The Grace of Siddha – 38 – playing with a Siddha

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“They played unfair with my innocent husband and have fired him off work. Only you can request the Sage and help him get his job” – came a young lady with her husband.

“Have they fired him or have suspended him?”

The husband said, “It’s only a suspension, but I doubt if they will accept me again” – in a dull tone.

“How long since this happened?”

“Three years”

“For three long years, haven’t you consulted with any other astrologer?”

“We did. A lot of them said a lot of things and we did all that. But we haven’t seen any progress” – he sounded broken.

“What sort of a complaint did they give against you?”

“What can I say? The management does not like me at all. They threatened me many times and in fact told me it would be good if I quit this job myself. I did not pay any heed to those and so, they made a wrong accusation and kicked me out”

Though he said those words, I somehow felt that he is hiding something.

“Ok. What do you want me to do?”

“When will I get back my job in the bank, this you should ask Agastya Muni and tell me” – said the person.

I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

The amount Rs. 5 lakhs that he has kept hidden, let him hand it over to the blind, old woman living in a village at Erode district, he will get his job back. This must be done within 22 days and if not, it is difficult for him to get back the job. Also, there will be a chance of more punishment coming his way” – said the Maha Agastya.

He was shocked on hearing this. But his wife started lamenting.

“See yourself sire! What we have is this yellow thread (Mangalyam) only. We don’t have a single paisa. We have sold all our house, property, jewel to feed ourselves once a day. We don’t have money. He tells us to give money to that lady, how fair is it?” – screamed the lady.

“Look. Who you are, who that village lady is, I do not know. This is a connection between you and Agastya Muni. You asked a question and He has given the answer. Please do not ask anything to me” – said I.

“How can he say words like “hidden money” and all? Have we looted some? He has set such a condition to us, is this Agastya Jeeva Nadi or a story cooked by your own?” – asked the husband with a staring look at me.

I didn’t say anything and kept the Jeeva Nadi wrapped and kept inside the bag.

“Oh look at him! We are suffering for a day’s meal here. He asks to give 5 lakhs to a old lady somewhere. It may be that this person has some relation with that old lady, otherwise why should he leave everyone and point me to a particular old lady and tell me to pay her? This looks like a commission business” – I could hear their sarcasm from a distance.

Is there any better insult? I probably should quit reading Jeeva Nadi, I felt. Still I remained silent thinking “Sarvam Agastyaarpanam” (Sarvam – everything | Agastyaarpanam – is offered to Agastya Muni OR Agastya Muni knows everything best in this context).

Two days went by.

The bank person crept in. Had it been on a normal day, I would’ve welcomed him but since the sarcastic words reverberating in my ears still, I kept silent.

“O Sire! As Agastya Muni said, I am thinking of borrowing some money and to give that lady. Will the Muni approve this? Please ask him about it, and please do not get angry” – he said in a humble voice.

Look at my fate, that I have to read Nadi for such people, I thought and opened the Nadi.

Having done a great mistake, are you acting as if you know nothing? First, do what Agastya ordered. We only asked to give 1/5th of the total amount to that lady. Oh you don’t have money, don’t you? Do not try to test Agastya! If you do not carry out the order of Agastya within 20 days, all the money that you have kept hidden will be eaten by termites! Thereafter it will be of no use blaming Agastya!” – concluded the Sage.

The banker went out with his head facing downwards and one and a half months went by.

I kept having the thought that neither the banker or his wife came back. Agastya Muni says there is hidden money. He says no there isn’t – I used to think this often. But since I had the faith that the answer will be revealed some day, I left it as it is.

On an evening, the banker alone came back.

I asked him what’s the matter.

“Just as you said, I took all the money to the village and searched the address that the Muni mentioned. They said that there isn’t any lady living by that name. So I came back. What else can I do further?” – he asked in a helpless tone.

“Let me see the Nadi and tell you” – said I and opened it where the Muni said…only to me as:

What do we do with this person who tries to fool Agastya Himself?! Neither did he go there nor did he see that lady” and further disclosed a few things as a secret then orchestrated a play right there!

Agastya believes in what he says, totally as he could not find that lady. We tried to show you different ways to get rid of the sin and to get back the money, but as far as you are concerned, what Agastya said has become un-true. You do not have to seek Agastya hereafter. You can search for some other Siddha’s Nadi for yourself” – concluded the sage.

The person went back with double the happiness and I was puzzled. This person did not go to the village or meet the lady, said the Muni. But why did he say all those words to him? What sort of a secret is there in this person’s life?” – I worried.

Be patient. He will come straight back to Agastya in two days. We shall then tell on what happened to him” – He puzzled me more that I felt a sort of disappointment, felt that we ourselves should not ask anything further.

On the morning of the third day…

“Please forgive me” – came the banker crying profusely, he fell at my feet!

I opened the Jeeva Nadi without speaking anything and neither did the banker requested me so. The words came out so fast and the information in them shocked me.

They were:

Yuvaraj borrowed some money with great difficulty and went to a foreign land. Out of the money he earned, he sent a portion to his Mother who lives in Aathur on a monthly basis through a bank.

Thinking that she could not manage all the money at a stretch, Yuvaraj opened another account in his name secretly in the same bank and was depositing, which grew to a huge amount. This is known only to Yuvaraj and the bank manager. In the meantime, he met with an accident and died about four months back in that foreign land. “This” person knew it and with help of a few people, he put forgery signature and looted the sum of 25 lakhs.

As the son died, the money flow to the mother stopped and her relatives abandoned her too. She was left with poverty and with her eyesight gone, the mother was suffering from hunger. While she was suffering from poverty and age…


The banker and his friends were making merry. But for the outside world, the banker acted well. At a point, difference of opinion grew among friends and the friends demanded their share from the loot or else they will report it to the police. The banker got scared and he even thought of escaping out of town with his family. He was giving some money to the friends every now and then so as to keep the secret as one. But how long?

Somehow the officials knew this mis-deed and he confessed his crime which resulted in suspension, with a case filed against him. He concealed it near the drainage tank inside a pit and started acting as if he does not have any money. The greatest surprise is that he made his own family members believe that he is innocent. He says that he spent all the looted money and is it not true that the case against him is running for about three years?

He was listening to all this quietly and never opposed or rejected anything.

The Sage continued…

The Agastya knew it that day itself. We thought that the son’s money should reach the Mother in Aathur and asked this banker to take the money there. But he did not listen. On top of it, he lied that he went there but could not find the lady. Hence Agastya started playing games with him. He believed it too. Do you know why he has come running here? Let him say it himself” – said the Sage.

The banker could not speak, he started crying profusely. At last, what he said is this:

“Termites destroyed most part of the money which was kept near the drainage tank, in a single day! Also, he has the symptom of cancer as well. Though he mentioned it himself at first, no one believed him. Later when he showed all medical records, we believed and were shocked. We asked Agastya Muni to guide us with regards to the aged lady at Aathur.

The case will run for some more time and he will be released on the grounds of not having enough proof. He will get the salary of 3.5 years, which let him give it to the old lady. Then till the time she breathes her last, let him send an amount on a monthly basis which will help him get rid of this disease

Even after hearing this, we had a doubt if the lady will live till the time the case gets over. But somehow this banker knew this doubt of mine and he said this suddenly:

“If Agastya Muni orders me, I will find that lady and will take care of her as my own mother in my house”

Agastya Muni gave His consent too, but now the banker’s wife opposed it big time.

“I was proud that my husband was innocent and sold even my Mangalyam to feed him for all these three years. Only now I came to know his true colors. Hereafter he is no longer my husband and I am not his wife. I won’t let this man enter my house” – said the lady!

I turned to Agastya Muni.

Till the time he gets rid of the court case, let him stay in Aathur and help the poor mother. Once he gets back the job, let him give the money from his salary of 3.5 years to the mother and then he shall re-unite with his wife” – the family accepted this suggestion too.

He won the case, but because of the departmental action, he was not given the same post but was demoted and sent to Nilagiri. He does not have the cancer now as the doctor had cleared it off as a normal stomach ailment. It was told that the Aathur lady lived for a long time and died peacefully.

Let this person’s experience be a lesson to those who think of looting other’s wealth.

~ to be continued…!

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