The Grace of Siddha – 40 – Worldly Debt

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Those who come to read Nãdi to me include people who are in great debt, not in few thousands or lakhs but even crores of rupees. Debtors who obtained money for huge interest and are not able to repay, those who have sold their properties and are greatly affected, there are many types of them who come.

No one seeks the guidance of Agastya Muni before they borrow or before they start a new venture. When the situation grows out of control, they come running to seek Nãdi’s guidance just as people rush to emergency ward in hospital.

In addition…

They expect their debt which they have incurred for years together to be magically cleared in half a second, without even thinking how practically possible it is. Many come here only to have some miracle happening with them and lo! their debts are gone. Sage Agastya is neither Kubera (the lord of wealth), to shower money nor God. He only guides those who seek His guidance, to get rid of their Karmic effects, to reach God, to encourage the sinking hearts and to show them a way out etc. that too, only when they follow Agastya Muni’s suggestions and remedies properly and completely with total faith. This is the practical reality.

On that day…

A multi-millionairre lady from Salem (Tamil Nadu) came to seek Agastya’s guidance. Her face radiated her richness and she appeared abnormally stout. She adorned her neck, ears and hands with gold and diamonds with high quality pearls studded in them. She had applied KumKum (Tilak) in the size of a old quarter Anna (a denomination of money in metal coin, then used in India). A few grey hairs here and there. She was gasping as she walked over, proving that she is not healthy. A ray of worry in her face surpassed all of this.

She rested for a while and said “We have huge debts. I am afraid that our relatives might have done some witch-craft against us. There is a debt of about 1.5 crores. We are not able to pay off the interests for that at all. Please request Agastya Muni and tell us a way to get rid off this debt.”

“Have you come alone?”

“No. My husband has come as well, but he does not have any faith in Nãdi. He is in the car, outside” – she said with a slight worry.

“That’s ok. This is based on individual’s faith. Do not worry. I am not the agent for Agastya. I won’t commit the sin of taking advantage of your situation and by charging money from you. Even Agastya Muni will show you the right direction. Please ask your husband to come here as well.” – said I.

In a while, her husband came in, not so willingly. He did not even face me or spoke but he scolded the lady with very harsh words and said “why are you asking me to come here, why don’t you read the Nãdi for yourself if you have to?”

The poor lady became so upset. She looked at me with dilemma and pity. I even felt why at all I called her husband in and understood her situation.Without speaking anything else, I opened up the Nãdi.

By cheating the brother and possessing off all the wealth, the brother’s entire family committed suicide right on this day, two years back. Their curse have caused this debt. Whatever wealth came in, went by just like how it came. This is the truth” – said the Sage and suddenly….

Let them go home at once, it’s good if they reach before sunrise. We shall tell the rest at a later time” – concluded the sage.

They both were shocked. They came with an expectation that Agastya Muni will say a lot and will show them ways to get rid of their debt and all. But…

Go home at once, that too, before 4.55 AM particularly – the Sage’s words not only must have confused them, but would have disappointed them very much too.

“Didn’t He say anything else?” – asked the lady with her voice choked with so much of pity.

“No Amma. Please do not delay and go home. You must be at home before morning. That is all. He didn’t say anything else” – I said.

The lady left with a lot of grief. I could her her husband started off with her saying “See? I told you already not to believe in these things. At least know yourself now. All these are just a fraud”

In a way, his words did affect me. By God’s grace, I am not in a position to earn money from people by reading Nãdi but why should I hear to such foul talks? Is this because of my Karmic effect? – I thought.

The first call I received the next day around 5 in the morning was that lady’s.

“What’s the matter Amma?”

“O Sire. My son has hanged himself O Sire” – she screamed at the peak of her voice.

I let her vent out and asked “When did he do so?”

“This morning..”

“At what time?”

“When we reached home, around 4.55 AM!!!”

“How is he now?”

“They have taken him to the hospital. Sire, my son will be alive know?” – she pleaded.

“Do not worry. He will sure be alive” – I encouraged her.

“If you say, it is like the Agastya Muni Himself has said so” – said she.

I felt these words were a little too much. Where is Agastya Muni and where am I? I only wanted to give her courage but it is not good to say such big words, I felt. This really caused a worry in me.

The boy has hanged himself and they have taken him to the hospital. He should be alright. If even any one thing changes, no one will believe in Agastya Muni.

I got a phone call from the lady two hours later.

“My son got saved!” – she spoke happily. I left a breath of relief and thanked Agastya Muni earnestly!

~ to be continued…