The GOS 114 – To believe or not to believe, is up to you!

How far can you look? And how deeper? Here’s One who can look back at all the births you have taken, and all that you will. Here’s the One who can look deeper within you to rip off all the negatives in you and bless you with realization. He is the one, Agastya Muni!

The Grace of Siddha – 44 – Siddhas are better rationalists

Who is a rationalist? Are those rationalist who assumes something and negates the rest? Or are those rationalists who banish and abuse Sanatana Dharma under the disguise of being rational? We have seen herds of such who condemn and complain about Hinduism without raising any question about other beliefs. But the true rationalists are the Siddhas who negates EVERYTHING except the truth.

The Grace of Siddha – 9 – Who is Hindu, who is Muslim?

In our time period, where conflicts of religious interests is at its heights, this post reveals that different religions exist only for humans, but from a true spiritual perspective, the people belonging to different sects and religion are all the same souls from the Almighty.