The GOS 112 – Doctor Agastya!

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“I am about to perform a critical surgery. I seek the blessings of Sage Agastya.” – asked a young physician who had come from abroad.

“You are about to do a noble task. It will succeed for good. Do not worry.” – I blessed him in general.

“Your blessings encourages me indeed. But pray, please read the Nadi of Agastya as well.”

The Sage asked that a certain prayers to be done and said, “Once this is done, do the surgery and you will succeed.”

He was happy, but he still asked, “Can I go ahead and do this, with courage?” – I was frustrated a bit where I myself said, “How many ever times we ask, the answer from Agastya will be the same.”

As it was me who answered, the physician felt a little dis-heartened and he became quiet.

“Please do not mistake me. Only if the operation in that country succeeds, the hospital where I work will get its name and fame. People from all over the world will come there for treatment. If it fails, it is a great insult to me and so for the hospital. Hence, please request a blessings from Sage Agastya.” – said the doctor slowly.

Some issue is there, otherwise he wouldn’t ask the same question again, I understood and so I opened the Nadi again.

Though We have given the blessings, when performing the surgery, to not to have any obstacles or issues, We ourself will stay close and will help the surgery succeed. From today, chant the Gayatri that praises Vaideeswara for 54 times.” – stressed the Maha Muni, like an order.

Only after hearing this, the doctor’s face brightened up. He left happily.

The person who practiced surgery in London and in a few other countries, why should he come here to seek the Nadi, I could not understand then. The doctors mostly won’t believe in astrology. They research in science and they believe that is the only truth. Their focus will be to get the complete hope of the people. Given this generalization, I thought this doctor must have been very devoted to Agastya Muni to have come all the way from a foreign land to seek His blessings to perform a critical surgery.

Once the doctor reached his place, I received a note from the doctor.
“Sir! The surgery is going to happen in three days. My hands and legs have started shivering from today suddenly. My fingers are shaking. This shivering is not out of fear but due to a nervous issue. I am taking a few medicines after consulting with the neuro specialists. This should become alright before tomorrow morning. Please pray to Agastya Muni for me.”

Agastya Muni does not say things just like that. He has given a good blessing and this doctor is scared due to lack of self confidence, I thought. The third day morning came…

The nervous weakness should have been alright now and the surgery might be happening now. The doctor will call me with a good news, I thought. There wasn’t any update from him till the evening. I never used to wait for anyone like this as I used to leave it thinking “Agastya Muni will take care.”


With this doctor’s case, I was a bit nervous. I felt the urge to ask Agastya Muni Himself on what happened. I opened the Nadi and the Maha Muni was not there. How many ever times I prayed, nothing came. I generally pray before I open the Nadi and He appears in a light-form and tells me anything. I will read that to whoever has come seeking for it, as it is, without hiding anything.

But when I opened the Nadi now, all I could see is that palm leaves. The Tamil words that appear in light was not present. What happened to Agastya Muni? Why didn’t He come? More than this, I was worrying if the doctor succeeded in his operation or it did not happen at all etc.

It is not a surprise for me in not finding Agastya Muni in the Nadi as it has happened before, even due to mistakes committed by me. But this time it wasn’t any mistake of mine. The One who spoke to me directly everyday is not here today, then something must have happened, I realized. I prayed that the next day should start in a good manner and kept the Nadi.

The next day early in the morning…

It was around 5 AM. The doctor called me from abroad. “The operation went well. But all I know is that I entered the operation theatre. The operation went for eight hours. A number of people came to help. The other doctors and nurses all told me that I performed the operation. But I wasn’t me there. Some ‘power’ entered my body and it operated swiftly and the operation succeeded. I have no idea whatsoever happened. Please request Agastya Muni to clarify” –  said the doctor!

I realized that my whole body was sweating. I asked the doctor, “How is your nervous weakness?”

“The shivering is still there. I have never got such a thing before. With this much of shivering NO doctor can perform a surgery. I have no idea how that surgery happened. Please request Agastya.” – said the doctor again.

This gave a pleasant shock to me. I opened the Nadi swiftly without wasting much time.

The patient who underwent the surgery had performed milk abhisheka to me in his previous birth, at Kolli hills. Due to his karmic effects, he is suffering now. It is important for him to undergo this surgery to get rid of the disease.

We had committed the young doctor that day as well and We decided to keep our commitment. But only if We save this young doctor from his nervous weakness, his job will be saved and the hospital’s name and fame will spread all over. So We planned. We had Thirumoola along with Us and We entered the doctor’s body and performed the surgery. It succeeded.

Thirumoola got Us out of the doctor’s body. He had kept the Athma (spirit) of the doctor with Him all the while and sent it to his body again. This is what happened dear!” – Agastya gave me a shock treatment.

It took a few days for me to come out of that shock. I hope it will be the same for you…

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: Daniel B. Holeman