The GOS 117 – He knows what you did!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

When reading some incidents, I just remain spell bound with surprise. How come Agastya Muni knows such minute and intricate things? With the world population being in billions, He knows each and everyone’s history. What they did, even those which they think is only known to them, give them a chance to rectify themselves and make their entire family happy. I feel, before the shakthi of Siddhas, we are merely a dust particle. Let us see one such incident.

A mother came seeking Nadi reading.

“I have two sons. One studies well and the other one seldom does. If there is any parikara, please ask the Maha Muni.”

“Studies? Don’t worry. The boys will seem like careless initially. Everything will be alright eventually.” – I said and opened the Nadi.

The Maha Muni narrated several surprising incidents and mentioned a few parikara to be done. The lady made a note of them and said, “It’s not only studies sir. The behavior is not also good. The one who goes to college, I hear that he roams with all sorts of girls. I am getting a lot of complaints. This is what worries me a lot.”

“What is his age?”


“Is he behaving like this now or…is he like this from his childhood?”

“He was like this from when he was eight. I showed lot of love. But he does not respect me. He scolds me. More so, he threw the cutting tool at me once. I had a narrow escape and was injured lightly.” – she showed the scar.

As the Maha Muni had mentioned some surprising incidents about that boy, I wasn’t very surprised on what she said.

“What about the other boy?”

“He is perfectly ok. He fears God, studies well and loves me a lot. But I feel I have a soft corner for the elder one.”

I was looking at this lady quietly.

“Sir, will the elder son turn good?” – her voice didn’t show any hope.

“Don’t worry. Let us make him good.”

“Another thing sir. For him to become like this, my Father is one of the reasons. I am not sure why he does so.”

“His grandson right, it must be that love.”

She did not reply and left. Two months went by. The lady’s father came and said that the elder son had committed something and the police have taken him in custody. He sought for help and was worried very much.

“What did he do that the police has taken him?”

“Young blood..his friends have gone out of station with a girl and something happened there. The girl died. All others escaped but this poor boy was caught.” – the grandfather mentioned as if nothing happened.

I was taken aback. I said, “Sir, do not think that Agastya Muni will help in these things. He never goes in favor of criminals.”

“Eh? How can you decide this? My grandson must escape out of this murder. Ask Agastya Muni and tell me.” – he commanded.

“Bear with me. You will not get any words from Agastya Muni for all these. You may search for some other Nadi.”

The grandpa got furious. “Just because I said the truth, you are refusing to read the Nadi. If I had not mentioned anything, you could’ve read it right?”

“Even if you say or you don’t, the Siddha Agastya will tell me. If it is a deva rahasya, I don’t reveal them.”

“I am not ready to believe this. You are doing some drama here.”

“Why should I? Am I expecting money to read the Nadi? I do not have the necessity to read the Nadi. This is neither my profession. You may go now.” – stern was my voice.

He stood up suddenly. He is going to go out at once, I thought. But he fell at my feet.

“I am not an astrologer. To get rid of karmic effects, I seek Agastya Muni’s guidance and read it out to others. No one, I mean no one can command me. No one can threaten me either. If someone even tries to do so, Agastya Muni won’t let them lose that easy. Hence, beware!”

The old man really looked scared.

“Please forgive me. Please seek Agastya’s guidance to have my grandson live a good life.” – his voice and body language had turned abruptly humble.

“Let it all be. Why do you have so much of care and affection towards this grandson?”

“My love has been blindfolded towards him right from his childhood.”

“Agastya Muni had already mentioned a number of things about you the other day. The reason what you say does not seem right?”

The old man looked pale now.

“What…came in the Nadi?”

“You wouldn’t believe if I say, right?”

“No, I shall..please..”

“You are asking as though you don’t know anything? There is a crime you did initially, you seem to have forgotten it?”

“I am not clear as to what you mean..” – said the grandfather.

“Agastya Muni knows how long you are hiding this crime. You cannot hide it from me.” – I opened the Nadi for this old man to listen from Agastya Muni Himself on what he did.

“He is Sundaralingam, a wealthy man. He got his only daughter Sheelarani married to a person without her consent. She became pregnant and was admitted in a private hospital. The child was born but was dead when it was born. Sheelarani was unconscious. As there was no heir and that the child was born dead, in the middle of that night, this man took another child which was born in the same hospital that day and kept it next to Sheelarani. He drove the nurse who helped him do so eventually out of the town. That child is his beloved grandchild?” – Agastya Muni asked slowly.

The man looked as if his entire body is unscrewed.

“The child which was born to a drunkard and an immoral lady, got spoiled through Sundaralingam. He gave blindfolded love and spoiled him, is it not?” – when Agastya asked this question, the old man fell at my feet, grabbed them and started weeping.

“Sheelarani bore the child as if its her own. But the boy had the qualities of his own mother and father and he wasn’t curable. Sheelarani does not know this truth till now, only Sundaralingam does. She gave birth to another child after a few years. Does the growth of this child go along with the frequency and temperament of Sheelarani?”

When Agastya Muni mentioned all these one by one, the old man was really shivering.

“Sir, sir…let this matter be unknown to others and Sheelarani. Only you can help the boy come out of the police station.” – he pleaded.

“Sundaralingam…it’s not fair to hide this. Let Sheelarani know about this. It will be shocking indeed initially. But as she has nurtured the child as her own, she will cope up with it. For the sin committed by your grandson, he will suffer punishment and will come out. Till then, do some parikara.” – said Agastya!

Sheelarani was under shock for about four months when she got to know of all these. Then recovered slowly. As she thought of the elder one as her own son, that love took over and she started treating him just as before, her own son.

The boy suffered punishment for some time and due to his good behavior, he got out of jail. Now, he is serving a spiritual movement. The question he asks me now is this:

“Can’t Agastya Muni show me my real parents?”

Only Agastya can answer this. Some questions won’t get any reply from Him and this question sat in that category. Till this day, the question is unanswered.

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – Episode 18 – Testing Sage Agastya!

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“They say that Agastya Muni does countless miracles through His Jeeva Nãdi, but somehow I am not come in to believe in all that. Even then, I came here with some belief. Will Agasthya satisfy my doubt?” – came and sat a person with such a query.

“You may just leave it if you do not believe. Why waste your’s and my time?” – I said.

“Do you know the disease I have? Cancer! The doctors found this out just one and a half months back. I am undergoing treatment for it. Will I be cured of this disease? Can you ask this to Agastya Muni?” – he gave me a shock.

“I think the Sage will provide a Saying for this, but you will have to have total faith in Agastya?” – I said.

“If not, I wouldn’t have come this long in search of Agastya Muni” – he said at once.

“You do not have to say this for me. I am His messenger, that’s all. Whatever He says, I say the same thing just as it is. If you have faith, listen to it”

“One more thing. I don’t have any belief in doing remedial measures (parikaram). If (He) says so, I cannot do it. At the same time, the disease I got must be cured” – he ordered, almost Smile.

These words made me inconvenient. I do not know what He will say in Jeeva Nãdi. If there comes any parikarams or prayer offering that he will not do, the effect will be counter-productive, I worried. I wouldn’t take any medicine, but the disease must be cured. For this, the Sage must use some rare miraculous powers, he wanted.

“Let me put forth your queries to Bhagawan Agastya. Let us see what happens” – I opened the Nãdi. There came some seemingly irrelevant phrases.

That who has adorned the character of Sri Rama is gathering crowd to get in to power. Another crowd is all set to loot public’s tax money after consuming liquor and signing off documents in Ayodhya. Untruth rules over the country. That whose blood is good, is narrating about a disease that he hath not, only to scare off his siblings to loot wealth, just see what this money does!

I felt that not a single word came out for the person who is sitting in front of me. I even tried to pray many a times and opened the Nãdi, only to get the same exact phrase as above. Even I could not decipher as to what it says. I kept the Nãdi closed.

“Sir, I opened the Nãdi for you, but there isn’t anything that came for you. Perhaps the day is not so appropriate today. Please come some other day” – I said slowly.

“I know sir, it’s all like this only. I made a condition know, that I won’t do any parikaram or prayer? Then how come Agastya will reply? These are all “your” own words said blindfolded according to the person you see.” – the person left after those flaming words came out of him.

Once he left, I was confused as to why the Sage said those words. The friends who were beside me tried to interpret those words in many a different ways. No proper answer was sought.

A few months passed…

The person came to me again. At first, I had an impression not so good about him at first. Why should he revisit if he does not have faith in Agastya Muni, I thought. Even then, I opened the Nãdi for him.

What the Sage said on that day is this.

“N.T. Rama Rao, who acted in movies adorning the character of Sri Rama has decided to start a new political party called Telugu Desam. That is what I mentioned indirectly. Did Agastya tell a lie or is it true, will come to light in tomorrow’s newspapers in the first page.

It was on the same day that the ruling and opposition parties decided to loot people’s tax money. They took liquor and planned to show off a welfare-plan which does not exist only to loot crores and crores of money. But that plan has been diffused by a few kindhearted souls. Let me tell that as well.

Third, about the person who is sitting in front, I mentioned it yesterday itself. That nobody understood, even Agastya’s beloved son, yourself included!”

He wanted to take possession of the entire wealth and so he faked that he got cancer only to shock and worry his siblings, thereby to take over the entire wealth. Whatever he says is all blatant lie. He does not suffer from cancer. To take possession of his family’s wealth by shortcut means and to change the ownership of the entire wealth to his lover, he acts as though he has got cancer, how is it fair that he, blame Agastya?!” – the Muni gave a detailed explanation.

The persons’s face who was hearing all these became numb. He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out.

I opened the Jeeva Nãdi again.

He belongs to the clan which says that God does not exist. He was sent only to test Agastya. Otherwise, will he dare say that he has the Kandamalai (cancer) disease to Agastya Himself? But know the act of fate? In a few months, he is going to suffer from a similar life-threatening disease. He will then come only to Agastya” – said the Muni briefly.

The person after hearing these words I thought, will either realize his mistake or will get scared or will apologize, but he challenged that he will prove the above clairvoyance to be false and left.

In fact I was surprised to see his behavior, the talks and all, that I began to worry ‘have I said something wrong indeed?” I was greatly worried. But whatever happens, I felt it is all offered to Agastya Muni, and left it at that. Even that person did not come thereafter. Exact three months passed by.

On a fine morning, that person came back, how? Three men were balancing this person and held him in front of me with difficulty.

“What happened?” – I asked.

“Paralysis. A hand and a leg does not function and his mouth became crooked too. It is a miracle that he is alive” – said one who came along. “Also, he insisted that he be taken to you, so we have come here.” “Whatever Agastya Muni has said is all true” – he has written this with his left hand. See!” – he showed a 40 pages notebook.

“What should I do?” – I asked.

“Please pray to Sage Agastya on behalf of him for forgiveness. For faking that he has cancer to obtain that wealth, there is really a tumor which has formed in his stomach in its beginning stages. The paralysis added up to it. He has come with complete faith in Agastya now. Agastya Muni should come forward to give him his life as alms” – said those who came along.

That person nodded his head as if saying ‘yes, yes!’ and knelt down with the help of one hand before the Jeeva Nãdi.

I could not bear all these, opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

Had he desired to accumulate good karma than to wealth, he wouldnt’ have suffered so” said the Agastya Muni and mercifully mentioned that a particular herb from Chathuragiri hills and how it has to be consumed.

Through its effects…

The person got rid of cancer and paralysis and is living hale and healthy for about 30 years now.

~ to be continued…