Where is this bliss? – Advaita series

[Taken from the Deivathin Kural by Kanchi Paramacharya]

We have countless desires. However, a certainity is that we are going to be separated from them or they will go away from us. Let this separation not happen through death, if we retire our desires well before, we could be blissful as much. The number of desires we have is directly proportional to the number of grief, we tie ourselves with it. The more desires reduce, the grief reduces too. If we let go of every desire within this birth, we may not have to come under the birth-death cycle. We could be one with the Paramatma.

We boast about our sixth sense. But what is so special that we are doing? The dog, cockroach and the fox eat too, they reproduce as well and die. In general, the mankind does not seem to be doing anything other than what these creatures do either. What to boast of sixth sense? If one is using this sense, then he will try to find out that absolute bliss and to remain in it. But is he pursuing it? If we think of it, the bliss, gnana, all these are just the same. When we realize our true self, we would become that bliss itself.

This bliss does not come from external sources, never. It is from within. Even if this is covered with our desires or ignorance, we do experience some bliss when we associate happiness to something external. When that association goes, the bliss fades away. Take an example. A person has some land which gives him abundance of harvest and he feels very happy. The next year, the harvest goes down and down, so he sells off his land to someone else. The harvest increases the following year again. Now does he feel happy as before? No. Instead, he feels jealous of the person who enjoys the harvest. It is this association.

When someone can experience this much of bliss through association, imagine the amount of bliss arising from associating with nothing. The first one is within the “I” feeling out of Maya. The second one is the absolute bliss. The bitter guard when mixed slightly with jaggery will taste sweet at least a bit, then won’t it be totally sweet if one tastes the jaggery itself? From a pot that has holes all over, the light shines depending on how big the hole is. But when the pot itself is broken, all that we see is the light itself. This is breaking of this Maya. But how?

To let go of desires is the only way to break this Maya. As long as the mind is present, the desires will be present. The mind must be subdued. Do not think that without the mind one will be like the lifeless Jata. The same power which shines through various sense organs and the mind will then culminate in to one place and shine forth. We can do so much of good to the world with that combined power. The true example is of the Rishis who has obtained the true Gnana. They could wander across time and know everything. They could hear sounds which we could not from the Ether and gave us the Veda Mantras.

But how do I subdue the mind, let go of desires? It is sufficient if you follow the methods prescribed in the Vedas. One can surely reach that absolute bliss. Let the Parameshwara bless us for obtaining this bliss.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Advaita Spiritual Recharge