The GOS 180 – Agastya’s blessings (4) – Ashtavakra Maharishi

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

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Sixth question:
Namaskaram to the Almighty! Agatheesaya Namaha! There is not much known about Ashta Vakra Maharishi. I request to elaborate about Him. As per His upadesha, if one gets hold of “Shakshi Bhavana”, there is no need of doing Pranayama, Yoga, Self-cleansing to reach Moksha and that one can attain Moksha this very second – please explain about this too I pray. As per Ashta Vakra’s upadesha, is it possible to attain Siddhi by following the methods? Kindly explain.

Through the Almighty’s grace, that Maharishi got a specific boon from God that his body should appear split in eight different angles and look very ugly, hence the name Ashta Vakra Rishi. When everyone made fun out of his appearance, he remained silence. Not just that, He also thought that every soul should reach the state of bliss that He has reached and gave upadesha on what he realized every second.

But here lies the problem. Until and unless the Maya and Ignorance leave oneself, the one-split-second- of a realization won’t be possible for anyone. What this beloved son mentioned is true. If one follows Ashtavakra’s methods, he can surely attain Siddhi. But to realize that state, to understand it, to perceive it, it takes crores of birth for an Atma. The upadesha of that maharishi can be understood by someone who is already nearing that state in its true form.

Otherwise, just as the man reads so many spiritual scriptures, listens to speeches but acts like a savage when it comes to his own self, till this quality is left, it is impossible for a soul to elevate. Hence, think of the noblest of all, Ashtavakra Maharishi, pray to Him earnestly, particularly, observe a fast in Guru Vara (Thursday), He is waiting to appear in one’s dream or in some other form and have given many a upadesha through God’s grace.

Seventh Question:
O Sire, during Barani, Krithika stars, Ashtami, Navami Thithi, like said in Shri Hanumath Dasan’s palm leaves that He won’t appear on these dates and even if done, there will be some hinderance or delay. I wanted to start in a specific time and hence I started in Budha Horai. If we avoid Chandra Horai, Shani Horai and when Guru Horai approaches, just like Guru’s presence, just to say that all these happened when the right time comes. I somehow think that if Guru Horai is chosen, everything will be taken care of. Please clarify me this doubt. When you said that You won’t come on Barani, Krithika, Ashtami Navami time period, it doesn’t mean You won’t give your words, but its just that everything happens smooth when Guru’s presence is there. Is this correct?

What We say through the grace of Almighty is, We do not have anything like Ashtami, Navami, Barani, Krithika or Chandrashtama. All we say is, when a person with patience comes and sits, We are ready to give our words day and night, continuously, if God permits. But to say it frankly, when the person’s karmic effects is still present and when he is asking about worldly things, his accumulated sins already pressing him against progress, to show him a way out, the fate has to allow.

We are only seeing the time just to make a way for him, to get away from his bondings such as karmic effects when he wants to know worldly things. But there is no time limit or anything for knowing the real Gnana!

~ to be continued…!

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