Read Ramayana

What is your benchmark of piousness?

What’s your score in possessing good qualities?

And how far have you been successful in following those qualities?

For instance, speaking only the truth. This seems simple isn’t it? Give it a try and ye shall find the road-block within five minutes! 

Sage Valmiki had a longing. He wanted to know if there is anyone who is a perfect picture of all the qualities good. When Narada appeared before him, he lists them with utmost sincerity and expectation. Each of those qualities when looked deeper, takes at least a life time to get comfortable with, as against mastering and yet, Valmiki wants to know that: 

“Who in this world is a person:

1) of adorable and admirable character, 2) of great valor, 3) of acute discernment about right and wrong, 4) that appreciates, remembers and grateful for the help received from everyone, 5) that stands by his word all the time, 6) and pursues his goals to their completion, unswerving? 7) Who is a man of proven record and reputation, 8) who always wishes and does good to all beings, 9) who is well read about all aspects of life, 10) who is capable of getting the most challenging things done, 11) who is also approachable, personable and pleasing to all alike, at all times?
Who is a person 12) of exemplary courage, 13) in complete control of his temperament, 14) of great intellect, 15) that is unbiased and doesn’t indulge in slander, 16) and whose displeasure would be taken note by even the gods?

Greedy he must have been, ain’t he? No! Yet, there lived a person flesh and blood in this very Earth, who not only possessed the quality of speaking only the truth, but was the very picture of all these qualities above. Do we need to say he was Sri Ramachandra? His glory is sung in Ramayana. 

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Join in, read and appreciate that such a man lived right here in this Earth and get inspired. Talking about evolution, He truly is the benchmark of all evolved ones!