The Grace of Siddha – Episode 17 – you are responsible for your fate

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Just ask Agasthiya Muni if we are blessed to have a child” came a frustrated middle aged couple. It appeared whoever says anything, they just believed them and had spent a lot of money on doing remedial measures (Parikaram) with no effect.

The male was 52 years old and the lady was around 43. As per the medical norms, the lady wasn’t fit enough to beget a child. But still, they waited with faith due to their longing for a child.

“I checked Agasthiya’s Ganda Nãdi. He asked us to do a few parikarams which we did, but there wasn’t any effect” they complained. I listened to these patiently and I felt a little grief when they complained about that Nãdi. I consoled myself as the Nãdi they mentioned was Ganda Nãdi and not Jeeva Nãdi.

Then I began to read Nãdi for them.

One’s parents were involved in killing the fetus, the other one’s parents separated a monther and child, didn’t let couples to be together, destroyed ant-hills* to construct house were the reason. This eventually became a brahma-hathi dosha which affects the third generation” – said the Sage. [* it is a practice to worship the ant-hills as the home of Naga Devatha]

Fate is nothing but this!

Right after I read this, their first question was this: “if it affects the third generation, then how come all my siblings are happy with their off-springs?  Why should it affect only us? We cannot believe this” – they both said at once.

“If you do not believe, just leave it” – said I.

“Ok, what indeed is the remedy for this, can you say?”

When I began to read about going to Rameshwaram for doing Thila-Tharpanam as a parikaram for the brahma-hathi dosha, they said they already had done that before even I completed.

Though they did the parikaram with the proper rules, there were a few mantras which was not uttered in the way it is to be, so the dosha still remains” – said Agastya Muni.

“In that case, should we go to Rameshwaram again?” – they asked hopelessly.

That is up to you. We would not intervene in these” – said the Sage.

“Is there anything else to do as parikaram or prayers?”

Later, pray to Naga Devatha for forty five days and install (do Pradishtai) it in your Kula-Devatha’s temple”.

“We did that as well, in SriKalaHasti”


“About 12 years back”


They said they made a Naga in silver and did a homa in SriKalaHasti and had put that in the temple hundi.

As they were answering even before any reply that came out of Nãdi, there wasn’t any responses from the Sage for a few hours. Generally, He clarifies me well in advance when I read Nãdi. As it were Deva-Rahasya, I do not disclose it to others. Others may think that it was purposefully hidden, but it is not the truth. If warranted, He discloses them in advance too. Had they come to test the Sage, the replies will come only accordingly.

As the couple kept stressing that even after doing all the parikarams, they weren’t blessed with a child, the Sage said “wait and see, we shall explain it later“.

If He says that they do have such a blessing, they may feel a lot relieved, I felt agonized. Why did the Sage asked to wait for a few hours, my mind began its haywire journey.

A few hours went by.

They do have a blessing for a child” – said the Sage in one word.

“When?” – for this the Sage asked them to come after forty days. I felt that still they didn’t feel the complete faith in Agastya Nãdi.

Forty five days passed by.

As foretold, just the husband came back. I didn’t ask why the wife didn’t accompany and I opened the Nãdi.

Even as per your fate, there isn’t a blessing for a child. But all the prayers you had mentally and the remedies you performed, have altered your fate and hence, there will be a change in the physical body. Only with that miracle, it is possible to get conceived at any age. I could have said that forty five days ago, you may feel why I didn’t.

At first, the parikarams were not done with total faith. It was the first mistake to do these parikarams half-heartedly as to why should we do these for such a thing. Second, remedies done in a hurry, done with calculating the money and they were not done completely either. Third, the person who did these parikarams did not utter those mantras properly. Fourth, all the remedies you performed had some impurities mixed, which you may not know. This is why the Puthra-Bhagyam is keep getting postponed, which could have happened very long back”

“Your Mother, who prayed to God for years together, observed many a vigil for you to be blessed with a child, the Mother who passed away an year and a half back, she, is going to appear in your wife’s womb. But for the lady who prayed only for you, kept vigils, neither you or your wife speak to her in kind, loving words, you had always spoken harshly to her. You had wounded her by your words. As a gratitude, name your daughter with your Mother’s. Also, observe the thithi of your Mother in a grand manner. If you do these wholeheartedly, this child will stay” – concluded the Sage.

He was listening to all these with tears brimming. Many a months passed by.

Just as the Sage mentioned, the lady gave birth to a daughter, which surprised the doctors themselves. As per the Sage’s clairvoyance, he named his daughter after his Mother’s, who was born on the same star as that of the Mother. That daughter is now healthily growing up in a prime place in Chennai.

~ to be continued…

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 4


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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

All that I saw in the Agasthiyar Naadi took me to surprise!

This lad searched city after city but could not get hold of a firstborn child. He then went to a nearby town where he got to know about this girl child and he also confirmed that she was the eldest from her parents themselves. He went ahead with his plan of kidpap.

He should have taken the child straight to Badra Kali temple, but he was a little scared. Not because he was part of a terrible plan of murder, but he worried, what if Achyuthan abandons him after the plan was successful or what if he takes away all the treasure after killing him too?! Right from his childhood, he had a strong belief that if whatever he initiates has to succeed, he must pray to Thirupathi and if he does just so, the task will be successful.

So once he kidnapped the child, the thought of Tirupathi surfaced. “Let us go to Thirupathi with this child, pray and then shall we take her to BadraKali. No one should identify himself or the kid before these and so he should shave his head along with the kids’ and then set forth to the Badra Kali temple” – this was his plan.


All these became futile. He escaped and the child safely reached her parents.

“There was another reason for why the parents got back their kid alive. They were stauch devotees of Lord Thirupathi Venkatachalapathi. They do padha-yatra (walking all the way to the destination, usually done during pilgrimages) from their native to Tirupathi every year and have darshan. This kid was born after a long time due to their great devotion that they even named her Venkatamma, and had prayed to the Lord that they will bring her there and tonsure, as an indication of their gratitude and devotion. But such an incident happened with a good ending” – Sage Agasthya narrated it like a short story.

“All is ok, but that Achyutha and the lad who kidnapped the kid, isn’t there any punishment for them?” I asked for which the only reply was “Wait and see!

Now let us see Achyuthan.

He began to worry, having told this youngster to bring a firstborn child for sacrifice to beget treasure, he was happy that the lad set forth immediately believing him, but since he did not return for a good amount of time, he worried if the lad was an informer to the police. Moreover, there was no need to sacrifice anyone as he knew that he is not going to get any treasure whatsoever. So he began planning to abandon the lad. So if he acts like an occult etc he could live with authority and used the image of Badra Kali. This is the truth.

A few days went by.

On an evening, Achyuthan witnessed a few people entering the forest, armed with rifles, and got terrified. “They are going to shoot me, now I must escape this place” – he thought. With fear overcoming, he began to run like mad.

He kept running and who knows how long, he collapsed gasping.

The place where he fell….was that of a serpent’s hole and he wasn’t aware of it initially. With the force that he fell on it, a krait (black cobra) came out and bit him. Not sure how many innocents he killed mercilessly, how many cursed him, he died a cruel death with all the interest duly paid, through a snake bite.

That’s when he heard the ferocious outburst of laughter from Badra Kali and that of a child. Some say Kali is devilish. It is true. She is devilish to the devil-minded ones for how come a child-like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa saw her as the divine Bhavatharini if she is devilish?

The outburst laughter of Badra Kali heard!

The outburst laughter of Badra Kali heard!

“Just like the proverb “the mills of god grind slow but sure” – Achyuthan’s death was an example” – said the Sage later in the Naadi. I began to wonder ‘is this all true?”

Should you suspect Agasthiya?” asked the great sage and said “Let me tell you something in advance. A person will come today searching for you by around 6 in the evening. He is a millionaire but is not at peace and so is his family. He quit home. He will look like a beggar but he is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. A few miracles are about to happen in his life, that too after he visits here” said cryptically.

Many a miracles have been orchestrated by Agasthiya already, what is in store now? – I thought.

Just as the Sage said, at about 6 in the evening, a person came, reeling.

“Are you the one who reads Agasthiya Naadi” – he asked.

I nodded.

“Here, take this” – he handed over a small bottle, which bore the name “Pesticide” with half the content empty!

He was slightly foaming!

~ to be continued…

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