The Grace of Siddha – 29 – one in a lakh

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Those who gets the mercy of the Siddhas, they get the effect right then. But some do not receive the divine mercy till the end. This is something seen out of experience. The other day, an old lady with a twelve year old girl and her mother came.

“Only you can save this child” – they started crying, with no information provided in prior.

I glanced at the girl whose face resembled a lot of grief. With a dim light in her eyes, she did not have the healthy look of a twelve year old. It occurred that she suffers from some serious disease. She did not open her mouth and so were the ladies. They both sat with their heads down.

“If you give any details, I shall see if I can ask the Sage Agastya to see if there is any remedy”

“We are not in a position to say anything. Please ask the Sage yourself” – they said.

This is a typical dilemma. They are not going to open their mouth. Let us ask the Maha Muni Himself, I began to open the Jeeva Nãdi.

There are three who are born in the Ayilya star. Let one of them stay out. Then shall we say about the girl’s future.” – said Agastya Muni.

I closed the Nãdi and asked them on the star in which they were born. One said Punarvasu. The other one said Thiruvadhirai with the girl herself being born at Ayilya.

I got confused. They are reporting three different starts but the Maharshi says they all are of the same star. If the person of Ayilya star has to stay out, then it is this girl herself. But they have come to seek Agastya Muni’s guidance via Jeeva Nãdi only for this girl. For a moment, I was so puzzled as to what to do.

All three had their horoscopes with them. I checked them thoroughly and it clearly mentioned Punarvasu, Thiruvadhirai and Ayilya in them. I had no choice but to seek Agastya Muni’s help. I opened the Nãdi again.

The Sage said “All three are born in Ayilya star only. As per some astrological calculations out of which it seems like they are of different stars, but they belong to Ayilya star only. We Siddhas alone know this as its a secret. Ask the old lady to sit outside. Then I shall explain.

I did just as said and the Muni started to tell about the girl.

Let one believe in Good Karma or Bad Karma or not. For this girl, if she gets wounded anywhere in her body, the blood flow cannot be stopped easily and the blood does not get clot. Sometimes, the blood flow will remain for two to three days also. Though there is a solution to this problem in Vaidya Shastra, that particular herb grows only once in twenty four years, and that too deep inside the forests of Kolli Hills, Podhigai Hills, Parvatha Hill and Chathuragiri.

Having found this, if consumed with a specific dose, this blood flow will stop. Only one in a lakh wil get such a disease. If it is a male, it can be managed somehow. But for this girl, who attained puberty just recently, the blood flow isn’t stopping as it does normally for girls. They are not able to cure this. This is the truth.

Once read, even I felt sorry for the girl.

The mensus has just started and will last for years from now. During every periods, it will take many days for the blood flow to stop. How to compensate the blood that gets wasted thus? Periods is natural but this unstoppable flow of blood?

Apart from this, if she gets married, begetting a child will then become a mammoth task by itself. First of all, who will marry her knowing this issue? I began to think all such thoughts. The girl’s mother got scared looking at me, who is quietly thinking all these.

“Sir, please tell us if there is any danger to her life” – she said with tears.

“No, no. Nothing like that. The child’s disease will be cured soon. Do not fear” – I said and rebuked her for asking such a question right in front of the girl.

“But everyone says just the same”

“Who are those ‘everyone’?”

“The doctors! They said that she has to be given blood during every periods. How can this tender body bear all that sir?” – she asked amidst tears. She could not speak further.

“No Amma (a respectful tone used when referring to ladies, as Mother). The Maha Muni has mentioned that there is a herb that can cure this disease” I consoled the lady and began to read the Nãdi again.

These particular herbs are to be collected from Chathuragiri, Podhigai hills, and Kolli hills, then washed thoroughly, and dry it in shadow. Then make a powder of the mixture (here, the sage mentions to use Ulakkai, a wooden pestle to grind the herbs). Place the mixture in beetle leaf and mix honey obtained from hills. This should be consumed thrice daily, which will take care of this disease.” – said the Sage in a marvelous manner.

Herbs from Chathuragiri, Kolli Hills and Podhigai Hills

Need it be said that the girl’s mother felt happiness knowing no bounds?

“I shall sell even my Mangalya to get this medicine. She will be cured of this anyhow right?” – she asked with so much of anxiety.

“Do not worry Amma. The Sage Agastya will NEVER forsake you” – I consoled her.

Three months passed by.

The girl and her parents came to meet me, with hapiness lingering in their faces.

“A very happy news sir! I got those medicines that Agastya Muni mentioned with difficulty. Now she does not have those unstoppable blood flow and is normal just like other girls. If she gets wounded, blood comes, but does not flow non-stop like before. Only the Sage Agastya Muni has saved this girl” – said the mother with tears in her eyes. I thanked and wondered on the grace of the Siddha Agastya, that he cured even the rarest of the diseases.

But I had a doubt. This girl never spoke to me, even when the mother shared such a happy news, I thought. Only then I came to know that she cannot speak.

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha–12 – Total transformation

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I was preparing for the arrangements to go do Badrachalam as the Sage had mentioned “Go to Badrachalam. You will get the darshan of Sri Rama!” However, whether the duo got their
medicines in Kolli Hills just how Somasundaram’s legs got cured through the grace of Siddha Agastya, these two must have benefited too, but why haven’t I got any updates so far?” – I wondered.

Just as I thought, I heard the voice “ayya (O sir!)” from the entrance. I opened the door.

There stood no one else than Madasamy, his chief and behind them stood an entire family of children, women etc. I felt something good has indeed happened. I invited them in.

They came in and at once fell at my feet, one by one. They had a huge bunch of banana, beetle leaves, beetle nuts, from a sweet shop called Lala’s sweet shop that’s famous at their place, they had bought Jilebi etc as though they were carrying the items commonly presented to the girl on her wedding!

They showed the child to me. Some herbal juice was oozing from its eyes. Madasamy came and introduced his wife to me.

“Please tell me in detail on what happened in Kolli Hills” – I asked him. He began narrating.

“Sir, we both alone went to Kolli Hills. At first, we could not find who could be that Kolli Hills Siddha. Upon inquiring with so many, somebody said that there will be a person on hill top, a further mile
distance upwards from where we were”.

We searched in two different directions and could not find any Siddha Vaidhya. Our hearts broke. But we felt “As Agastya Muni has said, it must be correct” and slept off spreading our towel in the bare ground, tired as we were roaming really well.

“You see, at that time, an old man woke me up tapping and asked “aren’t you Madasamy?”

“Yes I am sir, may I know who you are?” – I asked.

That I shall tell later. The two of you came along right?

“Yes sir”

Very well. Come with me. I shall give the medicine to your wife! I shall give it to this man’s son also. Do the treatment just as I say once you get it. Your wife will be alright and so will be his son – he said this all by himself sir!”

“I felt that this is indeed the person that Agastya Muni mentioned. But I wondered how he knew my name?!!” I bowed to him and woke up our brother (the chief). Then we followed him”

“He made us sit at the entrance of a hut and went inside, came after a little while. “Pour this herbal juice in the child’s eyes three times a day, daily. He will begin to see the 30th day. Then to get the complete eyesight back, come here and get some more herbal juice. This child will surely get his eyesight back, saying this, he gave a huge bottle full of herbal juice to brother”.

Bottle with herbs

Bottle with herbs

“For me..?” I asked. “What’s the hurry? Have a little patience, would you? yelled at me and he gave me a parcel full of some powder saying ‘here, grab hold’. I received it with utmost care and asked ‘how should we consume this?”

Mix Sendhuram and honey and take it three times a day. Do not add salt in food. You could have butter milk. Say no to coffee or tea. Two days after started consuming this, a slight fever will be there. If it does, grind this medicine with small gall-nut and take. Right on the 27th day, her heart disease will relieve her. Then she can consume anything, nothing would happen to her life” – he said“.

We prostrated before him and offered him money for which he said “this money is sinful, to kill somebody, this has been procured. I wouldn’t accept this. You may go now“, saying this, he went inside the hut only not to come out at all.

We peeped into the hut to see nobody inside! We stood there for long and then we came back to our place” – finished Madasamy.

“Very glad to know. How is your wife’s heart disease?” – I asked.

“Oh she is very fine sir. It looks like the disease is gone indeed, take a look yourself” – said Madasamy happily.

I glanced at the wife of Madasamy. The village girl’s eyes showed no sign of deceit and appeared to be recovering well also.

“How are you Amma?” – Here, this revered person denotes this lady as we do to our Mothers. This is the best part in the Indian culture, to refer the womanhood as Mothers, irrespective of their ages. The English language cannot translate it exactly. So we may say “How are you ma?” – even this appear only a distant closer.

“Sire, for eight long years, I had pain in the chest. There isn’t a doctor whom I have not checked with and there isn’t a treatment I have not undergone. My Father and brother even sold their land for my treatment but nothing worked…”

“How are you now, tell that to Sire first” – intervened Madasamy. “I took the medicine got from Kolli Hills, now I don’t have the pain, I am able to breathe really well, I am very happy O sire!” – her happiness was evident.

“Oh is it?! Very well, I am really glad to know” – I said. Then I turned towards Madasamy and said “its great that your wife is cured, and your brother’s child has got his eyesight back, well, did you visit the Kolli Hills Siddha again?”

“I went once sir, and see the surprise is, where I met him exactly, there isn’t any hut or any Siddha Vaidhya! I inquired here and there and everyone confirmed that there wasn’t any hut or a therapist who lived there!”

“Is it?!”

“Somehow, whose good-karma we don’t know, my brother’s kid got his eyesight back and my wife got cured also. So many thanks to you. We came with the family only to convey our thanks” – said

“So what are you going to do for a living henceforth? Are you going back to the old route of robbery, rowdyism and kidnap-murder etc?” – I asked sarcastically.

“O No sir! Neither me nor my brother will ever turn towards that side” said Madasamy “as you said, my brother has decided to do service in an Ashram, it is me who don’t know what to do, will you request this to the Sage Agastya?” – he asked.

I prayed to the Maha Muni for them and opened the Jeeva Nãdi. The Sage gave a few advice:

Do the Sun Prayer every Sunday. On the sixth Sunday, you both will get a good job with a very good salary, from a good place. A condition however, take a small portion from the salary you get, and give it for orphaned children’s food” – ordered the Sage.

They accepted it happily and heartily.

Just as the Muni said, both of them got a job from a very big company, that too on the sixth Sunday right after they finished their prayers. They both are sending money to orphaned children every month, owing to their gratitude towards Agastya Muni.

Through the grace of Siddha Agastya, Madasamy studied Siddha Medicine and is helping many a people heal with a smiling face till this day, is indeed a surprise. The brother of Madasamy, as his child got his eyesight back, is helping however he could for anyone who cannot afford to buy medicine for eye-related diseases. A don, involved in murder and kidnapping got transformed totally through the grace of Agastya’s divine words – I felt so proud thinking of this.

I did ask the Sage on who indeed was that Siddha Vaidhya who gave these duo the medicines another day. What the sage replied was…!

He is my beloved Shishya* Bhogan!! As per my request, He Himself went directly to provide them the medicine. This indeed is a good karma of them!” – * Shishya-disciple.

“O! So in that case, will anyone get this bhagyam (blessing)?”

Sure will. Bhoga is still roaming in Kolli Hills. Those who sincerely pray to Bhoganath, he will come in the form of some Vaidhya and treat and save their lives

“In that case, how do identify Sage Bhogar? Any therapist will appear like Bhoga Himself. How will one identify?”

There will appear a bright light in his eyes, if you smell Thulasi or the smell of Bhasm (Vibuthi / holy ash) mixed with Javvadhu (a sort of natural perfume, as said to be the secretion from civet-cat) comes, know that He is Siddha Bhoga!!!

“Oh! then the other therapist whom we might see?”

Those who are the disciples of Bhoga, well versed in Siddha Vaidhya right from their tender ages. They pray only to Bhoga and do their treatments, and so their treatment will also be fruitful” -said the Sage.

I felt a sort of peace on hearing this. Someday I should go to Kolli Hills, and have the darshan of Bhoga Muni, I desired.

The darshan of Bhogar, and the book He wrote on Palm leaves about medicine, both you will get! Having read that, you are going to write a wonderful book in the future, which will be beneficial for others” – the Sage blessed me the other day.

Go to Badrachalam. There you will witness many a surprises. You will get the darshan of Sri Rama indirectly. Do not miss this chance” – since the Sage kept on reminding me about this, I began to set forth. But just before I started, I should have asked the permission from Sage Agastya which I did not. As a result, I got stuck really.


When I went inside the temple of Badrachalam, it started raining, heavily. Due to the heavy rainfall, Godavari river flood surrounded the temple base, up to hip-level. There were water everywhere around the temple. I was stuck in the middle.

~ to be continued…

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