The feast of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara Marriage at Madurai

Out of the 64 holy plays of Lord Shiva at Madurai, the divine marriage has a prime spot. Not only that it drew all the divine beings to Madurai for the celestial event, it has other sweet incidents associated with it. This is when He subdues the ego of Kanchanamalai by having Gundodhara consume every food particle in the palace. This is when He asks Mother Ganga to flow here as Vaigai river. The whole of Madurai celebrates this divine wedding with great enthusiasm and pomp.



This celestial wedding draws people from all over the world.  Many a volunteers gather up to provide shelter, butter-milk and food to devotees during this festival. Such a feast is being organized by “Pazhamudhir Solai Thiruvarul Murugan Bhaktha Sabha” during the wedding on 23rd of April 2013. From the evening of 22nd of April around 5 PM, preparation for the feast such as cutting vegetables etc will commence. They plan to feed about 40 thousand individuals this time. The speciality about this feast is that it is organized by gathering materials from the public, prepared by volunteers among the public and served. They have been doing this

Those who want to be involved directly or indirectly may please do so at the contact information given below. 

One can contribute to the essential items for the feast.

Pazhamudhir Solai Thiruvarul Murugan Bhaktha Sabha
C/O Chamundi Vivekanandan
Chamundi Paaku
New #41, Old# 20/3, Mela Gopura Street
Madurai – 625 001
Phone: +91 94424 08009, Shop: 0452 2345601
Chennai: +91 9841267823  |

The details are available in Tamil here.

With unthinkable crowd, the mammoth efforts put forth by the security guards and police must be rewarded and appreciated. Do pass on your appreciation to the volunteers and the police if you pass by Madurai during the Chitrai festivals. Just saying ‘good job, thank you’ will make them feel they are on top of the world and can never be matched with any compensation.

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