The GOS 117 – He knows what you did!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

When reading some incidents, I just remain spell bound with surprise. How come Agastya Muni knows such minute and intricate things? With the world population being in billions, He knows each and everyone’s history. What they did, even those which they think is only known to them, give them a chance to rectify themselves and make their entire family happy. I feel, before the shakthi of Siddhas, we are merely a dust particle. Let us see one such incident.

A mother came seeking Nadi reading.

“I have two sons. One studies well and the other one seldom does. If there is any parikara, please ask the Maha Muni.”

“Studies? Don’t worry. The boys will seem like careless initially. Everything will be alright eventually.” – I said and opened the Nadi.

The Maha Muni narrated several surprising incidents and mentioned a few parikara to be done. The lady made a note of them and said, “It’s not only studies sir. The behavior is not also good. The one who goes to college, I hear that he roams with all sorts of girls. I am getting a lot of complaints. This is what worries me a lot.”

“What is his age?”


“Is he behaving like this now or…is he like this from his childhood?”

“He was like this from when he was eight. I showed lot of love. But he does not respect me. He scolds me. More so, he threw the cutting tool at me once. I had a narrow escape and was injured lightly.” – she showed the scar.

As the Maha Muni had mentioned some surprising incidents about that boy, I wasn’t very surprised on what she said.

“What about the other boy?”

“He is perfectly ok. He fears God, studies well and loves me a lot. But I feel I have a soft corner for the elder one.”

I was looking at this lady quietly.

“Sir, will the elder son turn good?” – her voice didn’t show any hope.

“Don’t worry. Let us make him good.”

“Another thing sir. For him to become like this, my Father is one of the reasons. I am not sure why he does so.”

“His grandson right, it must be that love.”

She did not reply and left. Two months went by. The lady’s father came and said that the elder son had committed something and the police have taken him in custody. He sought for help and was worried very much.

“What did he do that the police has taken him?”

“Young blood..his friends have gone out of station with a girl and something happened there. The girl died. All others escaped but this poor boy was caught.” – the grandfather mentioned as if nothing happened.

I was taken aback. I said, “Sir, do not think that Agastya Muni will help in these things. He never goes in favor of criminals.”

“Eh? How can you decide this? My grandson must escape out of this murder. Ask Agastya Muni and tell me.” – he commanded.

“Bear with me. You will not get any words from Agastya Muni for all these. You may search for some other Nadi.”

The grandpa got furious. “Just because I said the truth, you are refusing to read the Nadi. If I had not mentioned anything, you could’ve read it right?”

“Even if you say or you don’t, the Siddha Agastya will tell me. If it is a deva rahasya, I don’t reveal them.”

“I am not ready to believe this. You are doing some drama here.”

“Why should I? Am I expecting money to read the Nadi? I do not have the necessity to read the Nadi. This is neither my profession. You may go now.” – stern was my voice.

He stood up suddenly. He is going to go out at once, I thought. But he fell at my feet.

“I am not an astrologer. To get rid of karmic effects, I seek Agastya Muni’s guidance and read it out to others. No one, I mean no one can command me. No one can threaten me either. If someone even tries to do so, Agastya Muni won’t let them lose that easy. Hence, beware!”

The old man really looked scared.

“Please forgive me. Please seek Agastya’s guidance to have my grandson live a good life.” – his voice and body language had turned abruptly humble.

“Let it all be. Why do you have so much of care and affection towards this grandson?”

“My love has been blindfolded towards him right from his childhood.”

“Agastya Muni had already mentioned a number of things about you the other day. The reason what you say does not seem right?”

The old man looked pale now.

“What…came in the Nadi?”

“You wouldn’t believe if I say, right?”

“No, I shall..please..”

“You are asking as though you don’t know anything? There is a crime you did initially, you seem to have forgotten it?”

“I am not clear as to what you mean..” – said the grandfather.

“Agastya Muni knows how long you are hiding this crime. You cannot hide it from me.” – I opened the Nadi for this old man to listen from Agastya Muni Himself on what he did.

“He is Sundaralingam, a wealthy man. He got his only daughter Sheelarani married to a person without her consent. She became pregnant and was admitted in a private hospital. The child was born but was dead when it was born. Sheelarani was unconscious. As there was no heir and that the child was born dead, in the middle of that night, this man took another child which was born in the same hospital that day and kept it next to Sheelarani. He drove the nurse who helped him do so eventually out of the town. That child is his beloved grandchild?” – Agastya Muni asked slowly.

The man looked as if his entire body is unscrewed.

“The child which was born to a drunkard and an immoral lady, got spoiled through Sundaralingam. He gave blindfolded love and spoiled him, is it not?” – when Agastya asked this question, the old man fell at my feet, grabbed them and started weeping.

“Sheelarani bore the child as if its her own. But the boy had the qualities of his own mother and father and he wasn’t curable. Sheelarani does not know this truth till now, only Sundaralingam does. She gave birth to another child after a few years. Does the growth of this child go along with the frequency and temperament of Sheelarani?”

When Agastya Muni mentioned all these one by one, the old man was really shivering.

“Sir, sir…let this matter be unknown to others and Sheelarani. Only you can help the boy come out of the police station.” – he pleaded.

“Sundaralingam…it’s not fair to hide this. Let Sheelarani know about this. It will be shocking indeed initially. But as she has nurtured the child as her own, she will cope up with it. For the sin committed by your grandson, he will suffer punishment and will come out. Till then, do some parikara.” – said Agastya!

Sheelarani was under shock for about four months when she got to know of all these. Then recovered slowly. As she thought of the elder one as her own son, that love took over and she started treating him just as before, her own son.

The boy suffered punishment for some time and due to his good behavior, he got out of jail. Now, he is serving a spiritual movement. The question he asks me now is this:

“Can’t Agastya Muni show me my real parents?”

Only Agastya can answer this. Some questions won’t get any reply from Him and this question sat in that category. Till this day, the question is unanswered.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS – 96 – Ahobilam

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Kethu means the one who does bad thereby providing wisdom. The Tamil word Dhooma Kethu for comet means that it will give a difficult time to the country and then will make a happier turnaround. This divine saying on astronomy said by the rishi-munis of the yore, as seen in old palm leaves holds true to this date. This is mentioned in our Puranas as well, which takes even the non-believers to think.

What sort of a danger will befall the country, I thought. Either Pakistan wage war or China will create some nuisance or it might be an effect of the elements, resulting in drought. It could be earth-quake, heavy rain resulting in damaged crops, reduction in devotion, corruption and immorality in the nation, rape, murder, theft happening frequently. Apart from these, what else can harm? I thought.


The Maha Muni asked to look at the sky in the north-eastern direction steadfast and the comet will be seen. I looked. Just as how it appeared a while ago, it appeared again. Now it was bigger but disappeared as soon as it was seen, never reappeared.

The following morning had a number of beautiful sight but my mind kept thinking about the comet. I got an English daily in the nearby station which contained a small piece of news about the comet, which was in detail in the evening paper.

I felt somewhat satisfied. It wasn’t a dream and can be shared. When asked to the Maha Muni, He just said, “We shall explain in the shrine of Lion“, that is Ahobila Narasimha Swamy shrine. I reached Ahobilam.


This place has witnessed many a miracles, situated around 2800 feet above the sea level, a place where Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy takes a stroll in the night, sometimes even in the day time. Its plush greenery, mountain covered with a green blanket of trees, remains as a visual treat for the eyes, as a display of nature’s magnanimity.

In the place of Ahobilam one can have the darshan of Nava Narasimha’s. The basement has 5 of them:

Prahladha Varadha Lakhmi Narasimha
Bhargava Narasimha
Shri Chatravada Narasimha
Yogananda Narasimha and
Karancha Narasimha

From the basement to the top, it is around 10 kilo meters. The reason why this place is so famous is because of the shrine of Ugra Narasimha who appeared as a Swayambhu (who or that which appeared all by itself) inside a cave, where Bhatha Prahalada, Shri Garuda, Mahalakshmi did penance for years and had His darshan, such a cave.

Here in the top, the other four Narasimha can be seen:

Ugra Narasimha (ugra – ferocious)
Shri Bhavana Narasimha
Shri Varaha Narasimha and
Shri Jwala Narasimha

The other important places are: the birth place of Bhava Nashini, Ugra Sthambam, Shri Malola Narasimha and the cave of Bhaktha Prahalada.

The Maha Muni though mentioned to visit Ahobila, He never said that there will be a lot of merits if one prays in this divine destination. It appeared as if He will appear in the Nadi only after having darshan in all the thirteen holy places. I went to each of the shrine with utmost devotion and had darshan as per the methods prescribed.

As I climbed up, a sort of fear occupied me.

There wasn’t much of a crowd, there is no defense mechanism to protect myself. No one accompanied me. I felt that it is not advisable to visit such mountains without somebody’s help. One has to step very carefully and should press their foot stern on the ground. If slipped off, that’s it. Only the Almighty can save.

As it was dense with trees and plants, the wild animals were roaming around freely, so I had to carefully proceed further.

There is a similarity between Ahobilam and Thirupathi. The head of Adi Shesha (the serpent which Lord Vishnu reclines) being Thirupathi, the tail being Shri Shaila and the torso being Ahobila, why I was ordained to visit Ahobila when I was in Thirupathi, I thought.

The place where Hiyanyakasipu’s stomach was torn apart, looks like Adi Shesha. The Jwala Narasimha’s shrine, being the stomach part of the mountain, I sat there with utmost devotion and respect and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

There were numerous incidents that the Maha Muni displayed, as if it was shown as a screenplay and said, This is the place where the battle happened. I will not say anything for you here. There is Ugra Sthamba a few feets from here where the holy feet of Lord Narasimha can be seen nearby. Touch those feet. You will feel an unknown pulling in your hand. Sit there and pray to Agastya. Whatever you ask, We shall answer you right there under the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy – said the Maha Muni.

I found the place exactly as He mentioned. I touched and prayed to that feet and opened the Nadi. I heard an unknown animal’s sound.

I began to sweat. There is nobody around and since they said that wild animals roam around here freely, I could barely breathe. How can I escape? I looked around and found nowhere to go. I even blamed Agastya if some mishap happens here, if my fate ends here in this place, in this way.

For about half an hour, the sound from the unknown animal was heard on and off. It was dark and that’s when the wild animals set out in search for their prey. There were no one around, they must have gone to safer places after knowing all this.

Come what may, I thought and began to read the Nadi.

For ten minutes, nothing came out. Alright then, even Agastya Muni abandoned me, I thought. I held the iron sthamba tightly saying “O Lakshmi Narasimha, save me!”

The Jeeva Nadi which I was about to read was scattered in the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha. I do not know how long I was holding to the Sthamba. I gained my consciousness when somebody woke me up, asking who I was in Telugu.

I mentioned everything in Tamil, after which he began to speak in Tamil too, which gave a huge strength to me. I asked what that animal was, whose sound was terrifying. He said that it was that of a wild wolf and that it was roaming around for sometime.


“Yes. It is a dangerous animal that even does not fear the Lion and Tiger. It ventures before them without fear. They go only in groups mostly and looks like this one got separated from the group. It hasn’t eaten for four days and so it bites anyone who comes here. The steps to release it there inside the wild wasn’t that fruitful.” – he said.

I thanked the person and asked him if he can accompany me till the basement. He said that the temple authorities must have chased that wolf away with fire-torch and that I can descend without fear.

I interrupted him right there and pleaded him to stay with me till I get a company to go down. He accepted with a half heart and showed the Nadi which was scattered near the Ugra Sthamba mentioning, “You’re leaving these and going, you have to read this here first and then only go. First take these, arrange them nicely and read. I shall come after.”

I was shocked. I had forgotten the Nadi completely out of fear. Who is this person who points me to the Nadi and read it?!

~ to be continued…!

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The Grace of Siddha – 42 – The lesson I learned…

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

When a 26 year old girl was brought in front of me by her sister, I myself felt a sort of fear. She was reduced to skeleton and was not able to step forward even once and was gasping. None can tell that she is just 26 by her appearance because she appeared like a 12 year old. She wore a normal shirt and skirt. She could not talk and even if she manages to do so, the voice appeared as if its coming out from a hollow.

“What’s the matter?”

“She is my sister, aged 26. Both the kidneys have stopped functioning and is struggling for her life everyday. We have come here in faith of Agastya Muni. Please tell us some good” – said the sister.

“How long does the problem persist? Did you take her to any doctor?

“Its there for one and a half year. All our property, even the mangalya has been sold, but there has been no improvement”

“What? Did you sell the Mangalya? Does it mean she is married too?”

“Yes. Once they knew that she has this disease, her husband abandoned her, never to come back”

Those words hit me hard. I felt terribly shaken. The husband himself has forsaken her. What sort of an atrocity is this? It is now that he must be with her, my lips murmured.

“She was a beautiful girl before the marriage. Her college life ended in love, which progressed to a wedding. One and a half month right after the marriage, one of her kidneys stopped functioning. In another one and a half year, the other one failed too”

“This is truly a miserable incident” – I said.

“We did not take even this as a worst incident. But what hit us hard was the attitude of her husband, thinking that she won’t be of any use to him anymore. I have come here with immense faith on Sage Agastya. Please request the Sage to guide us to save my sister” – when the sister cried profusely, my heart sank.

I looked at the girl. It appeared that if f this condition prevails, she may not even survive for a week. I also came to know that this sister, with her meager salary and by eating once a day, is taking care of this girl’s medical expenses.

What sort of a miracle is the Sage going to create to save this girl, I thought and prayed to Him and Shri Hanuman and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The Sage outlined the girl’s past life’s stories and said that this girl will continue to live and that an unknown person will provide her kidney and so not to fear. Though He said these words, I myself felt that the reply was not so satisfactory. When will she get the help? Who is the person? From where will he come? How will he help? Till then, will this girl be able to survive? Will the help be in the form of money or a donation of kidney? There were no answers for these questions from Agastya Muni.

How many ever times I asked these questions, the reply were the same. So I consoled the sister and this girl and send them off. For the remaining of the day, the girl’s face kept coming in my mind.

Four months passed by.

On that day, somehow, the messages I received were just the opposite from being a good news.

With a half-mind, when I opened the Jeeva Nãdi, I heard a voice at the entrance. The sister alone was standing there. I consoled myself and prepared to receive what she was going to say.

“How is your sister Amma?” I asked.

“She is doing good. It has been two months since the kidney operation took place. I came here to convey this news to you”

“Can you please repeat that clearly again?”

She repeated the same, with happiness.

As per me, it could have been four months since the girl could’ve passed away. But as Agastya Muni said, she survived. How was this possible? I invited the girl inside and asked how this miracle happened. I have given here what exactly she said.

“I went to a magazine’s office to advertise requesting help. On the way, I met the sister of my sister’s husband and I explained my sister’s condition to her. I do not know what she felt. She took me to a person, a Government Doctor. He listened to my story and asked me to take my sister to the hospital. I took my sister there the next day itself. He carried out various tests and said if the relative of someone who has died unnaturally comes forward and if the kidney and blood matches with your sister’s, then we can do the transplantation”

I got excited.

“But five days passed by and nothing happened. I began to worry and prayed to Agastya Muni”.

On the sixth day morning.

The parents of a young man who died in an accident agreed to donate his organs and so the kidney was transplanted to my sister. Agastya’s words became true. My sister is recovering fast now” – she concluded.

This has happened as if like a cinema and this indeed is a miracle, I said to myself. But I wanted to ask the Maha Muni himself and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Those who seek the guidance of Agastya Muni do get doubtful when it takes a little while to happen as We said. We will forgive them. But my beloved son, you, have doubted the sayings of Agastya. Even now, you are doubtful as to how it happened.


From now on for the next 27 days, I will not appear for you and give clairvoyance to anyone. Not only that, you must do pradakshina (circumambulate) on the Aru Padai Veedu (the six sacred temples of Lord Subramanya namely Thiruparangundram, Thiruthani, Swami Malai, Thiruchendur, Pazhamudhir Cholai and Pazhani) and do 108 namaskaram (prostration) at my shrines there. Else, Agastya will not remain with you” – the Sage whipped me!

As there was no other go, only after I visited the Aru Padi Veedu and prostrated before the shrine of Agastya Muni for 108 times in each shrines that the Maha Muni came back to me!

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 37 – seemingly unrelated reply

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

An elderly person of about 70 years came along with a young man, on his thirties, both their faces had a layer of unhappiness. Indeed, those who visit a hospital won’t wear silk saree and dress up well. Just as so, those who come for Jeeva Nãdi reading come here to get rid of their most pressing issue, I thought.

“He is my only son, born after a long time. He is stuck in a great problem. Only Agastya Muni can save him” – his voice choked with emotion, he pleaded with folded hands. His son seemed educated but his unshaven face appeared very disturbed and tired, as if he hasn’t slept for quite some time.

“What is the problem?” – I asked the son.

He smiled a little but never replied. The father said to me to ask Agastya Muni Himself on what the problem is!

“Me asking Agastya Muni is an option indeed. But what is in it for me? You came here seeking a remedy for your trouble. If you tell me what it is, I can request Agastya Muni for a remedy and convey it to you, that’s all I can do”.

“You’re saying so, but as per the information I got, they all said that the Muni will tell us everything and that we don’t have to open our mouth at all?”

“Those who get such a bhagyam (a blessing), they are lucky indeed. This however depends on the attitude, faith and truthfulness in those who come here. If you tell a lie here, Agastya Muni will tell “lies” to test you. If you think of testing Him, for sure He will test you!” – said I.

The father kept quiet for sometime. “He is stuck in a great trouble and should be relieved off it. That is all” – he said the same thing again.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi without replying him.

Let him come and see Agastya in about 48 days” – came the sole reply from Agastya Muni!

“What is this sire? Nothing came out?” said the father.

“Agastya Muni does not say anything without a reason. Please come back in 48 days as said” – I said. The moment I said this, the father became frustrated at me.

“It is my mistake that I came here, trusting you. You will collect information from ourselves and “reply” to ourselves it seems. Since I did not mention what my problem is, you could not say anything and are chasing me out to come back after 48 days. I have never seen such a fraudulent act like this. Total fraud” – he scolded and burst out of the place.

The lad went along with his father with his head bowing down. Never spoke anything!

I was heart-broken. However, I remained silent thinking that this is yet another play of Agastya Ma Muni. Another person came in with a paper, to write down whatever Agastya Muni will tell him. I began to read the Nãdi with half a mind, without even asking who he was etc. Agastya Muni began to give answers, which seemed totally unrelated, totally!

He is a thief who got addicted to drugs, went to a foreign land to accumulate wealth. He acted in pornographic movies along with the prostitutes of that foreign land, displaying the sutra of Vatsyayana, only in the sense of vulgarity. Though he accumulated a lot of money on the sin he committed, the moment he stepped on the land of the Brave Man of Maharashtra (Chatrapathi Shivaji), he got caught with all his movies he bought. He somehow escaped and came here to Tamil Nadu only this morning.

The police is searching for him. He will get caught in a few hours and will spend some time behind the bars. He will come back only to Agastya after 48 days, after getting a temporary bail out. The father who blamed and accused Agastya will get paralytic attack. He will be saved after he prayed to Agastya!” – the reply was as hot as firing, in a swift manner.

To put shortly, the son of the old man who came before went to a foreign land, accumulated wealth by acting in porn movies, got addicted to drugs and smuggled those movies to India to sell them, where he got caught by the airport authorities. He somehow escaped. His father knew all this but still he kept quiet and wanted to get Agastya Muni’s words.

Hope the readers understood now. Everything is ok, but why didn’t the Muni convey this to the father himself? More so, why is he saying all this to a person totally unrelated? I could not understand this at all. I was shocked to know that the information supposed to be given to a person, is being revealed to another. This person, without a startling is writing down all that came from the Maha Muni! This disturbed me very much.

“O Sir. There seems to be some mistake here. The clairvoyance that came is for the person who came before you. Please tear this off and tell me what you want to ask. I shall seek the words of Agastya Muni” – I said.

But what I saw, this person began to cry profusely, neither retaliated to what I said, nor did he tear down the paper!!!

He fell at my feet suddenly.

“Sire! What Agastya Muni said is all true. The father who came before is actually mine. The lad who went along with my father is my own brother. He studied BE and was a responsible engineer. His good looks got him to the addiction of girls. Someone told him that he can earn a lot of money if he acts in porn movies in foreign land. He went there and got entangled in that dangerous group. He earned a lot of money and while coming back, he got caught. We know that the police is searching for him too” – said he!

“Your father does not believe in Nãdi is it?”


“Your brother?”

“He is out of any question as he is addicted to drugs already. It was me who asked them to come to you. I knew that my father will have a lose-talk. Hence I followed him. Now, what is the parihaar (remedial measure) to be done to save my brother? Can my dad be saved from the paralytic attack too” – he asked.

As he spoke ill of Agastya Muni, the father will get its punishment for sure. For the remaining question, come after 48 days. Hereafter, do not send people who do not have faith in Agastya Muni” – said the Maha Muni!

This person should have bought his brother directly without sending him with his dad, I felt sad.

The forty ninth day…

The father and the son of drug came back. The father could not talk and above all, he could barely walk as two others helped him to be carried. He could not fold his legs or stretch. His words were gibberish and tears covered his eyes. He could not even fold his hands in the gesture of salutation.

I asked them what happened.

Right after six hours of visiting here, the police arrested the drug-boy in case of pornography. He was in gail and got bail just two days back. The father who witnessed all this got high blodd pressure which resulted in a mild-paralytic attack. He has come back here, with faith, once he saw his son getting bail. Overall, whatever the Muni mentioned has turned out to be true in their cases. The son of drugs asked as to what the future holds.

As he acted in porn movies in that foreign land, though he escaped now, he has to get the punishment for his acts here” – said the Muni, and suggested a few herbs to be prescribed to get rid of the drug-addiction. For the father, he suggested a herb variety that grows only in Podhigai Hills. Though he was graduated as a BE engineer, his acts got him lose his job. He was behind the bars for sometime too. Now he has a business of selling religious items. He is out of the drug addiction now. The father walks without anybody’s help now. One can see him with the holy ash on his forehead and Rudraksha bead in his neck!

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – Episode 17 – you are responsible for your fate

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Just ask Agasthiya Muni if we are blessed to have a child” came a frustrated middle aged couple. It appeared whoever says anything, they just believed them and had spent a lot of money on doing remedial measures (Parikaram) with no effect.

The male was 52 years old and the lady was around 43. As per the medical norms, the lady wasn’t fit enough to beget a child. But still, they waited with faith due to their longing for a child.

“I checked Agasthiya’s Ganda Nãdi. He asked us to do a few parikarams which we did, but there wasn’t any effect” they complained. I listened to these patiently and I felt a little grief when they complained about that Nãdi. I consoled myself as the Nãdi they mentioned was Ganda Nãdi and not Jeeva Nãdi.

Then I began to read Nãdi for them.

One’s parents were involved in killing the fetus, the other one’s parents separated a monther and child, didn’t let couples to be together, destroyed ant-hills* to construct house were the reason. This eventually became a brahma-hathi dosha which affects the third generation” – said the Sage. [* it is a practice to worship the ant-hills as the home of Naga Devatha]

Fate is nothing but this!

Right after I read this, their first question was this: “if it affects the third generation, then how come all my siblings are happy with their off-springs?  Why should it affect only us? We cannot believe this” – they both said at once.

“If you do not believe, just leave it” – said I.

“Ok, what indeed is the remedy for this, can you say?”

When I began to read about going to Rameshwaram for doing Thila-Tharpanam as a parikaram for the brahma-hathi dosha, they said they already had done that before even I completed.

Though they did the parikaram with the proper rules, there were a few mantras which was not uttered in the way it is to be, so the dosha still remains” – said Agastya Muni.

“In that case, should we go to Rameshwaram again?” – they asked hopelessly.

That is up to you. We would not intervene in these” – said the Sage.

“Is there anything else to do as parikaram or prayers?”

Later, pray to Naga Devatha for forty five days and install (do Pradishtai) it in your Kula-Devatha’s temple”.

“We did that as well, in SriKalaHasti”


“About 12 years back”


They said they made a Naga in silver and did a homa in SriKalaHasti and had put that in the temple hundi.

As they were answering even before any reply that came out of Nãdi, there wasn’t any responses from the Sage for a few hours. Generally, He clarifies me well in advance when I read Nãdi. As it were Deva-Rahasya, I do not disclose it to others. Others may think that it was purposefully hidden, but it is not the truth. If warranted, He discloses them in advance too. Had they come to test the Sage, the replies will come only accordingly.

As the couple kept stressing that even after doing all the parikarams, they weren’t blessed with a child, the Sage said “wait and see, we shall explain it later“.

If He says that they do have such a blessing, they may feel a lot relieved, I felt agonized. Why did the Sage asked to wait for a few hours, my mind began its haywire journey.

A few hours went by.

They do have a blessing for a child” – said the Sage in one word.

“When?” – for this the Sage asked them to come after forty days. I felt that still they didn’t feel the complete faith in Agastya Nãdi.

Forty five days passed by.

As foretold, just the husband came back. I didn’t ask why the wife didn’t accompany and I opened the Nãdi.

Even as per your fate, there isn’t a blessing for a child. But all the prayers you had mentally and the remedies you performed, have altered your fate and hence, there will be a change in the physical body. Only with that miracle, it is possible to get conceived at any age. I could have said that forty five days ago, you may feel why I didn’t.

At first, the parikarams were not done with total faith. It was the first mistake to do these parikarams half-heartedly as to why should we do these for such a thing. Second, remedies done in a hurry, done with calculating the money and they were not done completely either. Third, the person who did these parikarams did not utter those mantras properly. Fourth, all the remedies you performed had some impurities mixed, which you may not know. This is why the Puthra-Bhagyam is keep getting postponed, which could have happened very long back”

“Your Mother, who prayed to God for years together, observed many a vigil for you to be blessed with a child, the Mother who passed away an year and a half back, she, is going to appear in your wife’s womb. But for the lady who prayed only for you, kept vigils, neither you or your wife speak to her in kind, loving words, you had always spoken harshly to her. You had wounded her by your words. As a gratitude, name your daughter with your Mother’s. Also, observe the thithi of your Mother in a grand manner. If you do these wholeheartedly, this child will stay” – concluded the Sage.

He was listening to all these with tears brimming. Many a months passed by.

Just as the Sage mentioned, the lady gave birth to a daughter, which surprised the doctors themselves. As per the Sage’s clairvoyance, he named his daughter after his Mother’s, who was born on the same star as that of the Mother. That daughter is now healthily growing up in a prime place in Chennai.

~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha–11 – the law of cause and effect

[Slightly long, but very interesting!]

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While I was taken aback by surprise, ‘to go to Badrachalam and I will have Sri Rama’s darshan?!!!”, the door was knocked but the knocking pattern was with a difference. “Badrachalam, Sri Rama’s darshan, door being knocked”, my mind was restless. When I opened the door, there stood an Ambassador car on which a middle aged man was seated. He appeared wealthy whose driver was the one who knocked the door.

“Who are you?” – asked I.

The driver was very pious, “Our Sir has come to see you, from a distant place”

“Please ask him to come in” – I said.

“Sir, he cannot, if you could please come, sit near him and talk, it would be very good” – said the driver in a feeble tone.

“Who is he? Why does he want to see me” – I asked him again.

“Please do not mistake me, and ask these details yourself to our Sir” – he sort of persuaded me.

“Ok” – I walked hesitantly towards the car.

“Greetings O Sire!” saluted the person with folded hands.

I greeted him back and said “why don’t you come in, we can sit comfortably and talk”

He was hesitant and was silent for a while. He then revealed his legs from the dhoti, some creamy medicine had been applied there.

“What, are you hurt?”

“No, I don’t know how to say. But suddenly both my legs have become numb. I cannot walk without help. Can’t walk even with a walking-stick” he said with tears in eyes. I was shocked.

“If you wouldn’t mind, we can talk in this car. Else, in seeking Shri Agastya’s guidance, if I must come in, I will, somehow, anyhow” – he requested with utmost respect.

“It’s ok, I shall speak to you right here in the car, I sat near him. “How did it happen? Right from the birth?”

“No. About two months back when I was visiting my petroleum company, my legs became numb all of a sudden. I couldn’t even get down from the car. It began to pain suddenly and was excruciating. I went to the doctor. He gave a number of medicines, took a series of tests for a month, the pain reduced but the legs remained numb”

“What did the doctor say indeed?”

“This cannot be cured of medicine, treatment or physio-therapy, but had to get cured of itself. Pray to God and continue to take the medicines, is what every doctor says”.

He couldn’t even complete those sentences as tears fell off his eyes and he frequently wiped his eyes with a towel.

After a brief silence, “what can I do for this?” – I asked.

He then held both my hands together as if requesting and said “Please read the Jeeva Nãdi for me and request Sage Agastya how these legs can be cured. I have come from Madurai just for this”

This kind of made me a little inconvenient. I wanted to help him somehow and so I requested him to be seated in the car and decided I should seek Agastya Muni’s approval and then to read Nãdi for him. I took the Jeeva Nãdi from Puja Room and requested the Sage if He can provide a clairvoyance on curing this person’s legs.

Sage Agastya began to narrate about this person swiftly.

“He is Somasundaran who came up in life after great struggle. About two years back, he started accumulating money in short-cut means. With that money and influence, he started many a businesses at various places, they grew well too and he gained a lot of money.

Whenever he struggles, he used to pray to God earnestly. Once there was surplus money flow, he forgot the Almighty and ignored the parents. He didn’t even consider them. He consumed alcohol and hurt his mother in whatever ways he could, he even kicked her with those legs! They bore all these and even prayed to God for him. Somasundaram did not pay heed to these but made fun out of them. With this, he began to get bad company too. Even this can be ignored, but the torture he gave to an eighteen year old lad made even God furious. Here he is, bearing the fruits of his act, as though he lost both his legs”said the Siddha!

“How indeed did he tortured that lad?”

“He asked him to steal an idol from a temple for which the lad refused. He was thoroughly alcoholised and kicked the lad screaming ‘you servant dog’ and spoke words that none could bear. The lad who got kicked at his stomach struggled for his life and the effect Somasundaram bears is of the lad’s curse”explained Agastya Muni.

On hearing this, “why should I help this guy who tortured so much? Let him bear the fruits of his fate, what big deal?” – I felt.

“Did the young chap die?” – I wanted to ask this but kept quiet. Agastya Muni continued, “Do you know why I tell you these in advance? Do not think that those who commit a sin lives happily. No one else knows when and how Bhagwan pays them back other than the Munis and Siddhas.

“There is a reason for why I reveal you what I know. This is a Deva Ragasya. Affix this in your mind. It is not good to reveal this to anyone till I approve and if you do so….my Jeeva Nãdi won’t be with you!”ordered the great Sage.

Why am I opening my mouth? “Very well” I nodded and placed this request thinking it is the right time. “In all the Olai Suvadi (palm leaves), You speak as in Venpa. Those who know Venpa is very less and many a people say that they could not understand what You say if you say in this literature Tamil. I am required to explain them and translate it with a dictionary. Even this is doubtful if it validates what You reveal correctly”

“What do you want me to do?” – the Sage.

“When I read the Nãdi on behalf of You, let the words be revealed in the Tamil language that is of the present age. Please approve of this”

“I wrote the grammar for good Tamil. Can you ask me such a thing?” – said the Sage.

“I plead you, please accept this request and reveal Your clairvoyance in a Tamil that everyone understands” – a brief moment passed by in silence.

Then the great Sage accepted. What more of a pride do I need?!

So be it! From this Somasundaran, you may see my clairvoyance in simple Tamil” – He blessed me.

Within this, the driver came in search for me as it was a while that I had been in. I took the Nãdi and went to the person who was eagerly awaiting in the car.

He was eagerly expecting that I will tell him some ‘good news’. “Did you ask the Sage? Did He say that my legs will be cured?”

“He said a lot. Let that be. In the recent times, did you kick anyone out of anger?”


“You did, you kicked your own Mother”


“Think well and say. Not being yourself, did you kick her ‘by mistake’, not knowingly?”

He became a little uncomfortable and began to think deeply. Then he said “out of anger I did do it sometimes, but no one has been affected” – he was adamant.

I realized it is not going to be useful to waste time and mentioned to him what Agastya Muni told me, superficially and asked “is that lad still alive or not?”

He could not speak as he was shocked. He bowed down and said “yes, he’s alive, but I don’t know where he is”

“Ok. Are you ready to find out where he is and take care of his future till the end?”

“Why should I help him till the end? How is this related to what I have with my legs?” – he was bewildered.

“Let us ask your question to the Sage Himself” saying this, I opened the Nãdi and began to read.

Just as He promised, as against the classic Tamil Venpa form that used to appear, Sage Agastya started mentioning his clairvoyance in a simple Tamil for Somasundaram. 

“Born in the Kataka rasi under Ayilya star, you began to accumulate ill-gotten money and became rich. Out of the pride, power and money, you forgot the past. You took pattai soru (food given in small amounts in leaf plates, sort of) for 4 Annas (a denomination of those days) in Meenakshi Amman temple and remained hungry for the half the days, which We know. But you forogt all these”

“Money bloated. Your flabby flesh with bad company combined with a rotten brain bloated in a different way. You kicked your own Mother who came to advice you which she bore. But how is it fair to kick that servant boy?”

“The boy Murugan was poverty ridden and struggling for everyday’s meal whom you appointed for work. Somebody compelled you to smuggle a temple idol to a “Milecha’s country” and you agreed as you were alcoholised. You compelled this boy Murugan to steal the same Murugan idol which he worships everyday. He did not obey and out of frustration, you kicked him right on his stomach. He collapsed where you got him admitted in a hospital saying he fell down from somewhere and you escaped. Out of your fear, Murugan fled from there and his family suffered greatly because of this.”

The boy’s poverty striken parents, got another blow of their son absconding that made them lose their mind and are roaming in the streets. This bad karma got to you as well. Their’s and Murugan’s curse, the attempt to steal the idol of deity, all these made your leg hang lose as lifeless. If you find where the boy is and apologize to him for all your deeds, this disease will go off.

Fall in his feet and beg for apology. Help him to live peacefully till his end. Get his parents who are roaming insane treated and protect” – slashed and roared the Agastya Muni upon hearing which the rich man was fear-stricken totally.

“How and where will I search for Murugan?” – he asked. The Sage replied to this also.

“Listen, let me tell you, Murugan is right in the Kalayar Temple at Sivagangai Seemai. He is trembling out of fever and is lying down in the temple Mandapa. Go and find him there and save him and if you did not do so……” paused the Muni and said very slowly “the state of your legs will spread to your hands as well”.

“Is this the only remedy?” asked the rich man.

Sage Agastya announced “Yes, protect the boy Murugan and I shall protect you!

The moment Agastya Muni said “protect the boy Murugan and I shall protect you!”, this man bid farewell to me with folded hands and set forth to Sivagangai. He reached the Kalayar temple in 10
hours time and got his assistant to search for the boy but he could not be found. He inquired about this boy to those who came to the temple, to the priest and everyone else but could not locate the
whereabouts of the boy.

Somasundaram didn’t know what to do. He became very upset and felt “what sort of a testing is this?”


There came an old man who offers flowers to the temple. Somasundaram thought of asking him also, just in case and inquired. The old man said “Oh, that boy! He is with me at my house. He was lying down here for 4 days without having any food. He was feverish and blabbering last night. I went near him and touched him only to know that his body was so very hot. I felt sorry for him and took him to a doctor. Now he is better. Are you related to that boy somehow?”

“I shall tell you who I am a little later, but I must see that boy at once” said Somasundaram.

“Very well, my house is just near the temple, let’s go” the old man proceeded towards his house after offering the flower-basket to the temple. Somasundaram duly followed in his car. There lied Murugan like he was torn apart, wrapped in a woolen blanket on a mat. The fever had reduced and there wasn’t any blabbering. The tumbler and a vessel indicated that he has taken some rice gruel.

With the help of the driver and walking stick, Somasundaram entered the house, saw Murugan and shed tears, unknowing to himself. He touched him slowly and gently stroked his face. Murugan woke up as something cold fell on his face and was shocked to see Somasundaran sitting right in front. He was speechless and scared in fact, thinking that he had come to hurt him again.

“Do not worry, Muruga” said Somasundaram with affection, ‘come with me, I shall take you to the hospital, everything will be alright. Do not worry about what happened the other day”. Murugan could not believe this.

The florist old man emboldened Murugan. He was quiet for a while and he went along with Somasundaram in his car. The florist got in the car as well, as a company. Murugan was thinking
constantly as to whether its a dream or so and how did Somasundaram become good. Is this for his good or bad etc. He had an affection towards the florist who saved him and so he requested him to stay along throughout.

He got treated in a private hospital in Madurai and became alright in 3 days. Somasundaram got him a rented house, made arrangements for his food, clothing etc and took very good care of him. Will this last? Why is Somasundaram doing all these? Murugan kept on thinking and lived there with a sort of fear. Once he became alright healthwise, the florist old man who stayed along bid farewell and returned to Sivagangai.

As a prayaschitta (remedy) for all the sins he committed to Murugan, Somasundaram began his search for his parents. He came to know that they are at the steps that leads to the Mariamman temple tank, having lost their minds. He went with his men and brought them in his car, made arrangements for their treatment and took care of their conveniences as well. All these took Murugan to surprise. What a big shot this Somasundaram is, why is he doing all these, he saved me first and now he found my parents and is helping them too – Murugan was very happy. But at the same time, he did have the same fear as to where all these will lead to.

Having said these –

Somasundaram began to feel depressed within that he did have completed all that Sage Agastya mentioned, but there wasn’t any improvement in his legs. What if the clairvoyance of the Sage falsifies? If so, what will be my condition? Should I have to live with this disability till my end? etc. Slowly the faith he had in the Sage’s words began to fade.

Twenty two days passed by.

I cannot wait any longer. Let me have the Nãdi read again just in case and check what the Sage says, thought Somasundaram and as a reflex, got up!

Lo and behold!

Without the walking stick, without anybody’s help, Somasundaram was standing and began to walk. He pinched himself to see if its indeed true. He could just not bear the happiness that the case that the doctors dropped, has been cured by Agastya Muni. He also felt blissful that God had shown him such immense mercy in spite of him having committed such hideous sins.

He decided that he must follow the spiritual path and do dharmic seva. The punishment given by God for planning to smuggle the idol has been nullified by the Sage’s mercy – Somasundaram felt so blissful that he planned to construct many a temple for Sage Agastya in various places.

For the boy Murugan who gave him the wisdom and for his parents, he made all arrangements for theirstay and for a permanent income. He narrated all these stories when he came to meet me along with
Murugan and asked him to pay his respects to me. Today, Somasundaram walks in the streets of Madurai without anybody’s help and with great health. He tells others that it is Sage Agastya who changed his life, happily.

~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 5


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

There are many a types of inconveniences in reading Naadi. Those who come will want to read it right away, some suspect that it is not coming in Classic Literature Tamil. They just forget what Agasthiya is saying. Some won’t believe if the name of their parents, brother, sister etc does not come. Moreover, they expect Agasthiyar to open up all the secrets about whomever they are thinking about in their minds. Their expectation is that Agasthiyar should come forward and tell everything proactively and if not, they brand it as fake.

Gaanda Naadi and Jeeva Naadi are different. Still, they relate the Gaanda Naadi and Jeeva Naadi and say, “in that Naadi, it came out that way, this doesn’t say so?”

The Tamil word Naadi has many meanings on which primarily it means “to search” and “pulse”. So if someone “searches for” and come down directly to those who read, they get good answers. If they ask someone to get answers on behalf, it does not bear good results. Some do not believe this either. I face many such trouble.

But the person who came to read Naadi that too after consuming poison shook me very much.

“What happened to you?” – I asked in a hurrying tone.

“I consumed poison”


“I don’t feel so good”

“Ok! Why should you come here for that?”

“To see Naadi”


“Why? Agasthiyar won’t say?”

“I need to ask. But before that, you need to get admitted in a hospital and cure yourself” – I said.

“No! I need to see Naadi right away” – he persisted.

“Sir, you look elder, first please go to the hospital. Then I will come there itself to read Naadi” – I begged fearfully.

My scared look and begging must have been hilarious to him as he laughed aloud but the foam that came out of his mouth was more than the laughter where the bluish-black color was visible even at that evening. I got scared that the poison’s effect might have increased. Whatever it is, this person is going to “go” in half an hour’s time.

I will get caught if something happens – this thought made me shake terribly. I even thought of taking him to the hospital by force but no one was nearby to help. But even if I convince him and take him there, there will be thousands of questions, the police might even have an inquiry with me.

“Are we here to read Naadi or to answer others? Why am I being tested so?” – I felt so pressurized. I didn’t even ask that elderly person to sit, and he too was standing while he was talking.

“So…tell me, can you read Naadi for me or not?”

This got me frustrated but I managed somehow. “At this moment, at this situation, I cannot read Naadi for you”.

“Ok. Can you get just one information for me?”

“What do you want?”

“Now that I have taken this poison. Will I stay alive or die? Just ask this from Agasthiyar!”

He spoke with clarity and determination and never seemed like he consumed the poison. It was me who felt I have done so.

“Hello! Please ask Agasthiyar already! The stomach and intestine is burning” – he threatened.

Frustrating it was.

“I am telling you know! Just ask this one question from Naadi. I will go” – he was adamant.

“You asked one question and I will answer just that. But you should be gone right after the answer” – even I was firm. It will be a great relief if this person goes away, I felt. I asked him to sit down and took bath quickly, took the Naadi from the Pooja room and came out. I even prayed to Agasthiyar that nothing harmful should happen. Thankfully, nothing has happened to him.

When the Olai was about to be opened, the person who was alright so far was about to puke. With his dizzy eyes and his body began trembling, “Alright, there may not be a need to read him Naadi as something not so good is about to happen” – I thought and began to close the olai suvadi (the palm leaves).

“Will I stay alive or not? Read” – this person was adamant enough and so I began to read the Naadi.

This was told just to me as a Deyva Ragasya.

This person is a Shiva Bhaktha. He struggled to come up in life, started his business near Coimbatore. The angel of good fortune was with him where he became very rich pretty soon. He got married but had no kids and this became the difference of opinion between the spouses. Taking advantage of this, the relatives started confusing the couple from their part.

Even if he has all the wealth now, he came out of the house one night without anyone knowing. As he roamed like a beggar, his relatives and his wife thought that he is dead and have divided all the property among themselves“…Agasthiya narrated his pastime life. I just mentioned to the person on what the sage said “he sure will live“, but he wasn’t ready to believe it.

A illustration of how the letters might appear in Jeeva Naadi.

A illustration of how the letters might appear in Jeeva Naadi.

With a smile, he opened the pesticide again. I got scared, totally.

I only mentioned “Agasthiyar has told that you will live” without saying anything about his past life because when I read Agasthiyar Naadi, He will mention a short description about the person who is in front of me. As he says that as ‘Deyva ragasya”, I never use to mention this to anyone.

“Even if you have consumed poison, you will stay alive” – I pleaded him to go to the hospital.

“You should tell me properly. What did the sage say? Read it again” – he said.

I got frustrated. There is a saying back home. The snake that coiled the leg won’t leave without biting (literal translation) – I scolded him in my mind and I read what Agasthiyar told – “He will live for sure“.

“I don’t believe this” – he said and suddenly opened the pesticide bottle and swallowed the remaining poison!

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 1 – The Grand Beginning!

Om Ganeshaya Namaha 

O Agasthiya Muni, let thy grace fall on us always!

When Shri Karthikeyan started Siththan Arul series in Tamil, it gained so much of popularity that we started looking forward to Thursdays, when it’s gets published. For many of us, reading that post topped the task list for the day. Reason? Simple. It contains truth. It contains divinity. It contains simplicity. It is the narration of a person who devoted his life towards Siththar Agasthiyar’s Nadi that bestowed His grace to people who were in need, people who were desperate, more so to people who had faith and were deserving. All the great truths of the world are simple, but they are profound. This series is no exception. Plus, it fills the heart with so much of awe that it happened here in our time, just recently!

The incidents are full of thrills, suspense and turn of events that gives goose pimples. However, we feel the protective warmth from the Maha Muni Agasthiyar whilst reading them and so it is very comforting. It is like He talks to you directly. The series in Tamil, the oldest language known to mankind, combined with the extraordinary narrating skills of Shri Karthikeyan puts us right there in the scene, beautifully.

And there was this feeling that our beloved readers who are yet to learn Tamil were not able to enjoy this “must read” posts. Though reading them in Tamil is the most wonderful experience one can get, we have tried our best to give these series in simple English. We earnestly pray to the Sage to bless us with all that is required to take this up, continue and complete. Om.

Siththan Arul – 1

Many know about Naadi. There are countless wonders in Tamil Nadu and Naadi is definitely one of them. These are written by Siddhas for the mankind to know about their past or future, only accurately. It is so wonderful that many a people followed the revelations and remedies that came out of Naadi to solve the issues they faced and to know more about themselves.

Who are these Siddhas?

The term Siddha came from the word Siddhi, meaning – enlightenment, paranormal power etc. Those who possesses this are Siddhas. They are aware of the trikala aka past, present and the future. They are Jnanis. Just like a CEO has secretaries, they are the prophets of God. A lot many people, in spite of their earnest prayers to God that did not bore fruits for reasons known only to the Almighty, prayed to these Siddhas and benefited through them. We do not know if any such thing happens anywhere in the world. May be it is the Almighty’s will to bestow His grace through these Siddhas.

What is a Naadi?

The Siddhas requested God once that whoever searches for them, surrenders to them, however cruel or crooks they might have been in their previous births, should be saved by God in this birth. God accepted their request. The Siddhas at once wrote solutions to many a types of problems in palm leaves, called beautifully as Olai Suvadi in Tamil. They wrote them in literature Tamil. Such Olai Suvadi’s are called as Naadi. There is a thumb-rule though. If one has a problem, then one must surrender to the Siddhas. They won’t be searching for those in trouble. Jeeva Naadi literally can mean that it is the Naadi with life.

Now let’s see some incidents.

This wise man has devoted his life for the welfare of mankind. He was blessed with the Jeeva Naadi, the olai suvadi and the responsibility of reading Naadi. He used to read out from the Naadi to those who approach him with such a request. Let us see the incidents from his narrations itself.

It was about 9 in the morning, a Friday. I came out after having completed my regular worship of Sage Agasthiyar. There stood a young couple at my door, tensed yet pitiful. I called them in and asked,

What’s the matter?”

We want to see the Naadi” – seeing Naadi means they want to know what Naadi has to say for them.

Regarding?” I asked.

The Sage Agasthiya knows why! Please could you read the Naadi without refusal?” – the couple said.

The Naadi I have is Jeeva Naadi. It cannot be read just like that. I will first seek the approval from Agasthiya. I will read if he wills” – I said, while checking the calendar as the Sage does not bestow clairvoyance on Ashtami, Navami thidhi, and on days of Karthigai (Krithika), Barani stars. I mentioned this thidhi details to them saying “Today, Agasthiya won’t give any clairvoyance and even if I read, I am not sure if there will be anything good that will come out. So, I can read if you come after two days” – trying to pacify them.

The couple were almost on tears. “It is far away where we came from and it’s not feasible to return. We somehow have to get a reply from Agathiyar. We believe he wouldn’t say anything wrong for He only can remove our grievance.

When I said “I understand your position. Possibly you can see anyone else who reads Naadi?”, they said adamantly “no no, it is through you that we have to see the Naadi“.

Jeeva Naadi is not like any other Naadi. Sage Agathiyar’s consent is a must to read it. Events of things not working out as it should when Naadi was read in these Thidhis were many. It’s ok if something did not go right. Worse fear is, what if the straight opposite happens? But I thought there must be something as they were insisting me on reading Naadi, so I thought “Alright. Let’s pray to Agathiyar. Let him bless them if they have the bhagyam (blessing)” I opened the Naadi and read.

You want to ask about your daugher who is missing from the past two days, isn’t it so?” – I asked them based on what I read in the Naadi.

They burst out crying.

Yes! Where is the child now? When will we get her? Is she alive?” they asked eagerly.

The child is alive indeed” – their face reflected the grievance lessened at once. “No issues on the life span of the child. If you want her back, you must visit
Thirupathi within 8 hours!” – I said.

What?! They took our child to Thirupathi? Where will we search going there?” – the parents lamented with worry.

If you take a bus from here, its 4 hours. From there if you walk towards path to ascend the Hill, Muzhangal Mudichu Gopuram comes. Your child is there in a corner of that Gopuram. The person who took your child will stay at Thirupathi for 2 days. Within that you can save her with the help of the police.” – I narrated the couple what Sage Agasthiyar explained in detail in Jeeva Naadi!

We shall go at once!

Why kidnap their kid? Who is he? Probably an issue with property” – I thought. But it wasn’t the truth.

Agasthiyar said in the Naadi “He was told by someone that if he sacrifices the child to Badra Kali, he will get treasure. So to seize the treasure, this sinner has committed such a brutal act“. The couple does not know why their kid was kidnapped. Agasthiyar has shown them good on an Ashtami day, for the first time, I thought.

I received a shocking information in the evening!

~ to be continued…