholarship from the Andhra Pradesh Government. We request them to check the Jnana Bhumi site at

If you have a specific question, please write to GnanaBoomi. Though we try our best to answer every individual questions, please bear with us on any delay.

We have decided to get away with the forms as it is easier to maintain the contacts and feedback via email than in a document format.  We’re ever grateful for your continued support and encouragement, Thank you.