The GOS 115 – Shri. Hanumadhdasan whips a pseudo rationalist

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Any human being can forsake another mainly for two reasons. One, whatever a person does may not be liked by another or if one of them being selfish may forsake the other once his part of work gets over. In either of the cases, the affected person is the one being forsaken. But for the Siddhas, they never abandon anyone, even if they do not listen to their advice or clairvoyance. They patiently wait till the person realizes and sets their lives correctly. But ‘our man’ seldom has patience. He boils himself and speaks ill of others….what to say! Let us see one such in this post.

He is a very good friend. But he always takes the opposite stand, even takes action just opposite to what one says. He seldom listens. Everyone had given up on him that it is impossible to set him right. He had a strong thought that he knows everything and that he alone determines his life. In spite of this, he comes seeking Nadi reading frequently, just as how some of us get the thought of buying a lottery ticket to see ‘what’s in store’ for us.

He came to me suddenly.

“Don’t mistake me. Everyone says that whatever Agastya Muni says happens just as it is. All these are forgery. It cannot happen that way. Do not believe in what is said, is what I tell them. Now you should read the Nadi for me.” – he asked rightfully.

I laughed and said, “Why trouble yourself? You don’t believe in this. You say that there is no such thing called Agastya Jeeva Nadi and that everything is just a blatant lie. Why then waste your as well as my time?

Just leave it.”

“It’s fine. Let us just see as to what happens, if at all.” – he thought he said it rationally.

“Who hath the fate left?” – I thought and was wondering whether to read or not. I was worried that I should not be the victim of Agastya Muni’s wrath as well, by saying whatever I felt like. But still, as my friend persuaded, I opened the Nadi and began to read.

“Your own sister’s marital life is not so good. As she faces a lot of trouble in her husband’s family, she tried committing suicide, twice and failed. As you listen to this reading, she must have jumped off the terrace and would have been admitted in the hospital. Go and see!” – came the reply!

The person became quiet. He did not reply.

“She is in Hyderabad. I cannot go there at once. Let me make a call and find out.” – he went out of the room.

Those were the time when mobile phones were not present. One has to book a trunk-call and cannot talk directly also. They must wait till the operator connects them. So my friend came after a while.

“Sir, I called up Hyderabad. They are saying that nothing of that sort happened. In that case, doesn’t it mean that Agastya’s words have gone wrong?” – he was very enthusiastic.

“Agastya’s words have gone wrong. Ask Him now as to what He says.” – he said.

I kept quiet as I knew that the Maha Muni is divining a play.

“Did you speak to your sister?”


“Then whom did you speak to?”

“To her mother-in-law.”

“Why? You could’ve spoken to your sister itself right? Go and speak to your sister and come. Let us then read the Nadi.”

He did not accept it completely. But still, “Let me try speaking to her directly somehow. You need not have to wait for me.” – he rushed out, only to come back running the next day morning.

“Sir..!!! A telegram has come from Hyderabad. As her health is not good, she is admitted in a hospital. That’s all it says.” – he showed the telegram.

“Nothing will happen to your sister. Don’t worry. You got her married without having completing the prayer to your Kula-Devata (family deity) in a hurried manner. You must have done the Sumangali Prarthana. That wasn’t done either. Your mother has kept an yellow cloth wrapped up with the offering kept for Tirupathi Balaji. This is not offered either. If you do this, there is no harm. So please make sure it happens as per the procedure and go to Hyderabad. You will get a good news. Do not worry about your sister.” – I read what came in the Nadi at once.

“All these are very good to hear sir. But neither me or my family believes in all these. What is the relation between Sumangali Prarthana, Tirupathi Balaji’s Hundi and my sister not feeling well? Please don’t mistake me. I am going to go to Hyderabad without doing any of these.”

“That is up to you. Why should you tell me?” – I stood up. He bid farewell. One month went by.

A call came from Chennai’s general hospital. It was my rational friend indeed.

“My sister has suffered bone fractures in many parts of her body. They could not do proper treatment in Hyderabad and so I have admitted her in Chennai hospital.”

“I wish for her speedy recovery.” – I said.

“Sir no sir! Whatever treatment is given, the big doctors are saying that she won’t live for more than six months.”

“Oh..ok, what can I do now?”

“Please read the Agastya’s Nadi for my sister.”

“Have you done all that Agastya Muni suggested already?”


“Then why should I read the Nadi?”

“You had read it for me. Can’t you read it now for my sister?” – he pleaded.

“I shall. But if Agastya Muni suggests for any remedial measure or a prayer, you are not going to do it. With her condition now, your sister can’t do it either. So I don’t want to read Nadi for you now. Please leave me.” – I told him strictly.

The friend had no reply afterwards.

Eighteen days went by.

He came to meet me. He appeared very sad and grief striken. He wasn’t able to talk in spite of trying.

“What?” – I said.

“My sister is in danger. They did an operation, but no use. The doctors have given 24 hours time. She must be saved somehow. Only Agastya Muni can do this.” – said he.

“I am sorry. Agastya Muni is not God. He is a Siddha. If one seeks, He guides. If his guidance is not followed, He won’t reply again. You believe that His Jeeva Nadi is a lie. Then why are you coming here? Go and pray. Ask the doctors for suggestions. Your sister will be saved for sure.”

“Is there no other go?”

“Search for some other Nadi. A good way out will be shown.”

“Don’t you have even a bit of humanity in you? There is a life that is suffering. Can’t you….can’t you move even a bit?” – he started blaming me.

“My friend! Why this frustration? I have been in contact with the Maha Muni Agastya for the past thirty years! You, are trying to win Him by your pseudo-rational thoughts. I know about Agastya Muni very well. If one does not follow what He says, there won’t be a good reply thereafter. Me or Agastya Peruman are NOT an agent for anyone. I am not intended to seek money by taking advantage of your situation. But you on the other hand, assume things with whatever your thinking caliber is and are spreading nonsense about me and Agastya. Am I a magician, to just change everything in a whip of a second? Just leave it I say!”

“Then what shall I do?”

“First, as your mother wished, arrange for a Sumangali Prarthana at home. Second, send a person to Tirumala Tirupathi at once with the offering your mother has kept, to be surrendered to the Sri Vari Hundi.”

“I cannot do these now, I have to stay in the hospital.” – he said.

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any danger to your sister’s life. The moment you start arranging for these, she will be saved from the clutches of death. It is up to you to do it or not.”

My friend left the place without saying anything. A week passed by. He came with a brightened face and sweets in his hands. Before I could open my mouth, he himself prostrated before the Nadi I had.

“My sister is saved.” – he said and continued explaining what happened.

“That day, just as you said, I set forth to Tirupathi with the offering my mother had kept. There wasn’t a bit of space even to stand in the train. I was so afraid as to what might happen and at that time, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the first class compartment, made me sit beside
him and said that he is on his way to Tirumala as welll and that he has good influence with the staff there and that he will make arrnagements for a good darshan for me by asking the Peshkar there. I had no idea who that old man was and why he should help me etc.,

The wise old man then took me to the Peshkar, showed me and said something and left. He made me to get Balaji’s darshan in the special darshan queue. Once I had darshan, I put the offering my mother had kept, wrapped in the cloth, to the Sri Vari Hundi. Right at that time when I put it, my sister
opened her eyes and her life had escaped from entering the gates of death. The Sumangali Prarthana happened in my house yesterday as well. My sister talks very well now and the doctors have said that there is nothing to worry. Sir…I will never….ever speak ill of the Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi…!” – he was so overwhelmed with emotion when he said all these. I was speechless too.

Oh yes, those who were responsible for her to fall from the terrace underwent a different series of trouble. But…

On seeking Agastya’s Nadi and then doing things what He suggested with a careless attitude or without any faith or those who don’t carry them out,
nothing ever happens to them. I have seen this, I say out of experience.

~ to be continued…!

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53 – Is Witchcraft true? – Part 3

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

We just wanted to know if witchcraft is true, but seldom expected that it will turn out to be a potential “interactive session with ghost”. My friend though courageous, he hesitated and slightly shivered on thinking about an encounter with ghost on an Amavasya day. Even though this experience is begotten through Agastya Muni and therefore no harm is expected, my mind began to think that there must be some relation between witchcraft and ghosts. Otherwise, the Maha Muni won’t suggest me to enter in to such a thing.

Hinduism beliefs that our ancestors live in the form of spirit and they appear in Agni to bless us when we offer our prayers on their Thithi day or on a Amavasya day. Even Christians those who live in countries like England have witnessed the presence of ghosts in some mansions but were failed to take photographs of them, I had read in some papers. People who follow Islam too believe in such things. Some of them even perform rituals to make use of the good spirits and to drive off the evil ones.

Though ghosts is a term which is not accepted completely by many, it is widely believed in its shadowy form. So I accepted to listen to Sage Agastya on what He will instruct.

It was an Amavasya day!

People came to meet me enthusiastically but said “So looks like you’re all set to meet the ghost. Carry a metal piece or a knife just in case. Then tell us what happened!” Some said “Sir, do not mistake me for saying this. I respect the Sage Agastya very much. But I cannot accept in such things as witchcraft etc. He is a Siddha, sure. But He should not come in Jeeva Nãdi to fool us or to scare us off” – they opined in their half-secularist mindset.

Those who came to meet me on that day was great in number than usual. Though I did not read the Nãdi for anyone, I felt that everyone is looking at me like the “sacrificial goat”. The friend who promised “I sure will come” did not turn up until 7 in the evening. Apart from this, I need to check the Nãdi to know what I am supposed to do, so I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

That one who is named after Venkatavan (Lord Balaji of Thirupathi) will not come as he is mentally scared. His wife has convinced him enough that he is now at the sanctum of Thiruvallur Vishnu’s shrine. About 40 stones distance (a variation to measure distance on those days, also called as milestones) from here, there will be an Ayyanar’s statue (a village deity who appears in huge forms, big mustache and a fearful look. See Ayyanar) in the middle of the road. If prayed to Him by standing there, a bhairava (dog) will come. Follow that dog for a distance. There you will spot a new building which is half-constructed. Stand there on the southern side where a tree is. We will instruct you further there. Go at once! You are being instructed to be there right at midnight” – said the Sage!

Villages of Tamilnadu contain great a legends out of which, Ayyanar holds a prominent role of Protector.

Villages of South India contain great a mysteries and legends out of which, Ayyanar holds a prominent role of Protector.

My friend got married only recently. He had informed his wife that he is all set to meet a ‘ghost’ with pride. The wife got scared that nothing should happen to him, made a big issue out of this and sent her husband to the Shrine of Lord Veera Raghave Perumal. It is better to see the Lord than to see the ghost, that too on a Amavasya day, said the wife and took him there, the Sage clarified in the Jeeva Nãdi.

Though my friend accepted this as true, I was a bit unhappy that he did not come. But there was no use in delaying further and so I set forth alone in the direction that Agastya Muni showed, with only Jeeva Nãdi in my hands. It was a surprise indeed that no one was ready to even drop me in a car or a two wheeler to that place. The spot which the Maha Muni mentioned came and I got down from the bus.

In the middle of the road, the only breathing thing was me. But there stood a majestic Ayyanar statue bearing a sword, mace and a big mustache. I looked around. It was an ordinary village with huts placed here and there at a distance. The agricultural lands have been converted to plots whose white stone markings were visible even at that night.

Fireflies circled around was slightly interesting to watch. The bus I got down disappeared from eye sight. As it was the last bus that goes to the village, there weren’t anyone I could see. I switched on the torch I carried to check the time. It was 11.40 in the night. We are going to see a ghost in about half an hour, which is absolutely a new experience, I stood there with my heart beating faster when the black dog which was lying down all this while stood up suddenly with its ears pointing upwards and began to move. I followed it swiftly.

En route, I saw snail-shells, small stones used for construction, broken pot pieces, plants with thorns, unpaved road – all of these took its toll on the feet.

All of a sudden…

There was a strange noise, as though ten owls screamed together, that made even my tough heart tremble for a second. I even thought “Let’s go back right away”. To pray for sometime, I opened the Jeeva Nãdi right there.

Fear not! Why fear when I am Here? Your journey will happen without any obstacle” – the Maha Muni said in glowing letters.

I felt very thirsty.

There was a well and a water tank nearby. I slowly went near the water tank thinking that I should not fall back in to the well accidentally. I could not even find out if there was water inside due to the darkness and hence I swayed my hand inside.

There was water!

I gathered some water with both hands and drank, washed my face as well. With the help of the torch light, I came back to the pathway where the dog was standing as though waiting for me. As soon as I came, it started walking as if its showing the way.

I was following the dog as if I was carried away by some force but never felt that I was doing it out of my own conscience. “Who am I? Why am I following this dog? Is this necessary to be in this situation?” – such thoughts never occurred to me at that time, which surprises me to this date.

As soon as the black dog stood in front of the building which was half-constructed…I do not know from where all those dogs came. All of them began to howl loudly, looking at that building, except that black dog! It did not even bark and stood right there. Until now the black dog which I was thinking that it took me near the building, was not to be seen thereafter, which surprised me! But that fearsome howl of about twenty to twenty five stray dogs appeared as if they are chasing something while they howl.

“That something”, whichever direction it went, the dogs will follow and howl. If “it” stops, the chasing would stop too! But the howling would continue, piercing the darkness, and would fall back slowly out of fear. This hide-and-seek happened for about seven minutes in the northern and southern side of that building.

“Is this the ghost? I came here only to see this?” – I thought and opened the Jeeva Nãdi right there.

Wait and see. Till it climbs the stair case, the howling will continue, then you climb the staircase too” – said the Maha Muni and disappeared!

That howl did not seem to wake up anyone in those nearby huts as nobody came with a torch or a stick in hand. There wasn’t any watchman in that building or else, he sure would have come asking “who’s that?”. No one turned out. Neither did a voice come to chase these dogs out.

At that time, I felt there was a form which walked nearby my side and went towards the terrace which faced outwards. I summoned up courage and pointed the torch towards that ‘form’.


The torch did not lit up. I tapped it, shaked it, did all that’s possible, but it won’t come up, even with those new batteries inside. In fact, even the torch is a new one.

You could imagine my condition. I was totally shaken. The fear of how to find out the way out caught me now. “Ok, ok, Agastya Muni will take care. Whatever will happen, let it happen” – I stopped the wavering mind with that thought and looked up the stair case where that ‘form’ went.

It appeared as if it kept climbing up and coming down the stairs. When it climbs up, the howling would stop. When it comes down, the howling will resume and the dogs would chase it. It appeared funny at the same time was causing great amount of fear in my stomach. I was wondering at this rare sight for about ten minutes. Then the dogs began to drift off and the howling came down slowly, I slowly went near the stairs and kept my step on the stairs.

Right at that time, I felt as if someone lifted me to the terrace with such an enormous force. I am merely reading the Agastya Jeeva Nãdi and am telling whatever good it is, to people. For such a person, how is it fair to get caught in such a thing?” – I thought.


I realized that probably Agastya Muni wanted to show me this ghost as an example of what witchcraft means. Before I could think as to “what” or “who” bought me up with such a terrible force, right before my eyes…

I could see a foggy form of a girl wearing a half-saree, standing right opposite to me, which I could see clearly in that Amavasya darkness of 1 AM!

Now, myself and that ‘form’ were standing very close, facing each other!


~ to be continued…!

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The Grace of Siddha – 1 – The Grand Beginning!

Om Ganeshaya Namaha 

O Agasthiya Muni, let thy grace fall on us always!

When Shri Karthikeyan started Siththan Arul series in Tamil, it gained so much of popularity that we started looking forward to Thursdays, when it’s gets published. For many of us, reading that post topped the task list for the day. Reason? Simple. It contains truth. It contains divinity. It contains simplicity. It is the narration of a person who devoted his life towards Siththar Agasthiyar’s Nadi that bestowed His grace to people who were in need, people who were desperate, more so to people who had faith and were deserving. All the great truths of the world are simple, but they are profound. This series is no exception. Plus, it fills the heart with so much of awe that it happened here in our time, just recently!

The incidents are full of thrills, suspense and turn of events that gives goose pimples. However, we feel the protective warmth from the Maha Muni Agasthiyar whilst reading them and so it is very comforting. It is like He talks to you directly. The series in Tamil, the oldest language known to mankind, combined with the extraordinary narrating skills of Shri Karthikeyan puts us right there in the scene, beautifully.

And there was this feeling that our beloved readers who are yet to learn Tamil were not able to enjoy this “must read” posts. Though reading them in Tamil is the most wonderful experience one can get, we have tried our best to give these series in simple English. We earnestly pray to the Sage to bless us with all that is required to take this up, continue and complete. Om.

Siththan Arul – 1

Many know about Naadi. There are countless wonders in Tamil Nadu and Naadi is definitely one of them. These are written by Siddhas for the mankind to know about their past or future, only accurately. It is so wonderful that many a people followed the revelations and remedies that came out of Naadi to solve the issues they faced and to know more about themselves.

Who are these Siddhas?

The term Siddha came from the word Siddhi, meaning – enlightenment, paranormal power etc. Those who possesses this are Siddhas. They are aware of the trikala aka past, present and the future. They are Jnanis. Just like a CEO has secretaries, they are the prophets of God. A lot many people, in spite of their earnest prayers to God that did not bore fruits for reasons known only to the Almighty, prayed to these Siddhas and benefited through them. We do not know if any such thing happens anywhere in the world. May be it is the Almighty’s will to bestow His grace through these Siddhas.

What is a Naadi?

The Siddhas requested God once that whoever searches for them, surrenders to them, however cruel or crooks they might have been in their previous births, should be saved by God in this birth. God accepted their request. The Siddhas at once wrote solutions to many a types of problems in palm leaves, called beautifully as Olai Suvadi in Tamil. They wrote them in literature Tamil. Such Olai Suvadi’s are called as Naadi. There is a thumb-rule though. If one has a problem, then one must surrender to the Siddhas. They won’t be searching for those in trouble. Jeeva Naadi literally can mean that it is the Naadi with life.

Now let’s see some incidents.

This wise man has devoted his life for the welfare of mankind. He was blessed with the Jeeva Naadi, the olai suvadi and the responsibility of reading Naadi. He used to read out from the Naadi to those who approach him with such a request. Let us see the incidents from his narrations itself.

It was about 9 in the morning, a Friday. I came out after having completed my regular worship of Sage Agasthiyar. There stood a young couple at my door, tensed yet pitiful. I called them in and asked,

What’s the matter?”

We want to see the Naadi” – seeing Naadi means they want to know what Naadi has to say for them.

Regarding?” I asked.

The Sage Agasthiya knows why! Please could you read the Naadi without refusal?” – the couple said.

The Naadi I have is Jeeva Naadi. It cannot be read just like that. I will first seek the approval from Agasthiya. I will read if he wills” – I said, while checking the calendar as the Sage does not bestow clairvoyance on Ashtami, Navami thidhi, and on days of Karthigai (Krithika), Barani stars. I mentioned this thidhi details to them saying “Today, Agasthiya won’t give any clairvoyance and even if I read, I am not sure if there will be anything good that will come out. So, I can read if you come after two days” – trying to pacify them.

The couple were almost on tears. “It is far away where we came from and it’s not feasible to return. We somehow have to get a reply from Agathiyar. We believe he wouldn’t say anything wrong for He only can remove our grievance.

When I said “I understand your position. Possibly you can see anyone else who reads Naadi?”, they said adamantly “no no, it is through you that we have to see the Naadi“.

Jeeva Naadi is not like any other Naadi. Sage Agathiyar’s consent is a must to read it. Events of things not working out as it should when Naadi was read in these Thidhis were many. It’s ok if something did not go right. Worse fear is, what if the straight opposite happens? But I thought there must be something as they were insisting me on reading Naadi, so I thought “Alright. Let’s pray to Agathiyar. Let him bless them if they have the bhagyam (blessing)” I opened the Naadi and read.

You want to ask about your daugher who is missing from the past two days, isn’t it so?” – I asked them based on what I read in the Naadi.

They burst out crying.

Yes! Where is the child now? When will we get her? Is she alive?” they asked eagerly.

The child is alive indeed” – their face reflected the grievance lessened at once. “No issues on the life span of the child. If you want her back, you must visit
Thirupathi within 8 hours!” – I said.

What?! They took our child to Thirupathi? Where will we search going there?” – the parents lamented with worry.

If you take a bus from here, its 4 hours. From there if you walk towards path to ascend the Hill, Muzhangal Mudichu Gopuram comes. Your child is there in a corner of that Gopuram. The person who took your child will stay at Thirupathi for 2 days. Within that you can save her with the help of the police.” – I narrated the couple what Sage Agasthiyar explained in detail in Jeeva Naadi!

We shall go at once!

Why kidnap their kid? Who is he? Probably an issue with property” – I thought. But it wasn’t the truth.

Agasthiyar said in the Naadi “He was told by someone that if he sacrifices the child to Badra Kali, he will get treasure. So to seize the treasure, this sinner has committed such a brutal act“. The couple does not know why their kid was kidnapped. Agasthiyar has shown them good on an Ashtami day, for the first time, I thought.

I received a shocking information in the evening!

~ to be continued…