The Grace of Siddha – 31 – You reap what you sow

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“I am in debt for the past 4 years and have sold all my properties, jewels and all. The people whom I owe money are creating a lot of disturbances. I have no other option than to give up my life. Please show me a way out. I came here believing in Agastya Muni” – came a person.

His looks resembled his words. Unshaven face, no jewellery or even wrist watch and it appeared it must have been days since he wore a washed shirt. The time he came was midnight. Normally, Agastya Muni does not give any clairvoyance towards good deeds in midnight. Some have pestered and asked for. I don’t recall good things happening in their lives either. But this person’s appearance touched a soft corner of the heart and so I opened the Nãdi.

He is about to start a sinful profession in the company of evil minded people. His wife and children has left him due to his irresponsible behavior. This profession is not good. Let him continue in the same place where he is working. Time will be fruitful after which he will see remarkable progress in life. Till then, let him not venture in anything” – said the Sage.

“O Sir, I have a lot of debt. Please ask the Sage to allow me to do that work only till I get rid of the debts. I will leave it at once I am free of debt” – he pleaded and so I asked the Sage again.

Ask Me the way to Gnana, I shall show. Ask Me how to get rid of Karma, I shall tell. But Agastya will not agree for such a sinful profession. It’s a no-no for that profession as per Agastya” – concluded the Maha Muni.

The person not only disliked those words, rather he got irked.

“Sir. Don’t mistake me. I will disprove the words of Agastya. I will do that profession, become a big shot” – he spoke aggressively. I uttered nothing but thought “Such a person, why should he come to Agastya Muni then?” Then I said…

“If you come up in life in a good manner, all is well” – the person left at once.

Two months passed by.

The same person came in a scooter, with all smiles. I could not recognize him initially. But his body language and his talks reflected that he is well off now, with a glow of happiness in face.

“Remember me?” – he came and sat before me. I nodded for the sake of it.

“I took off from work and started this profession. My debts are greatly reduced now. The property and jewels I lost seems like they’ll return to me. I am very well now. I came here for a wedding and thought I shall stop by” – said he.

“Very well. Everyone should be happy. That’s all” – I said.

“No sir! That day, the Maharishi said not to get in to this profession. Had I listened to Him, I would’ve committed suicide by now. Fortunately, I escaped by starting this new profession” – his tone was full of negligence and sounded as if challenging. Above all, he said these words at last “From now on, please tell Agastya Muni to give good clairvoyance  – he advised and left.

I felt painful on hearing this. I felt like both Agastya Muni and I have been insulted by this. But I remained like a rock.

Two weeks went by.

A middle aged lady came in a big hurry. Except for a mangalya (an yellow thread worn by married ladies especially Hindus, the color is because of turmeric in which the thread is soaked on, an indication that the lady is married. In fact, wearing the Mangalya Shutra has a deeper spiritual meaning and reason by itself) there wasn’t any ornaments. As she came in a big hurry, she was sweating with her kumkum (a red powder used ceremonially and cosmetically, esp. by Hindu women to make a small distinctive mark on the forehead) appeared smeared off, with the sweat.

“Who are you? And why have you come here in such a hurry?” – I asked.

She kept saying that I am the one who can save her husband repeatedly, but did not say who was her husband, how am I qualified to save him and what sort of a crime has he committed. I could not understand anything. How does this lady know me? Where is she from and who has told her about me? – thoughts, thoughts.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi, better to ask the Sage Himself.

She is Kalarani. The person who challenged Agastya the other day, she is his wife. The person who worked as a grade 4 employee in the State Government, is called Manivannan.”

As soon as he got the job, money flow came in all directions and thereby he was addicted to all sorts of illicit and bad activities. Kalarani tried to persuade her husband towards good. But she couldn’t. He fell in debt. She lost everything and as there wasn’t any hope of Manivannan turning good, she went to her native village along with the kids.

Three days back, when Manivannan was selling ganja (marijuana), he got caught red handed by the police. The one who accompanied him cleverly escaped. When police put him behind the bars after registering a case against him and came to Kalarani’s village for inquiry, that she got to know about Manivannan. She went to see him in the jail.

‘Out of desire for money, I started selling ganja. In spite of Agastya Muni warning me against this profession, I ventured in with such an arrogance. I challenged Agastya Muni. Right after three months, he will get caught in a trouble, said the Sage and it has indeed become true. I am caught and the one who was with me, escaped, cried Manivannan to Kalarani. Today, I did not do a mistake. I just joined my friend. I should be saved cried he, and asked her to meet me, who reads the Jeeva Nãdi.

I asked her “O Amma, you and your husband do not even live together nowdays. Then why have you came here rushing with a request to save him?”

What she said surprised me. “Whatever it is, he is my husband. He did a mistake. Though he forgot about me and went in a bad route, he is in jail now. It is enough for me if he realizes his mistake for which, I can even forsake my very life”.

Your husband has been caught red handed. As per law, we don’t know if its going to be ten years imprisonment or how much ever. How can Agastya Muni save him?”

“O Sire, I do not know all these. I came here as per my husband told. He must be saved somehow. He believes you so much. Please see the Nãdi and request Agastya and please say something” – she pleaded.

Whether to wonder on her ignorance or to applaud her hope, being a village girl or to read the Nãdi as per Manivannan’s request, I got confused for a quick while. To solve all legal complications, is Agastya Muni a influential political leader? Or to debate in the court and to nullify the case, is He a criminal lawyer? Or is He a law minitster? No! Then how come can I read the Jeeva Nãdi and to save him? I began to think. I definitely cannot open the Jeeva Nãdi and read as per the recommendation of Manivannan. At the same time, I have to convince and console Kalarani too. While I thought about it for a very quick moment, I then this came to my mind.

Let whatever happen. We need not have to be in a dilemma. Who am I to judge? Whatever the Sage says, let it be, I opened the Nãdi patiently and began to read.

You reap what you sow

Agastya had told that day itself, not to indulge in such a hideous task. But he listened to all that and thought of Agastya in negligence. And today, he got stuck in such a way that he may not be able to come out for a long time and is crying behind the bars. All the arrogance, determination, everything is only uptil the blood flow remains the body. No one thinks about it, and so is Manivannan.

We showed him the way out. He ignored it and fell in tiger’s cave. Both he, and his wife, haven’t lead their life by thinking of the Almighty even for a single day. Hence, their requests cannot become prayers. However, the parents who gave birth to Manivannan, their prayers will save him, not now, but after three years. Till then, have patience” – concluded the Sage.


Important update on Agastya Jeeva Nadi


It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that GnanaBoomi announces that Sage Agastya has agreed to resume providing guidance to those who seek (Nãdi) His grace through Jeeva Nãdi again. 

When The Grace of Siddha series started, many a readers requested the contact details of Jeeva Nãdi readers and thus far, the information was not available. It was due to the Maharshi Agastya’s instructions that the Jeeva Nãdi be kept under pooja so far. Now, He has kindly listened to all our prayers and has ordered the Nãdi be read again. Those who seek His guidance with a pure heart and true yearning, can obtain the same in The Agathiyar Gnana Peedham, Kallar. 

The contact information of the Ashram is that of Her Holiness Mataji at +91 98425 50987. At present, they have only 5 sessions for a month and it is done by prior appointments. Those who wants to read the Nãdi for themselves should be present in front of Guruji who reads the Nãdi. 

A few important points to note:

1. Please call up the number and speak to Mataji to fix up a time to get the Jeeva Nãdi reading and to obtain the directions to reach the place. The Guruji speaks English, if you are not familiar with Tamil.  

2. The Jeeva Nãdi is read on Saturdays mainly. But on Wednesdays, they do read the Nãdi for urgent needs.

3. The Guru Muni Agastya has kindly agreed to give His clairvoyance even on Saturdays that falls on a Ashtami, Navami days, where the Nãdi is not normally read.

4. Have your questions clearly written down. The Guruji asks for it before reading the Nãdi. This is to keep the questions running in his mind, to seek guidance from Agastya Muni. Avoid discussing your issues while waiting, to anyone. It is better to focus on Agastya Muni, do chanting or prayer and sit in silence. A satsang is good, but let it not turn in to a gossip session. It is a general recommendation to avoid disclosing your name, profession or why you have come here to anyone. You have come to get guidance from Agastya Muni. So request Him to guide you than disclosing personal information prior to the reading. 

5. The person to whom the Nãdi is to be read, must be present in the divine altar and others are not permitted. Speak to HH Mataji for further clarifications or updates about the same.

6. Be generous in your contributions. Though they do not charge for Jeeva Nãdi reading, they do accept the donations for feeding a group of poor children, their education etc.

7. Last but not least, have a yearning and a true seeking mind. DO NOT try to validate or test the Nãdi revelations. This is not a labaratory but a place of spiritual solace.

Jeeva Nãdi reading at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Agastya Muni has instructed the Nãdi be kept in pooja at Thanjavur and kindly agreed to resume reading from June 2014. You may contact Shri Ganesan through this mail address – arut.kudil at (no space in between, replace the word at with the @ symbol). His phone number is +91 9443421627, which remains switched off most of the times as he may be busy. We have heard that his phone remains on on Mondays. He responds to email queries however. 


1) In any place, it is a general recommendation NOT to reveal your personal identity before the Nãdi reading is done. This is particularly important because, the Agastya Muni has clearly mentioned that what comes out of reading has its effect on the Karma of the person and even the Karma of the reader. So, have faith but remain silent about your identity till the Nãdi reading is done. 

2) has NO affiliations or direct involvement in any of the above places regarding Jeeva Nãdi reading. We are merely updating these information as it may come helpful to those who seek His guidance and we have NO direct or indirect association with the places above. 


We sincerely thank Sage Agathiyar for His continuous grace upon us. 

Om Agatheesaya Nama: