The Grace of Siddha – Episode 14 – Encounter with Naxalites

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So far:
After having a wonderful darshan of Sri Rama at Badrachalam, we set forth in the millionaire’s car while on the way a group of people barged in front of our car. In that darkness, it was difficult to figure out what is happening and whether to get out of the car or to stay in. Why are they blocking our way and of all, why are they banging the car, we had no idea.

The inmates of the car were terror stricken. We could understand one thing from what those lads said in Telugu – to get out of the car! So the driver got out first, then the millionaire and myself. As the ladies were so scared to get out, they remained seated in the car, trembling with fear.

One of the lads showed the torch light on us from head to toe. The driver asked ‘what do you want, why are you blocking us?”

“We are Naxalites. How much money do you have, hand them over and go” – said one of them.

Even in the dark hours, the driver began to sweat out of fear. “We shall do just as you said, just leave us alone” – saying this, he took out everything that came out of his pocket and gave them.

“Fine. Ask the ladies inside the car to get their ornaments out soon” – rushed that lad.

“There aren’t any ornaments with them. We came to Sri Rama’s temple for an offering. Only the Mangal- Shuthra (Thirumangalyam) is there” – said the millionaire with his limited Telugu knowledge.

“No no! Ask them to get down first” – shouted the lad.

“They’re not feeling well, please do not disturb them, we have handed over all the money we have to you, please let us go” – pleaded the driver.

Witnessing all these, I did not know what to do as the place is new, I don’t know Telugu and above all, neither me, the driver or the beggar (referring to the millionaireSmile ) are empowered enough to fight these Naxal group.

“Hurry!” said the group and they themselves tried to open the door of the car from both sides. Thankfully, as the car glasses were up and the doors were locked from inside, they couldn’t open the back door. The ladies inside were praying loudly “Rama Rama” out of fear.

Many a surprise events are orchestrated by Sage Agastya, knowing and unknowing to me. Why then, should He make me undergo such tests? Is this His play or have I done any mistake?” – I really was worried for a while.

Though the lads weren’t appearing cruel, but they were muscular, so they should not do any harm to these ladies in the verge of any wicked thought, I worried so much. The money that the millionaire gave them should have been around five hundred or so, but the ornaments worn by those girls must have been worth many a thousands, no one would afford to lose them indeed.


If one shows a dagger at one’s neck, one must have to forego everything with the fear of life indeed. I was worried that no such harm should happen when having the Jeeva Nãdi of Agastya Muni. I even thought if I should take out the Nãdi from the front door of the car. But I was scared that these guys should not seize and take away the Nãdi.

The Jeeva Nãdi must be saved from them, I thought. As they weren’t coming near me, I went near the car and took out the Nãdi! As it was rolled in a cloth in a safe manner, it appeared like a wooden stick! One of the lads didn’t know what I was doing by seeing the way I took the Nãdi out swiftly, and so he screamed..”he is taking out a gun!”

I heard this partially. Such an act probably might kindle their wrath and they might well use their dagger, I worried. He screamed again “He is taking out a gun on seeing me” and the moment they heard this, they ran helter-skelter. At the same time, a couple of vehicles with a dim light were rushing towards Badrachala Rama temple.

I get goose-pimps even now when I think of the way I took out the Nãdi, which made them think that it was a gun and how they ran in to the darkness. The old Tamil proverb of a Palmyra fruit falling just when the crow alighted the tree is what came to my mind. I was intended to safe-guard the Nãdi, but what made them see that appear as a gun? Is this an act of Agastya? If not, how shall I name it?

Within this, a passenger vehicle which came in the opposite side and an Andhra Pradesh Police vehicle who saw us stranded in the middle of the road stopped by. The driver explained everything to them in Telugu.

“They all will be arrested before tomorrow morning, but still, come with us to the station and lodge a complaint” – said one of the police officers and asked me “do you really have a gun with you?”

“No sir. I don’t. This is the bag which has Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nãdi” – I said for the officer asked “in that case, may I take a look at it?” I showed it to him half-heartedly. He heard an overview about the Nãdi and asked “can you read the Nãdi for me now?”

By this time, the millionairre started murmuring in my ears “to tell something and send him off” as he did not like the way the Police asked me. To sum up, I felt isn’t there a time and place where the Nãdi should be read? I murmured myself.

Everyone wants to know about their future and there is nothing wrong in it. But there is a time factor for everything right? Why did we get stuck with the terrorists? Why didn’t the Maharshi tell this in advance? Had I committed any mistake? – I had this little nagging feeling in mind. I tried to pick up the Nãdi which appeared like a gun, how and why is this? – I wanted to ask this to Agastya Muni.

By then, a couple of vehicles came adn everyone ran away – all these seemed like a dream, and I felt all these must have been the divine play of the Muni. So when this police man asked me, I said “In this midnight, that too in the road, reading Nãdi may not be appropriate” hesitantly. On seeing my murmuring and hesitation the policeman said in Tamil “Sir, I am from Tamil-Nadu only. If you don’t feel like reading it now, then please don’t.

I felt an unnamed pleasure when he said he is from Tamil-Nadu. We don’t know the local language and so his help might be required. Thinking so in a selfish note, I agreed to read the Nãdi.

Just then the policeman said “Sir, I don’t know if you know or not, but you shouldn’t have come here at this time in this route”


“The Naxalites who committed many a murder are hiding here. Everyday some loot, kidnap and even murder happen here. That is why we roam around here for security reasons. We came here only as a safety for the passenger vehicle”

We were totally shocked. Indeed God has sent them in a timely fashion. I thanked Badrachala Rama a thousand times.

“Come with us in your car. We will come along with you wherever you want to go” he said enthusiastically and that made us very happy and I felt I must read the Nãdi for this policeman. We made some changes. I got on with the policeman on their jeep while the millionairre followed us in his car.

I began to read the Nãdi for the policeman.

“One of your brother left the house in anger during his childhood. He got along with ill-minded people and have become a terrorist, looting money and killing people etc. You and your family think that that brother is no more now. He is roaming after having his name changed to ‘Nagi Reddy’. Catch hold of him if you can’ – said the Muni briefly.

The police officer just couldn’t believe this! He was shocked and surprised. “Can Agastya Muni tell us where he is now?”

“We have shown the target. Now he will be seen based on the measures taken” – The Maha Muni concluded thus. The police officer became restless. At the same time, he wasn’t able to convey this to his police friends. Even I kept quiet that this shouldn’t bring in difficulties to him.

Either it is my good time or that officer’s, none other than the two of us knew Tamil, and none of them were interested in knowing about the Nãdi either. By this time, I had asked Agastya Muni on why I got stuck with the Naxalites.

“One of the girls in the car was in her periods. She didn’t say anything about it and she opened the Nãdi kept in the car. Even that is fine, but she took out some of the palm-leaves and had hidden it in her garments near the hip. She did this out of some curiosity and not with an intention to steal. The incident was to give her some shock, which my beloved son, you, did not know. That is why the terrorists did not come near you” – said the Muni! I felt very disturbed on hearing this.

What shall I do now? Should I stop the car and get the palm-leaves from that girl? – “No. Agastya is not there in those leaves. It has become damaged and there is no use for her with it, neither do you” – said Agastya Muni.

TheNhan at The fractals indicate the series of events, though seem unrelated they have a connection, a divine one probably!

TheNhan at
The fractals indicate the series of events, though seem unrelated they have a connection, a divine one probably!

It was a first experience for me that palm leaves went missing from the Nãdi. What if anyone, out of the love for Agastya Muni, take out a little out of the leaves left, I began to worry.

Right then, the Maharshi gave an excellent remedy.

“Normally, Agastya does not give any clairvoyance on Ashtami-Navami-Barani-Karthikai thithi. Now that the entire Nãdi has become (theetu paduthal), for one and a half month, take this Jeeva Nãdi to “GoMukh” and do ‘Punyascha Vachanam’ with the Ganga water there. Suitable opportunity for the same will find its way towards you.

You will get to know a Military General from the North. His family will face a big issue which this Agastya will solve. Then through him, take this Nãdi to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath and then to GoMukh where Ganga Mata appears.

This is one. Then once you reached GoMukh, divide this Palm Leaves in to two. With one half, read Nãdi for the people always and give the other half to that whom We wish it be given. With the palm-leaves you have, this Agastya will give clairvoyance on all days, that is, nakshatras from Ashwini till Revathi and Thithi from Pournami till Amavasya.”

“I have a small request for Agastya Muni”

“What would that be?”

“I would like to know two things. Is that act of the girl correct? What is her punishment? The second, why should this Nãdi be separated to two? Why can’t it stay with me as it is?”

“Wait for some time and watch what happens” – said The Muni.

Within ten minutes, there came a huge scream from the millionaire’s car, a scream from a girl. In that midnight, the scream of a girl shook everyone off.

~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 13 – Bhadrachalam

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If you go to Badrachalam, you will get to see a number of surprises” – I began to think if the Sage said this for me to get stuck this way. It appeared as if the flood level was increasing minute by minute. I looked here and there. It may take up to 10 days for the water to recede.

The shops, houses that surrounded the temple were at hip-level water. Hence it was not possible to climb down the hill to go to bus stand or railway station.

Image courtesy: The Hindu

Image courtesy: The Hindu

I calmed my mind.

“Let us sit right here in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Rama and ask Agastya Muni Himself, I opened the Nãdi. The information He shared took me to surprise.

You must have known the Ram Bhakth Ramadasa. This temple was built for Rama after looting the government’s treasury. Hence Ramadasa was arrested and was imprisoned. Though it was a mistake and he did get the results of it, Sri Rama did appreciate the devotion of Ramadasa. Today is indeed that day when Sri Rama appeared Himself before Ramadasa in the prison he was. Godavari floodded on the day when Sri Rama appeared too. Even today it floods unexpectedly. After appearing before Ramadasa, Sri Rama came to this temple along with Seetha, Lakshmana and Hanuman on the same day. In this auspicious day, I thought you should get the bhagyam and I made you come here“.

In about one and a half naazhigai (1 nazhigai equals 24 minutes), Sri Rama will come here in to this Sanctom Sanctorum in an invisible form (arooba) so close your eyes and meditate. Do not open your eyes for whatever reasons. You can see Sri Rama’s arrival within. The darshan will last for just one nazhigai. Then as Sri Rama descends through these steps, he will do Namaskar to Mother Godavari with flowers. He will show Deepa Harathi as well, which you can witness in your meditation too. Once this worship gets over, the agitation of Mother Godavari will subdue and the water will recede in four hours. Then you shall get down” – said the Maha Muni. 

I was so relieved only after reading this.

I took the Nãdi to my eyes, slightly touched both my eyes with it, as if worshiping, the administration officer of the temple had seen me and he came to me in a few minutes with hesitation. He inquired about the Nãdi as well. I explained him about Nãdi overall and didn’t say anything in particular.

He could not believe this at all.

“If there is such a palm leaves at hand, one could do so many good things for the world, why is it not possible?” he spoke with disbelief.

“Just leave it if you do not believe” said I.

But he could not. “Ask me what the Sage tells about me right here please”

I was in a dilemma. As the sage had mentioned, I need to prepare myself for Sri Rama’s darshan within half a nazhigai and so I said “bear with me for a couple of hours, then I shall read the Nãdi for you”. I could not go against him as he might say he wants to close the door of sanctum sanctorum and he may well ask me to get down. What if I don’t get the darshan as the Muni said?” – it was indeed a worry based on selfish motive.

Fortunately, the officer accepted. He gave me the temple prasad and asked me to sit inside the temple where there wasn’t any rain water. I was surprised. I thanked Agastya Muni and began to meditate on Sri Rama.

Just as the Maharshi said, right after 1.5 nazhigai, the closed sanctum sanctorum was opened. It appeared as if someone is entering in! My nose began to smell rare variety of flowers, along with some other divine aroma – all this accompanied with Veda Kosha which I could hear!!


Seetha Lakshmana Hanumath sametha Sri Ramachandra

Seetha Lakshmana Hanumath sametha Sri Ramachandra – Image courtesy – FridolinFroehlich,

A well built and robust figure came out of the sanctum sanctorum slowly followed by 3 others swiftly – I felt. I closed my eyes even more and the Rama Nama began to come out of my tongue and I continued my meditation with divine bliss. I saw in my mental vision of the four who are now standing in the banks of Godavari river and were showing Deepa Harathi to the Mother. After a few seconds, this vision disappeared and I slowly opened my eyes.

The officer was standing in front of me.

“What?” – I asked.

“Did someone went inside the sanctum (Garbha Gruha)? Did you see?” – he inquired.

“Why? What’s the matter?” – I asked as if I didn’t know anything.

“Nothing, the fruits kept for offering (naivedhyam) appear to be bitten. The amount of milk has reduced. The pomegranate skin lies down in the ground, as if the fruit has been taken by someone. That’s why” – he said.

I was pleasantly surprised. Sri Rama had come and he also has tasted the fruit he likes. I began to understand the sukshuma (the secret, as a close translation).

The officer continued in a couple of minutes, “this does not happen frequently, this probably is the act of the monkeys” he said to himself. I felt relieved.

“Ok, now, shall we read the Nãdi?” – he asked. I accepted and began to read the Nãdi.

You were born in a wealthy family and were intended to follow the good morals strictly. But because of the errors committed by your forefathers, you are involved in an immoral relationship with a woman, though you are also living with the lady whom your parents got you married to. But you are cheating both and since both their grief affects you, you will be affected by paralysis within a year. Even though, since you sought Agastya (Agathiyanai Nãdi is the exact phrase in Tamil) through Nãdi, there is a way out of your hideous sin. You have hidden the wealth looted from this Rama temple inside the rice crop, take it and put it back in the temple Hundi.

As both your wife and this woman were your wives in your past life too, accept both as your life-partners in front of everyone. This will have some bad effects, which is your karma you have to bear. Then pray to Agastya again. You will be guided well” – said the Agastya Muni to the person who appeared shocked and frozen.

“If I began to live that way (accepting both as wives), they will take me off from this post…” – he was afraid.

“Let it be, but you will not be affected of the paralysis right?” – I said. This he could not accept.

“Who hath the fate spared?” – I thought.

What Agastya Muni said is true, knew the officer, but he did not reveal it completely. He thought he has done what any common man would have done and paralysis being a result of this must have been untrue – he thought.

“Had it been true if paralysis will affect those who loots temple treasure, then there are many who has looted even bigger temples, they must have gotten worser effects than paralysis, but nothing of that sort appears to have happened. So nothing will happen to me” – he said this stubbornly.

“If you are well, then it’s good indeed. Let Agastya Muni’s words go untrue, what’s there?” I said smilingly.

“No. Let me prove the words of Agastya Muni wrong” – he was adamant.

I was embarrassed. What is true is not being accepted. He does not want to put the looted wealth back to the temple. Even pointing to the extra marital affair, he is not accepting it as ‘yes’. All he is scared off is to lose the job of administration offcer of this temple. The job should not be lost, won’t accept any of his mistakes either, and on top of everything, he claims he will disprove Agastya Muni’s words and says won’t change his future based on this palm leaves. I thought if he should be in the athiest category or the one who believes in God, I myself became a little confused.

A brief moment passed by.

The rain had subdued greatly. I stood up and looked. The flood indeed appeared to have reduced and as per the Muni, the flood should recede in two hours time and so I kept patience for this two hours. Not sure what he felt, this officer called me to his room.

“I am being appointed here temporarily as an officer. I will go to Vijayawada temple via transfer tomorrow. I somehow do not want to lose you and at the same time, I can’t believe what you said completely either. Bhakth Ramadasa has decorated Sri Rama with many an ornaments here. Those are wonderful ornaments, rich in antique value and culture. We have kept them very safe due to security issues, in a separate room. Even I have not seen them completely. Anyway the rain is not stopping and you can’t stay anywhere else either. Come let’s go and take a look at those jewels” – he said.

Happily I said “I shall”.

It was a secret chamber. We went along with security guards following us, by opening door after door.

Was Ramadasa such a devotee of Sri Rama and Seetha Mata? What a beauty? All the ornaments that Ramadasa has made contained all precious gems and stones like Gold, Ruby, Diamond and all sorts of rare stones. One must have been truly fortunate to even look at them.

I had the fortune of witnessing all those precious ornaments that Bhakth Ramadasa had made for his Sri Rama, for two hours. Normally, no common man can see all of them together, which I got that day. I thanked Agastya Muni heartily. I felt very happy on what he said as “you will witness various surprises at Badrachalam“.

But why did this officer take me to show all these ornaments, was something I could not decipher. How did he trust me was a puzzle too. After having verified all the ornaments, and placing the Government’s seal, they came out closing the doors, ensuring more than once if they got closed properly. All of a sudden, the officer felt giddiness as soon as we both came to his room and he fell flat on his chair.

I was scared. Such a well built person, who could defeat almost 6 grown ups at the same time in duel, who is more than 6 feet tall and robust, who speaks in very clear tone in Telugu, English and somewhat ok Tamil, how did he collapse all of a sudden?

Maybe because of the less ventillated room he must have felt giddiness, someone said. It seemed logical. They smeared water on his face and brought him hot coffee. He got up after a while. Though he was awake, he could not speak. He blinked royally.

“You don’t have to talk anything. Take rest for sometime. The rain has just come down with the water receding slowly. We shall start in a few while and see a doctor after climbing down. Just remain relaxed and brave” – said the attendees.

He wanted to say something for all these, but could not.

After a while, when they tried to take him along, it was known that his legs was not functioning properly. His face borne the pain. As he could not speak about it, he expressed it in moans. The temple authority was shocked to see the officer not able to walk. He rushed to bring a doctor.

That I was witnessing all these, felt sad that what has to happen in a year’s time has become a reality right away. I went near the temple’s sanctum sanctorum and prayed to Lord Rama and Agastya earnestly for this person to become alright and to have him go to Vijayawada tomorrow with good health, and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

To be born in a good family (the Sage mentions Uyar Kulam or high-class-family and we know for sure that the Maha Muni refers to a noble family here) and to do spiritual services only, was this birth happened to him. We showed him his mistakes and also guided him to get out of it. But he only shows acts of carelessness and negligence. Only when there is good blood flow, one can talk all and do whatever they want. If the blood is patted once, what is his state the next second? What happened is only to show him that. And who gave this lesson now is none other than Sri Rama who came here a while ago. This person will become normal in about 40 minutes. But he should do something before that. That is, a devotee has given some ornaments for Sri Rama. This person has kept that in his room as against adding it to the temple Hundi. He must take it and put it in the Hundi at once. If he does so, everything will be alright” – concluded the Sage.

If I tell this to him, it will be chaos, I thought and kept quiet. The time went by and there came a doctor rushing towards the officer. He gave some medicine for the half-awaken person and to cure his paralysis.

“Nothing to worry, it will be alright soon” – he said and everyone became satisfied.

Either its the mercy of God or nature, the flood receded pretty soon. As the rain stopped almost, the people around the basement of the temple started walking freely. What am I going to do here? I had the darshan of Sri Rama and also witnessed the ornaments that Sri Ramadasa had made. I also have read the Jeeva Nãdi for the officer, let me start now” – thinking this I prayed to Sri Rama and came out. Though not in a position to speak, what I saw took me to surprise.

The temporary officer, with the help of the attendees, took some offering and put it in the temple hundi. I mentioned “let me bid farewell, thanks for your help” in general and asked “you had put something in to the hundi, is that for any prayer?”

“Oh its nothing, three days ago, there came a person and gave me a parcel and asked me to put it in the Hundi. I remembered it just now and I had done so” – he said slowly.

“You could’ve done it a little later as you don’t seem feeling good?”

“No sir. I was thinking about what Agastya Muni said from the Nãdi. I shall do just what he says?” the words came feeble. “I could not bear this pain for even this half an hour. If in case I get a paralysis, what will become of me?” I thought and was totally scared. So let me do what the Maharshi said” – he said with determination.

“Please do so” – having said this, when I began to descend on the steps, a surprise awaited. “Sir, do you remember me?” – a person who was climbing up said in Tamil. I looked at the person who was folding his hands closely. I must have met him only sometime back, I felt, but I could not identify who. I stood hesitantly.

Behind him stood a middle aged lady, two grown up girls, all appearing rich, gasping and this person wearing a silk pajama, thick gold chain and the aroma of perfume, expensive dhoti etc, came closer smilingly.

“Aren’t you able to identify who I am?” he asked and answered himself. “I came to your house an evening after consuming poison, in the form of beggar, it is me indeed” – he said! It is age Agastya’s words, that made me who I am today” he said and he introduced his wife and daughters to me.

I was reminded of him. Those who wanted to get hold of his property drove him out, he went to North India as a sanyasin and roamed there, came back to Tamil Nadu and heard about Jeeva Nãdi, came to me, wanted to test Agastya and Me and so consumed poison and because of the medicine and Pazhani prasad, his stomach ache disappeared. Where was the look of the beggar and where is this look of royal? – I was surprised indeed.

He said that he is with his family and those who wanted to drive him away for for property got in to trouble and disappeared, he has given one-third of his property to an Asharm who takes care of orphans and now he is in a pilgrimage in Andhra.

“There was heavy flood, how did you come here?” – he said, then “this indeed is Agastya Muni’s grace”.


“When I started here, I was scared off that there is heavy flood and not to go by the car. But for me, I had to come here today to have the darshan of Sri Rama. I prayed to Shri Agastya. I stuck a picture of the Sage in the front glass of my car. I summoned courage. Thankfully, the flood receded and we have reached safe” – said the millionaire.

He inquired about me for which I said I had good darshan and I am about to start. He requested if I can stay for one more hour, he can drop me to the place where I want to go”

“Why wait, I shall start in the bus itself, I thought at first. But what if the bus doesn’t come because of the rain and so I decided to accompany him “ok I shall wait, please have the darshan of Sri Rama and come back” – I sat on the steps.

He was very happy and he began to climb up with his family. I never dreamed of meeting him in this happy mood at Badrachalam. What came in front of eyes is his appearance like a beggar with a poison-bottle at hand.

“The Fate”, in what all ways it makes the man dance, I was surprised. I also thought, “Badrachalam has many surprises for you, said the Maharshi. Is this all, or is there some more?” I spent the time thinking. He had finished the darshan sooner and so we all came down happily.

Right there in the car, Agastya Muni was smiling in the front glass. I placed the Jeeva Nãdi carefully as it touches the Holy Feet of the Muni and I prayed. The millionaire felt very happy in talking to me, but I was worried that he should drop me in the railway station as the road was affected due to the heavy rain. The driver was rash. Though worried a little, Sage Agastya will save me, I felt and kept quiet.

Maybe because of the flood or as it is naturally, there wasn’t power. It was night time as well. The driver was new to the place and so he went in a different direction than that of the railway station. Though he missed the track, he saw a light in the distance and began to drive towards the direction.

Before we could determine, a gang of six barged in front of the car. Some banged the car with their hands. All were wearing a red shirt and a trouser of khaki color. They all had the flag of a political party. I felt ‘ok, here we are, totally stuck’ and was scared completely.

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 10 – Jeeva Nadi & Ganda Nadi

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Though related to Sage Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi for forty years, I couldn’t perceive a few things completely.

They come to read Nãdi with great enthusiasm and a lot of expectation.. When I am reading Nãdi for them, the Sage will reveal some seemingly unrelated information. Sometimes, nothing will come as a clairvoyance for the person sitting in front.

This will cause a great inconvenience for me. I can’t lie to them. I can’t compel the Maharishi to say something either and thus I will be handling a twin edged sword. I faced such a situation now. By saving the girl  from a critical condition through the Golden Street Musalman, the people had developed great faith in Sage Agastya. Those who came to thank for that were shocked to hear what the uncle is about to do.

“Sire, what should we do now?”

“From where can we find them, can you please ask this to the Sage?” – hurried one.

“If we don’t go there within 9 hours, won’t we be able to see them alive? Please ask the Sage on this as well” – said another rightfully and faithfully.

I listened to them patiently and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The passage that heads North outside the city, cross that to find a farm land. Go through that straight to see a small canal. Go by the grassland close to the canal to find a tamarind tree of 100 years old in the Northeast corner. Surrounding the tree will be a small platform made with a mixture of mortar, sand and cement. Both of them are there in that platform” – pointed the sage, as they show the whereabouts of some treasure in thriller novels.

But for some reason, Agastya did not mention the name of the city. He didn’t say where will they head further either. One of them who listened carefully to the directions said “Oh, they are in Thekkur, come let’s go at once and we can find them”

“Before we reach Thekkur, this man shouldn’t do anything to the boy right?”

“The sage mentioned know, that there is 9 hours left?”

“No no, right there in Thekkur there is Thirumukkulam, which is referred as that takes revenge on people, covered with spread, as moss. If one does not keep a careful foot hold on the steps, that’s all, in one slip, it will push inside the water. I am scared that these two should not go in there”

“Why imagining unnecessarily? Let’s go at once. Agastya will save them, I have complete faith” – said themselves and set forth.

All we wanted is to say something good to people, why is the Sage scaring me off by saying all these? Is this necessary?” – I thought.

Nãdi means that which solves the misery or that which guides. It would be better if it says ‘go to this temple, do this parikara’ etc, it will be happy then. The Nãdi that I got is not of these types, which I felt a little sad and there is a reason for it. The Jeeva Nãdi which I have, Sage Agastya talks to me in the form of light. It is not like the Ganda Nãdi that others have. Those who come to read Ganda Nãdi, their name, their parent’s name and their horoscope, all that gets revealed for those who get it read for the first time.

This will make the reader feel so happy. Then they will refer to Parikara Gandam, Shanthi Gandam, Deeksha Gandam and so on. The Parikaras will come as per the person. But the Jeeva Nãdi that I have, noting of this sort comes, but what if any shocking information about themselves or about those who are related to them comes out. They won’t get any belief at all. I use to think ‘why is the Sage reacts this way to those who came to read Nãdi?”

Somehow I felt that these two will be saved for sure and I prayed for them within.

In the meantime….

I wanted to know what happened to the person who consumed poison and took me for a ride and those who came in search for killing or kidnapping him, got transformed by Sage Agastya and set forth to Kolli hills for the treatment for their kid and wife. There is no information about either and suddenly I felt an urge to know their whereabouts.

I offered some prayers and sat in the Pooja Room to read the Nãdi.

That millionaire Shiva Bhakth had thought of testing Agastya, he is alive and his kith and kin has identified him and also has accepted him. The person who thought of killing this hermit and to take over all the wealth, he is almost in a coma stage struggling for life in a hospital, cannot talk and is paralyzed.  Did you see the act of fate?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“O Grand Sire! I have a doubt, may I ask you?

Ask, if there is a doubt

“The hermit quit his house long time back and he returned to Tamil Nadu after many years. He seldom has any attachment towards wealth or family. In fact, he is not of a trouble to anyone. If so, why was an attempt to kill him and how did they know that it is indeed this hermit?

This question had to be asked. He wrote to his friends and to police pleading for his protection that somebody is trying to take over his wealth and to kill him. That is how his wife and relatives came to know that he is alive. If he lives, they cannot live at peace and so they decided to get rid of him” – said the Sage.

While saying this, Sage Agastya said this all of a sudden “Go at once to Badrachalam. You will have the darshan of Sri Rama!

~ to be continued…