AA – Benefits of lighting up Deepa in dilapidated temples

O Gurunath, please explain us the benefits of doing abhisheka, litting up deepa in dilapidated temples.

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, He is omnipresent. When prayed with a pure heart, pure thoughts and with sathvic thoughts and prays to God, the individual gets His grace. One can most certainly perform Kumbabisheka, litting up lamps, doing clean-up activities and other rituals in dilapidated temples, most welcome. Let us say to make this clear otherwise. There is a clean temple. It is neatly painted as per the rules. Wherever you see, there is purity. Everywhere there is fragrance of Akil, Javvadhu and Chandan. Pure ghee lamp is lit everywhere. It looks beautiful with daily 6 times Pooja being conducted regularly. A lot of people come. Veda Mantras, Thevaram, Thiru Vasagam are being recited. Nithya Pooja happens. Anna dhana happens. One feels pleased to see and blessed in heart. But if the people who are the staff there, who work there, who visit there remains with an impure heart, ill thoughts and just selfish, and if they come here with a thought, “what will I get if I visit here?” – will God be present in such a place?

Hence, the place that is most suitable for God is one’s mind itself. If that place remains pure, very pure rather, remains dharmic, remains sathvic, remains just, that man is always a blessed one by the Almighty.

Through the grace of God Almighty, one need not have to ask on the above query. Hence, what is important for Us is the God who is omnipresent, omniscient. Whatever you said is just that God Almighty. In that Maha Maha Samudra (ocean), We are a tiniest drop, that’s all!