Even power cut is good sometimes!

I happened to visit Rameshwaram recently. Among the other beautiful things in the temple such as the world famous 3rd corridor, abhisheka to theSpatika Linga at 5 in the morning and the likewise, an incident happened whichnot only gave goosebumps but also wonder and inspiration.
The darshan of Ramanatha Swamiis done. We walk along the pathway towards Ambal’s shrine. A fairly decentcrowd. At first, the darshan happened as it were, normally. We started walkingalong the elevated wooden pathway (its a very good idea to have it before theshrine, enabling even the person at the far end have good darshan)and were slowly moving forward. 
Image Courtesy: Flickr 
Asa habit of many of us, I was moving without taking my glance out of Ambal, theMother of all creations and it happened. All of a sudden, the power went off,poof, and lo and behold! The beauty of Parvathavarthini amidst the traditionaloil lamps is beyond verbal explanations. It was as if She is suddenly there infront of us, smiling graciously at us. This mesmerizing event continued for awhile and the power came back.
I thought of Kerala where all the temples are lit up traditionally withoil lamps. Though the abundance of oil in that state gives some reasons forthis, a good thing to get inspired from them is their following of traditions.The aesthetically pleasing deitywith the sanctum sanctorum lit up using our traditional oil lamp looks faaarmore beautiful than the modern electric ones. IMHO.
Evenpower cut is good, sometimes!