The GOS 115 – Shri. Hanumadhdasan whips a pseudo rationalist

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Any human being can forsake another mainly for two reasons. One, whatever a person does may not be liked by another or if one of them being selfish may forsake the other once his part of work gets over. In either of the cases, the affected person is the one being forsaken. But for the Siddhas, they never abandon anyone, even if they do not listen to their advice or clairvoyance. They patiently wait till the person realizes and sets their lives correctly. But ‘our man’ seldom has patience. He boils himself and speaks ill of others….what to say! Let us see one such in this post.

He is a very good friend. But he always takes the opposite stand, even takes action just opposite to what one says. He seldom listens. Everyone had given up on him that it is impossible to set him right. He had a strong thought that he knows everything and that he alone determines his life. In spite of this, he comes seeking Nadi reading frequently, just as how some of us get the thought of buying a lottery ticket to see ‘what’s in store’ for us.

He came to me suddenly.

“Don’t mistake me. Everyone says that whatever Agastya Muni says happens just as it is. All these are forgery. It cannot happen that way. Do not believe in what is said, is what I tell them. Now you should read the Nadi for me.” – he asked rightfully.

I laughed and said, “Why trouble yourself? You don’t believe in this. You say that there is no such thing called Agastya Jeeva Nadi and that everything is just a blatant lie. Why then waste your as well as my time?

Just leave it.”

“It’s fine. Let us just see as to what happens, if at all.” – he thought he said it rationally.

“Who hath the fate left?” – I thought and was wondering whether to read or not. I was worried that I should not be the victim of Agastya Muni’s wrath as well, by saying whatever I felt like. But still, as my friend persuaded, I opened the Nadi and began to read.

“Your own sister’s marital life is not so good. As she faces a lot of trouble in her husband’s family, she tried committing suicide, twice and failed. As you listen to this reading, she must have jumped off the terrace and would have been admitted in the hospital. Go and see!” – came the reply!

The person became quiet. He did not reply.

“She is in Hyderabad. I cannot go there at once. Let me make a call and find out.” – he went out of the room.

Those were the time when mobile phones were not present. One has to book a trunk-call and cannot talk directly also. They must wait till the operator connects them. So my friend came after a while.

“Sir, I called up Hyderabad. They are saying that nothing of that sort happened. In that case, doesn’t it mean that Agastya’s words have gone wrong?” – he was very enthusiastic.

“Agastya’s words have gone wrong. Ask Him now as to what He says.” – he said.

I kept quiet as I knew that the Maha Muni is divining a play.

“Did you speak to your sister?”


“Then whom did you speak to?”

“To her mother-in-law.”

“Why? You could’ve spoken to your sister itself right? Go and speak to your sister and come. Let us then read the Nadi.”

He did not accept it completely. But still, “Let me try speaking to her directly somehow. You need not have to wait for me.” – he rushed out, only to come back running the next day morning.

“Sir..!!! A telegram has come from Hyderabad. As her health is not good, she is admitted in a hospital. That’s all it says.” – he showed the telegram.

“Nothing will happen to your sister. Don’t worry. You got her married without having completing the prayer to your Kula-Devata (family deity) in a hurried manner. You must have done the Sumangali Prarthana. That wasn’t done either. Your mother has kept an yellow cloth wrapped up with the offering kept for Tirupathi Balaji. This is not offered either. If you do this, there is no harm. So please make sure it happens as per the procedure and go to Hyderabad. You will get a good news. Do not worry about your sister.” – I read what came in the Nadi at once.

“All these are very good to hear sir. But neither me or my family believes in all these. What is the relation between Sumangali Prarthana, Tirupathi Balaji’s Hundi and my sister not feeling well? Please don’t mistake me. I am going to go to Hyderabad without doing any of these.”

“That is up to you. Why should you tell me?” – I stood up. He bid farewell. One month went by.

A call came from Chennai’s general hospital. It was my rational friend indeed.

“My sister has suffered bone fractures in many parts of her body. They could not do proper treatment in Hyderabad and so I have admitted her in Chennai hospital.”

“I wish for her speedy recovery.” – I said.

“Sir no sir! Whatever treatment is given, the big doctors are saying that she won’t live for more than six months.”

“Oh..ok, what can I do now?”

“Please read the Agastya’s Nadi for my sister.”

“Have you done all that Agastya Muni suggested already?”


“Then why should I read the Nadi?”

“You had read it for me. Can’t you read it now for my sister?” – he pleaded.

“I shall. But if Agastya Muni suggests for any remedial measure or a prayer, you are not going to do it. With her condition now, your sister can’t do it either. So I don’t want to read Nadi for you now. Please leave me.” – I told him strictly.

The friend had no reply afterwards.

Eighteen days went by.

He came to meet me. He appeared very sad and grief striken. He wasn’t able to talk in spite of trying.

“What?” – I said.

“My sister is in danger. They did an operation, but no use. The doctors have given 24 hours time. She must be saved somehow. Only Agastya Muni can do this.” – said he.

“I am sorry. Agastya Muni is not God. He is a Siddha. If one seeks, He guides. If his guidance is not followed, He won’t reply again. You believe that His Jeeva Nadi is a lie. Then why are you coming here? Go and pray. Ask the doctors for suggestions. Your sister will be saved for sure.”

“Is there no other go?”

“Search for some other Nadi. A good way out will be shown.”

“Don’t you have even a bit of humanity in you? There is a life that is suffering. Can’t you….can’t you move even a bit?” – he started blaming me.

“My friend! Why this frustration? I have been in contact with the Maha Muni Agastya for the past thirty years! You, are trying to win Him by your pseudo-rational thoughts. I know about Agastya Muni very well. If one does not follow what He says, there won’t be a good reply thereafter. Me or Agastya Peruman are NOT an agent for anyone. I am not intended to seek money by taking advantage of your situation. But you on the other hand, assume things with whatever your thinking caliber is and are spreading nonsense about me and Agastya. Am I a magician, to just change everything in a whip of a second? Just leave it I say!”

“Then what shall I do?”

“First, as your mother wished, arrange for a Sumangali Prarthana at home. Second, send a person to Tirumala Tirupathi at once with the offering your mother has kept, to be surrendered to the Sri Vari Hundi.”

“I cannot do these now, I have to stay in the hospital.” – he said.

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any danger to your sister’s life. The moment you start arranging for these, she will be saved from the clutches of death. It is up to you to do it or not.”

My friend left the place without saying anything. A week passed by. He came with a brightened face and sweets in his hands. Before I could open my mouth, he himself prostrated before the Nadi I had.

“My sister is saved.” – he said and continued explaining what happened.

“That day, just as you said, I set forth to Tirupathi with the offering my mother had kept. There wasn’t a bit of space even to stand in the train. I was so afraid as to what might happen and at that time, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the first class compartment, made me sit beside
him and said that he is on his way to Tirumala as welll and that he has good influence with the staff there and that he will make arrnagements for a good darshan for me by asking the Peshkar there. I had no idea who that old man was and why he should help me etc.,

The wise old man then took me to the Peshkar, showed me and said something and left. He made me to get Balaji’s darshan in the special darshan queue. Once I had darshan, I put the offering my mother had kept, wrapped in the cloth, to the Sri Vari Hundi. Right at that time when I put it, my sister
opened her eyes and her life had escaped from entering the gates of death. The Sumangali Prarthana happened in my house yesterday as well. My sister talks very well now and the doctors have said that there is nothing to worry. Sir…I will never….ever speak ill of the Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi…!” – he was so overwhelmed with emotion when he said all these. I was speechless too.

Oh yes, those who were responsible for her to fall from the terrace underwent a different series of trouble. But…

On seeking Agastya’s Nadi and then doing things what He suggested with a careless attitude or without any faith or those who don’t carry them out,
nothing ever happens to them. I have seen this, I say out of experience.

~ to be continued…!

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