The Grace of Siddha – Episode 8

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The woman did not get controlled and bedeviled everyone. It was a scary sight. She had the glow of rich, her eyes reflected pain resulting from a persisted suffering for a long time. She appeared to be well educated as well.

“O Sire, only you should save me!” – she said crying profusely the moment she saw me. I asked the adults who were grappling her to release her.

“She will flee if we release her” – said one.

“She won’t. Release her” – I said.

“Swamy, she is possessed by devil, didn’t you see how devilish her dance was a while ago?!”

“Let it be. Now set her free. She won’t run anywhere” – I said.

They set her free halfheartedly. She looked at me with gratitude. I asked everyone to sit with a few minutes passing by quietly.

I began to speak “now, tell me what happened”.

“The girl is possessed by some devil. That has to be driven away, that’s why we came to you” – said one among the adults.

“Who told that this girl is possessed?”

“She was doing her studies and is very good in academics. Suddenly she said she does not want to, we let her as per her wish but then of late  she laughs to herself thinking something, she talks to herself. We took her to a doctor and got her some medicines, which she threw away!”


“We checked her horoscope with an astrologer and did many a types of remedial measures, but she never changed. Then we took her to an occult near Choolai Medu (a place in Chennai, near Nungambakkam in Tamil Nadu ).

“What did he say?”

“He was correct. He said that a devil has possessed her”

“Ok, what did he say as a solution / remedy?”

“He asked us to take her to Chotanikkarai Bhagawathi Amman temple (a very famous temple in Kerala, where people suffer from mental illness are taken to) and asked us to stay there for 40 days. If in case we cannot go there, he said he himself will cure her”.

“What did you decide?”

“If we have to go to Chotanikkarai, then it will cost us about ten thousand rupees. He said if we give him just six thousand, he will cure her. In the meanwhile, we heard about you. We thought ok, let’s ask Agastya Muni as to what he says, then shall we decide what to do. That’s why we came here”.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Please read Nãdi for her, whether to go to Chottanikarai or to this occult, ask the Sage and tell us”.

That woman was watching them answering and me asking them questions very sharply. She didn’t shriek, didn’t react be-devilish  never moved. I looked at her eyes which were pleading to save her from these people.

Having Agastya Jeeva Nãdi, I have the opportunity to meet many a different type of people. The greatest surprise here is that the problems they face will be very normal which could be solved by themselves. But those to come to hear Agastya’s clairvoyance assume that He should provide solutions to all their problems and they are adamant about that.

I prayed to Agastya earnestly and began to read the Jeeva Nãdi. As a “Deva ragasya”, He started explaining a few things just to me.

“Truly, this girl is not possessed or anything. She is an intelligent girl, studying in a college. As she inherits great wealth from her grandfather, a group is trying to get hold of it. They are trying to get her forcefully married to her aged uncle, that too as a third wife! This shocked girl tried to escape from them and failed and is suffering because of these people. We, Sage Agastya will save her considering her to be Our own daughter!!” – Agastya Muni said.

Further He mentioned, “that cruel uncle is just opposite to you, just wait and witness how fate is taking its toll on him”

The girl left out a shriek just as the Sage mentioned this, which was terrifying to those around her. I realized that the Sage is staging a divine play to save her indeed. Even I was shocked to hear the girl scream all of a sudden. Just now the Sage mentioned that she is not possessed or anything and she screams as if it was not correct – I thought.

Once she became quiet, I looked at her quietly. It was as if she wanted to say something, but since those adults slapped her hard when she screamed, she fell unconscious. This left me with a great inconvenience and I felt bitter. I looked at them with frustraion where they began to post series of questions.

“What does the Sage Agastya say?”

“He says that this girl is not possessed by devil or anything”

“Then what that occult told us…?!”

“It’s a blatant lie”

“So we don’t have to go to the temple?”


“Shall we go to that occult?”

“That is not required either”

“Sire, a small doubt, are you saying these by yourself or does Sage Agastya Himself says so?”

“I don’t say anything by myself. I read just what comes in Nãdi”

“What can we do then?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Just set this girl free. You don’t have to tell anyone that she is possessed by a ghost or anything like that”

“No sir! If you come home you will know how she tortures us. Then only you will believe that she is possessed by ghost” – said one among them.

“Sage Agastya confirms it right, that there is nothing wrong with this girl?” – I stressed a little.

It appeared that a couple of them did not agree to what I said. My intuition warned me that I must save this girl from these people.

“Is anyone among you the uncle of this girl?” – I asked.

A man with slightly gray-haired mustache on an unshaven face, slightly bald with a long towel hanging on the shoulder came forward with a rough look.

“I am that girl’s uncle”

“Can you come inside?” I called. He came. I asked him, “do you believe in Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi?”

“I do” he replied.

I mentioned exactly what Sage Agastya mentioned and asked “you want to get married for the third time, to this girl. Is this true?”



“She is my sister’s daughter. His grandfather wrote a will on her name with a lot of property. My sister is a widow and I am everything for this girl. I got her educated. My first wife has a son who is deaf and lame. I spent all my money in his treatment and both my wives have passed away. Now I am in debt. If I marry her, I will get the property, I will get rid of my debt and can treat my son also”.

“I can clearly see your situation. But what’s your age?”

“Fifty five”

“You want to get married to this young girl at this age. How is this fair?

“Eh, such things are very normal in our caste” he said with negligence.

I began to read the Jeeva Nãdi quietly. What the Sage said in that tensed me up.

“Sire, what sort of a crime you have done, how can you? – the Sage is asking me” – I said.

“What have I done?” – he asked as if he does not understand anything.

“Just because this girl did not agree to your plans, you paid someone to get an philter which you mixed in a coffee and gave her. It’s true or not…? – I inquired as if the police does.

His head bent down of shame and said “yes”.

“The medicine he gave is not an philter but its something poisonous that affects the brain. Haven’t you seen the condition of this girl after consuming it? – the Sage asks you. Speak the truth without hiding anything” – I said.

~  to be continued…