The GOS – Agastya’s Anantha Sayana – 2

Ananta Sayana kept lingering in the mind, didn’t know where to begin. To think of ask the temple authorities, they were already in trouble as the information about the secret doors and the wealth had spread out and therefore there was a lot of restrictions.

I decided to ask the Maha Guru Himself. I prayed earnestly to him on my visit to Bala Ramapuram Agastya Temple that Thursday. I prayed:
“O Gurudeva! Please guide me and show me till the point where you are related to the Padmanabha Swamy temple. I am not at all interested in knowing anything about the things there, which draws the common man to it now. Why did the Lord dwell here while being at Thiruvattaru? Please enlighten.” – and began doing Pradakshina. When I finished 6 and doing the 7th, I heard this clearly in my right ear:

“Come to Pancheshti where we did the yagna, I shall clarify!”

I am hearing the place’s name for the first time. I did not know where Panchesti is. Perhaps it is in the Northern India, then it will be a bit troublesome to go there, I thought. I still wanted to check with the temple priest and inquired.

He didn’t know either, he asked me why I am inquiring about Panchesti. I explained to him that I placed a prayer to Guru Agastya and He wanted me to come to Panchesti, hence I asked if you know.

It appeared I have to find out myself and eventually forgot about it. A week passed by where I visited a relatives’ house. While at conversation, I generally asked if he knows about Panchesti. He said the place is in Tamil Nadu itself, some 25 kilometres from Chennai and that he has visited it as well. He mentioned a few more details about the temple too and said ‘This is the place where Guru Agastya did 5 yagnas’. The keyword ‘yagna’ got my attention, since that’s what the Maha Guru mentioned too.

I requested him to take me to the temple. Second week from that day I went to Chennai and stood in front of the Panchesti temple with that relative. I got goose-bumps while standing in front of the temple. My heart felt very pleased.

Panchesti Gopuram

“This has reached here O Gurudeva, just as you instructed. Your grace is requested.” – I prayed.

It was evening and so the evening pooja’s bell began to ring, making the whole place surreal. I went inside, had darshan, got the prasad and began Pradakshina.

While standing in front of Agastya Muni’s shrine, I felt He will surely guide me and answer my questions. I sat down meditating in the same place for a long time.

“Before going to Anantasayana, this is where We did the 5 yagna’s. A very holy place this is. This is where Lord Shiva changed his wish to an order. We took His command. This is not the time to share all the deva-rahasya. The sun has set. Search! Look with sincerity, honesty and yearning. At the right time, We shall let you know what you need to!” – these vakya came out.

There was silence everywhere, no other replies. I prostrated to Maha Guru and proceeded towards the Gopura. The priest accompanied us.

“Every month during Sadhaya Nakshatra, there is special abisheka, pooja done here. There are a lot of Agastya devotees who come here and do this pooja. They do these pooja after the order from Agastya in Nadi Reading they say. Guru Agastya has performed 5 yagna here a very long time ago. Only then He went to the Malayala country they say. The devotees say that any prayer kept during this pooja bears its fruits.” – said the priest.

While listening to all these, I thought, “O Gurunath, can’t I get a small hint please?”

The priest who came till the entrance, stood in the steps of the Gopura and was talking. As I looked in to his face, my sight witnessed the wall of the Gopuram.


Padmanabha Swamy’s Ananta Sayana pose, where there was a Siddha seated beneath His right arm. Generally there is a Shiva Linga under the right arm but there’s a Siddha here!


I felt very happy, asked the priest to move a bit and showed him the sculpture and said, “I got what I came here for. Maha Guru’s grace is very very big!”

I took a picture of the sculpture and bid farewell. From that day on, the Maha Guru began to give me answers and clarifications for my questions through different people and circumstances.

Within this, the restrictions in the Padmanabha Swamy temple increased manifold. As per the High Court order, armed Black Cat squad came for protection. No one could spend more time in the temple.

During the ten days Urchava in the temple, during the 10th day while Araatu (Theerthavari), the elephant from a different temple became mad and the surrounding appeared sort of dangerous. The Navarathna ring worn by the Maharaja was lost as well in a few days.

As the things weren’t right, the Maharaja was concerned if something went wrong in the temple pooja and requested a well respected Prashna expert to come for.

The Prashna expert sat down in meditation and obtained Padmanabha Swamy’s approval. Though he got it, he had to wait till the next day.

“There will be a boy from the Telugu Desam who will come tomorrow to have our darshan with his father. Do the Prashna with him. Test the answer that comes out and then inform!” – Padmanabha Swamy gave him such instructions.

The Prashna expert and his 22 disciples began to wait for this event.

Let us wait for a week or so too!

~ stay blessed!

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 19 – Testing Sage Agastya, again!

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

It was a noon. I had finished all my prayers and while I thought of going out, came a person running helter-skelter. It seemed as if he is stuck in a great trouble.

He was middle aged, well built and looked healthy. He appeared wealthy as well. I asked him to sit down and enquired.

His wife who was hale and healthy, suddenly began to get white dots in her skin. They consulted the renowned skin specialists and took various treatment, which only increased the white dots in skin but didn’t cure, even a little.

The lady who looked really fair started feeling depressed whether she got leprosy because of these white dots and even attempted to commit suicide a couple of times. It is not leprosy but just an allergy in the skin and that it will become alright if the medicines prescribed are continued, she was told and was consoled. Moreover, someone had mentioned that the Vastu is not correct in their house and the effects of what she has is only due to Vastu not being right. So in order to know if there is any cure and if there is any Vastu Dosha in their house, this person has come from outstation seeking Sage Agastya’s grace.

From the person’s conversation, it became further aware that if there isn’t any information or remedy that comes out of the Nadi, both the couple had decided to attempt suicide.

I really could knew his state of mind and hence I mentally prayed earnestly to the Sage, “O grand Sire! please provide a good news, please do not say anything that can take off these people’s lives!”

As he didn’t know about my silent prayer, he spoke as if he pleads, “What sir? Won’t you read Nadi for me…?”

“I sure will read. Please have a little patience” – I said and took out the Nadi from the Pooja Room.

At first, as a Deva Rahasya, the Sage narrated about this person who came for Nadi reading. At first, I was shocked and looked at the person, “Do you believe in Nadi?” – I asked.

“Not a bit! This is because I checked Nadi with many others. They all mention the past really well, but nothing happened on what they said about the future” – he said.


“They said Parikara Kandam, Dheeksha Kandam and Shanthi Kandam and suggested a large number of parikarams. For these remedies, they said that I have to give ten and twenty thousands to those who read the Nadi. I was not consent with these but was afraid if my wife’s skin condition will never improve. So I agreed to pay all those sums blaming my fate. Only after giving all that, there isn’t any improvement in her health” – he said in a frustrated tone.

If in case there is any parikaram comes out from Nadi, you should do it whole – heartily. Be it whatever parikaram or prayer ritual. Are you prepared to do so? – I asked.

“What can be done, only that can be done. Can we do everything?” – he counter questioned.

“Shouldn’t the skin condition of your wife improve? You have come here looking for me only for that, haven’t you?”

“Everyone told about you. As a last resort, I thought I shall try this and came. As I have already done a number of parikarams, I am frustrated really. Nevertheless, please tell me what the Sage says, I shall see if I can do it” – at last he came to a practical frequency.

Sage Agastya opened His mouth through the Nadi!

He belongs to a family whose head was a big landlord in Thanjavur. Very wealthy. A lot of irrigation land, farm, crops that were wealthy thereby he lived a life filled with the illusion of power.

He does not have faith in God, ever. He went against his parents and well-wisher’s good-will. He became prominent in that political party which does not believe in God-hood. The flab of wealth and blood made him go haywire and insult those helpless ladies, boys and girls who spoke against him in front of others. He even tonsured their heads, made them sat on a donkey with white and red dots marked in them (a mark of insult, which was in practice right from olden days, mostly in the village side) and made them come around the village as a procession. Though he did all these in his previous birth, the effect of that has come in this birth in the form of skin disease on to his beloved, thereby torturing him.

However, even if he had come to Agastya, the good karma of his parents and the Anna Dhanams that they did, there is a chance to cure his wife’s skin disease. Even then, as a left over, he still does not have complete failth in God. He will not do what Agastya says. Even more to say, he has come here only to test Agastya. Here, is the truth” – completed the Sage.

I did not mention the last part to this person but said that if the remedies are carried out, the disease will be cured, I said.

He nodded his head that he will do what Sage Agastya said.

Once reaching Chathuragiri mountain, turn right in about 8 kaadha distance (here, the distance is not clear as to how much 1 Kadham means, please check here) where you will find a small cave. To the left of the cave will be a tree that’s very different. Take 18 flowers from that tree and with these herbs: Acalypha indica, tanner’s casia, pepper, kumari flower, pomegranate flower, sarakkondrai flower, sembaraththam flower, grind and mix, and add it to the sesame oil prepared from oil-press, this will cure the skin disease. It will prevent the skin disease from maturing in to leprosy. This must be continued for three months” – said the Sage.

The person did not express happiness on hearing this, but expressing frustration, he said “How will I go to Chathuragiri? How will I know which one is what kind of flower? All these are remedies that can take us nowhere” – said he, straightforwardly.

I mentioned this to the sage and asked if there are any easy remedy for this.
“There is. I could’ve told that too. Where but is the faith in this person? I can make him get the medicine. But let him first trust in Agastya and go to Chathuragiri” – He said it again.

“Do as Agastya says. Else, you won’t escape from your previous karma and the same skin disease will possess you too” – warned the Sage upon which the person went back quiet.

He came back after 45 days, with his wife. I was so surprised to see him and I was surprised.

He had been to Chathuragiri where a person asked as if Sage Agastya had sent him and handed over the medicine which had all the herbs that Agastya had mentioned. She consumed that for 45 days which cured the disease and hence this person had bought her wife with a lot of happiness, to show that the disease is cured.

His forehead was shining with the Holy Bhasm (Vibhuthi) and Kumkum!

~ to be continued…

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