Not just charity, Satsang begins from home too!

We pour out ideas and expressions during brainstorming. A proven fact is that the collective minds when focusing on one idea arrives at a more deeper understanding and an effective solution. But this buzzword “brainstorming” had an evolved form in the earlier days. It is called Satsang, where Sat meaning ‘good or noble’ and sang means ‘union or gathering’. The wonderful part is, it began from every household.
How it was then
* Earlier days, the sons and daughters talk to the elders about how their day was.
* The talking resulted in exhausting their stress.
* Supporting words from elders wiped off their pressure and re-energized them for the next day.
* Through open discussion, they came up with new perspective.
* The experience and wisdom of the elders helped the younger one to better equip themselves.
* The grand children look forward to start off a remarkable journey in the imaginary world, pouring out of the stories from their grandparents. The stories had moral value, courage, determination, perseverance, everything carved in beautifully. 
How it is now
* Everyone is transfixed to television. Work is adjusted based on the timelines of teleserials.
* There is no regular, healthy discussion in families.
* The kids have their choice of programs too or they are glued to their PCs.
Like Charlie Chaplin the Great said “we made aero planes and radios to come closer, but we got confined inside them”.
Child glued to TV


The outcome
* We feel exhausted
* Dangerous – the kids feel alone, less appreciated, throwing more tantrums and becoming passive watchers of tv, learning all sorts of things unwanted to their age
* They eat whenever they watch tv and it becomes vice versa!
* Obesity in children, wearing glasses at a tender age is on a alarming rise – an interesting perspective here is that they seldom get to watch things that are far away, like those beautiful tall trees, landscape, greenery etc. that we enjoyed during our childhood.
* other medical issues for both boys and girls
Eating and watching TV, they are inter-linked
Have you seen how healthy an American kid is, when compared to ours (well, don’t take the example from the above picture). The physical activity has become almost nil, posing a great threat to our society. We care for our Tigers, why are we quietly watching the tigers of our home becoming a weaksheep?
What can be done
Any issue ought thave its solution, only if we are determined to find one. Whenever you get some free time, as a family – please consider the following:
  • discuss about your dreams
  • talk to your parents and elders on how their day was
  • let the children showcase their talents for the family to appreciate
  • the laws of science is universal. Just like how one cannot see clearly in a water that’s stirred up, the  mind needs settling down too.
  • when things seem like chaotic, lean back and breathe deeply for a few minutes, just focus on breathing if you can, if dozed off, its good too for a powerful nap
  • most importantly, put the television to sleep. You will do this if you feel the importance of the people around you than those models who keep crying after getting paid handsomely. Doesn’t it occur how foolish it is to pay money through our nose for the electricity, cable connection to watch them cry?
  • don’t get carried away by the commercials with white-blazer scientists showcasing their packed “ours is the only solution for your problem” product. Try natural methods instead. Do you still believe that these commercialists know more than what the Mother Nature knows about you?
  • statistics shows us that people who are happy spend very less time watching television. Instead they choose to read, talk to loved ones, and pursue their dreams, yes, age no bar.
Remember. Only you can help yourself and we have a responsibility to provide a better future for our younger generation. Act now!
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