The Grace of Siddha – Episode 16 – Remedy with Black Money?

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

I came back to Chennai after having many a different types of experiences in Badrachalam, topping all was the divine experience of Rama Darshan. I wanted to take a nap while recalling those moments.

One day, I heard someone at my door. There stood an aged person and a middle aged man, both folding their hands like saying Pranaam. I invited them and inquired. They kept silent for a good while with an unthinkable amount of grief that blocked their throat and tears rolling down.

The aged person began to speak after a while.

“My son works as a marine engineer. Suddenly, there was a phone call from him last week. He said that he is in great trouble as he received life-threat from his superior. There has not been any information since then. Only Sage Agasthiyar should save him.”

“Where is your son now?”

“Netherlands. The ship should have boarded cargo from there and should have arrived at Singapore by now. But we are not able to contact him in spite of trying a lot. There won’t be anything fearful for his life, right?” – asked the middle aged man while the aged person appeared very worried.

“Fear not. Let us hand over this responsibility to Sage Agasthya Himself” – I prayed to the Sage and opened the Nadi.

Not today, neither yesterday, he is having this life-threat for 2 long years. Though there is no immediate danger for him now, let him not continue working in that ship” – replied the Maha Muni!

“How can that be sir? He was fond of this profession and studied just for this, now he is the secondary engineer in this ship. He will be promoted as the Primary engineer in about six months. How can he leave the ship at this stage?” asked the elderly.

Why don’t they decide what is important first and then ask Agastya?” – a reply came swiftly.

They both felt greatly disturbed.

I closed the Nadi leaves as well. They said they will go out for a while and came back running in about one and a half hours.

“We were in a hurry and said all that. His life is important than anything else. Please let Agasthya forgive us and give us a good clairvoyance”.

I said let me pray to the Sage to see if He accepts and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

For which son they have come running to Agastya, I shall tell about that son. He was sincere and honest indeed at first, then he and a few others started involving in smuggling activities. As this gave a lot of money, he purchased a lot of land and plots. He made others believe that all that money is his salary. His superior got to know of these smuggling and he asked a greater share in this activities. This son wasn’t willing to this deal but he gave a few shares. The superior didn’t accept this as he will be retired from service after a while and this son will become the successor.

The superior wanted to retire with a good amount and that became the reason for feud between these two. It grew bigger to become a life-threatening issue for the son. Had he gone in moral ways, he does not have to fear for his life like this. He earned in short-cut methods and the superior wants to cut his share, short-cut method again. Let this son give back all the money he earned by ill means to this superior within three days. If he refuses to do so, only the Three-Eyed Lord can save his life. Later, he will get the promotion. Let him not go by immoral means to earn wealth” – concluded the Sage.

At first, they couldn’t believe in what the Maharshi said. They argued that their son is not of that type. Then eventually they asked if there is any remedy (parikaram – Sanskrit) for this.

“Whatever parikaram you do with black money will never bear any fruit and it will never reach God. A garland of Rose every day, earned by sheer hard-work to Lord Subramanya and a laksha-deepa to the Kula-Devata should be lit. Let them pray that they will adore the Goddess Abirami of Thirukadayur with Sandalwood paste. This is the remedy” – said the Sage, after a brief silence.

“We shall do all these for him. There shall be no danger for him till that time, we believe in Agastya Maha Muni only” said the aged person, the marine engineer’s father.

These prayers are to be done only by the son. But as he is in the middle of the ocean struggling with life-threats, he cannot. On his behalf, perform all types of Abhishekam to Lord Subramanya at once. If you do not do it before tonight, it is difficult for Agastya to guarantee any protection to his life” – said the Sage.

The moment I read this to them, they set forth immediately and there wasn’t any information from them.

About 3 months passed by.

In an evening, the marine engineer, his father and brother came along to see me saying “We came here to thank the Maha Muni” and they paid their respect to the Nadi. I asked them what happened.

The engineer began to speak “I was honest and sincere at first indeed and wasn’t consent to these smuggling activities. But the smugglers threatened me that they will kill me and throw me in to the ocean if I don’t agree and I had to nod because of the threat. Then that became a habit by itself. In the recent times, I got a lot of opposing. I even said ‘why should I do such things, let me get rid of this, leave me’ etc. My superior said that I have earned so much and if I don’t give him all that, he will kill me. That is when I called home to convey all that.

But I am not sure what happened, he changed his mind. I even offered him to give him all my money but he refused to accept them. I gave them off to an orphanage. Now I am promoted as the chief engineeer”.

I thanked the Agastya Muni.


~ to be continued…

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