The GOS 179 – Agastya’s blessings (3) and answers on the Kaveri issue!

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Question 3:
Om Agatheeswaraya Namaha!

Pranaams to all the elders. I am not sure how to ask, where to begin. A gentleman asked a while back that he needs to have the mindset to ‘seek You’ no matter how many births he may take. Such a noble soul, an elderly person lives in Madurai, near Palanganatham. They are taking care of a Kashi Vishwanathan, Visalakshi Ammai temple. His name is Krishnayya. He has assumed Patanjali Maha Muni as his guru and is teaching Yoga to those good souls who seek his assistance. One such a disciple who learns yoga is Siva Gnanam. An elderly person met Siva Gnanam, took him to a place and asked him to ‘build a temple here’. That place is called Aritta Patti near Madurai. They mention the history of this place. Maharishi Agastya himself had a doubt once as to who His parents were. He knew that only Lord Shiva & Parvathi can clear the doubt and so He did a severe penance to the Divine Parents who appeared and said ‘We are indeed your parents’. Agastya became very pleased and he did the Pradishta of a Shiva Linga there and worshiped).

To construct a temple in such a place, there is a shortage of money and it is very difficult to get it. When will they complete the construction? How will it happen? They say that it came in the “Vishwamitra Nadi” that it will happen under the lead of Krishnayya. Now there are different information coming from Patanjali’s Nadi. Good should happen to those who learn Yoga through Krishnayya and the construction should happen smoothly. It is better if it happens under the lead of Krishnayya. He is teaching the students many a things without any selfish motive. If one noble soul lives peacefully, he/she will ignite many such in their way.

We seek your blessings to have the temple construction for Kashi Vishwanath and Visalakshi happen smoothly, and that the students who learn under Krishnayya should progress well with their lives for good.


Through the grace of the Lord Almighty, what we say is. The place where the Atma dwells is temple. It is the Lord’s wish too that the humans construct a temple within themselves, within the womb of their mind and to pray to the Lord with pure love. But if such a subtle thing is said, not many will understand. Therefore, the forefather Rishi-Munis made such procedures to build temples externally, to do pooja externally etc. This is carried forward to this date. Some temples become dilapidated. There are subtle reasons for every such thing.

Having said that, to this son’s query, we shall bless that the temple construction to progress, through the grace of Almighty. For every temple to grow (the Maha Muni means the progress of spiritual sanity being more in that temple,  not the commercial aspect of ‘growth’ with loads of Hundi in every corner!) it is enough if spiritual-minded individuals gather together. There should be a connection of spirituality there, it’s enough. The material connection is not a big deal  for it will happen through the grace of God.

In this land of the Tamils lies many a temple for the First One. If those who are connected to the places where those temples are and perform appropriate poojas and begin the task, everything will go smooth. Blessings!

Further to this question. The people of Aritta Patti has come forward to have this temple renovated and have formed a committee where Siva Gnanam is part of. The devotees who want to know the present state and to contribute may contact the Pranava Nadha Saba & The Residents of Aritta Patti here: +91 99524 54869, +91 80151 46989.

Question 4:
There is a Soolagiri Varadaraja Swami temple. Arjuna himself did the pradishtai (installation) of that Swami. It is a Abayahastha type (the temple where the preciding deity’s right hand shows the mudra of Abaya Hasta). [But the temple did not grow much].

Through the grace of the Lord, all those incidents of Prana happened for true. When suitable time comes, all the growth aspect will happen. One must understand something. A temple’s growth is not as per how humans perceive it. What if many a number of people flock to a temple? Only commercial aspects remain there. Will there be sanity? Just because a temple is not seen or known by many, not many are thinking of that temple’s Lord or visiting that temple does not mean that there is any shortage to that temple. Those who have a spiritual connection to that place, in the appropriate time will come and continue their service. Blessings!

Question 5:

Please forgive me for repeatedly asking the same thing again and again. Without selfish motive, with humanity in heart, for Tamil, the one who grew Tamil, to have established a Sanga for Tamil (Tamil Sangam), the one who lives for Tamil, the Tamil God and the Lord Muruga, who said that Tamil will rule and to have given Tamil the power, let me ask this question:

The Agastya who gave the Kaveri, though created it in what is called as Karnataka now, is blessing many landscape of Tamilnadu. When will this Kaveri issue be solved? I earnestly pray to you. No matter if someone is born in Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, the Mother Ganga herself whose water consumable by anyone in the world has come here as Mother Kaveri, how then can this issue be solved without quarrels, in a peaceful manner? Please let us know, I request this with a common-good-cause in mind.

We shall say through the grace of the Almighty. O dear! As long as humans live, there will be conflicts and quarrels and problems and complications. The reason may differ as per the time. But the difference of opinion and hatred will continue to exist. As long as the humans develop individual righteousness, culture and attitude, no one can change this present scenario. This is human’s perspective. The human mind will travel as per the fate and karma.

But we always pray to the Lord Almighty that there should be a peaceful world, brotherhood. The people of Tamil Nadu and the people of Karnataka are created by the Lord Himself, just like any other humans. Not just them, everything including the river is created by the Lord Himself. Therefore, there is ‘No one who owns it’, there is No one who is a master and No one who is a slave. Everything is common, this attitude should be cultivated in every individual’s mind.
Though it is very difficult to get such a state of mind, We are ever praying to the Almighty that such a mindset should be present. We shall bless that such a mindset would come!

~ to be continued…!