The GOS 117 – He knows what you did!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

When reading some incidents, I just remain spell bound with surprise. How come Agastya Muni knows such minute and intricate things? With the world population being in billions, He knows each and everyone’s history. What they did, even those which they think is only known to them, give them a chance to rectify themselves and make their entire family happy. I feel, before the shakthi of Siddhas, we are merely a dust particle. Let us see one such incident.

A mother came seeking Nadi reading.

“I have two sons. One studies well and the other one seldom does. If there is any parikara, please ask the Maha Muni.”

“Studies? Don’t worry. The boys will seem like careless initially. Everything will be alright eventually.” – I said and opened the Nadi.

The Maha Muni narrated several surprising incidents and mentioned a few parikara to be done. The lady made a note of them and said, “It’s not only studies sir. The behavior is not also good. The one who goes to college, I hear that he roams with all sorts of girls. I am getting a lot of complaints. This is what worries me a lot.”

“What is his age?”


“Is he behaving like this now or…is he like this from his childhood?”

“He was like this from when he was eight. I showed lot of love. But he does not respect me. He scolds me. More so, he threw the cutting tool at me once. I had a narrow escape and was injured lightly.” – she showed the scar.

As the Maha Muni had mentioned some surprising incidents about that boy, I wasn’t very surprised on what she said.

“What about the other boy?”

“He is perfectly ok. He fears God, studies well and loves me a lot. But I feel I have a soft corner for the elder one.”

I was looking at this lady quietly.

“Sir, will the elder son turn good?” – her voice didn’t show any hope.

“Don’t worry. Let us make him good.”

“Another thing sir. For him to become like this, my Father is one of the reasons. I am not sure why he does so.”

“His grandson right, it must be that love.”

She did not reply and left. Two months went by. The lady’s father came and said that the elder son had committed something and the police have taken him in custody. He sought for help and was worried very much.

“What did he do that the police has taken him?”

“Young blood..his friends have gone out of station with a girl and something happened there. The girl died. All others escaped but this poor boy was caught.” – the grandfather mentioned as if nothing happened.

I was taken aback. I said, “Sir, do not think that Agastya Muni will help in these things. He never goes in favor of criminals.”

“Eh? How can you decide this? My grandson must escape out of this murder. Ask Agastya Muni and tell me.” – he commanded.

“Bear with me. You will not get any words from Agastya Muni for all these. You may search for some other Nadi.”

The grandpa got furious. “Just because I said the truth, you are refusing to read the Nadi. If I had not mentioned anything, you could’ve read it right?”

“Even if you say or you don’t, the Siddha Agastya will tell me. If it is a deva rahasya, I don’t reveal them.”

“I am not ready to believe this. You are doing some drama here.”

“Why should I? Am I expecting money to read the Nadi? I do not have the necessity to read the Nadi. This is neither my profession. You may go now.” – stern was my voice.

He stood up suddenly. He is going to go out at once, I thought. But he fell at my feet.

“I am not an astrologer. To get rid of karmic effects, I seek Agastya Muni’s guidance and read it out to others. No one, I mean no one can command me. No one can threaten me either. If someone even tries to do so, Agastya Muni won’t let them lose that easy. Hence, beware!”

The old man really looked scared.

“Please forgive me. Please seek Agastya’s guidance to have my grandson live a good life.” – his voice and body language had turned abruptly humble.

“Let it all be. Why do you have so much of care and affection towards this grandson?”

“My love has been blindfolded towards him right from his childhood.”

“Agastya Muni had already mentioned a number of things about you the other day. The reason what you say does not seem right?”

The old man looked pale now.

“What…came in the Nadi?”

“You wouldn’t believe if I say, right?”

“No, I shall..please..”

“You are asking as though you don’t know anything? There is a crime you did initially, you seem to have forgotten it?”

“I am not clear as to what you mean..” – said the grandfather.

“Agastya Muni knows how long you are hiding this crime. You cannot hide it from me.” – I opened the Nadi for this old man to listen from Agastya Muni Himself on what he did.

“He is Sundaralingam, a wealthy man. He got his only daughter Sheelarani married to a person without her consent. She became pregnant and was admitted in a private hospital. The child was born but was dead when it was born. Sheelarani was unconscious. As there was no heir and that the child was born dead, in the middle of that night, this man took another child which was born in the same hospital that day and kept it next to Sheelarani. He drove the nurse who helped him do so eventually out of the town. That child is his beloved grandchild?” – Agastya Muni asked slowly.

The man looked as if his entire body is unscrewed.

“The child which was born to a drunkard and an immoral lady, got spoiled through Sundaralingam. He gave blindfolded love and spoiled him, is it not?” – when Agastya asked this question, the old man fell at my feet, grabbed them and started weeping.

“Sheelarani bore the child as if its her own. But the boy had the qualities of his own mother and father and he wasn’t curable. Sheelarani does not know this truth till now, only Sundaralingam does. She gave birth to another child after a few years. Does the growth of this child go along with the frequency and temperament of Sheelarani?”

When Agastya Muni mentioned all these one by one, the old man was really shivering.

“Sir, sir…let this matter be unknown to others and Sheelarani. Only you can help the boy come out of the police station.” – he pleaded.

“Sundaralingam…it’s not fair to hide this. Let Sheelarani know about this. It will be shocking indeed initially. But as she has nurtured the child as her own, she will cope up with it. For the sin committed by your grandson, he will suffer punishment and will come out. Till then, do some parikara.” – said Agastya!

Sheelarani was under shock for about four months when she got to know of all these. Then recovered slowly. As she thought of the elder one as her own son, that love took over and she started treating him just as before, her own son.

The boy suffered punishment for some time and due to his good behavior, he got out of jail. Now, he is serving a spiritual movement. The question he asks me now is this:

“Can’t Agastya Muni show me my real parents?”

Only Agastya can answer this. Some questions won’t get any reply from Him and this question sat in that category. Till this day, the question is unanswered.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 103 – The Siddha of Siddhas, Lord Shiva!

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I firmly believe that the Siddhas know everything. Generally, those who come for Nadi reading to remediate their issues, listen to what comes out of Nadi and get scared most of the times and don’t do what is prescribed in it. Then when the problem goes severe, they come back again and get some more remedial measures, only tougher. I have heard some people murmuring “the earlier method suggested itself was simpler”.

I have seen the most of them have a wrong impression about Lord Shiva Himself! He owns and carries out the 5 major tasks where the task of destruction or better said in Sanskrit, Samhara, is done by Him, Himself. He is not for the worldly and material wealth, so why ask for such things to Him? But a few others, they don’t think all these: “The Siddha has said. Who are we to ask and counter? Let us just do it with our heart and soul put in and let Him take care of the rest” – and they do what is suggested. I have seen their problems getting away much faster.

Just like the Agastya Jeeva Nadi, through His grace, I had another Nadi of Bhoga Siddha. It generally gives information on Bhoga Siddha’s medicinal methods, certain herbs for certain diseases etc., just that the letters appear in the same golden color as that of Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi. I have read that Nadi as well and have helped people get medicinal remedies.

There came a young couple one day.

“We got a child after a few years of getting married. It is of two years old and has born with health issues.”

“What sort of health issue?”

“After it turned one and a half, all of a sudden its body becomes bluish in color. We used to rush to the hospital and after some treatment, the color goes off. But neither us nor the doctors are able to estimate when the disease will come back. We have tried various different ailments. Earlier it used to come once in a month but now, the frequency has turned weekly. Only during our last visit, a doctor was able to diagnose how this disease comes. He says that our kid has a hole in its heart, right from its birth. When the pumping of blood does not happen properly, the lack of oxygen turns the body bluish. He says there are only two ways of cure to it. One is to do a surgery but the kid does not have the strength to endure the surgery where the result of such treatment could be anything.”

“Ok. What’s the second method he said?”

“That doctor believes in the medicinal marvels of Bhoga Siddha. So he believes that if Bhoga Siddha’s grace is there, He could save this child and he asked us to check with you on what Bhoga Siddha says in His Nadi. Only you can read this Nadi and show is the way out of this problem.”

I took the Nadi of Bhoga and prayed earnestly, “O Siddha Lord! Please provide a good judgement to this couple’s child.”

The Siddha came in the Nadi:

Only the Three Eyed Lord can save this child. If the kid is to be saved, it has to be dipped in Alak Nanda river, thrice, on a Thursday that too. When it is being bathed thus, Shiva-Nama must be chanted continuously. For sure, Lord Shiva will come and save this child!” – said these and disappeared at once.

Normally, Bhoga Siddha answers short and crisp. As he did not say about any medicine and that the child has to be dipped in Alak Nanda river thrice, the parents were really shocked. The river, known for its cold water where people freeze even to bathe once. This kid, who has a weak heart, how can this be dipped thrice in that ice-cold water?!! I thought.

“Apart from these, he didn’t say anything?” – the parents asked.

“I have mentioned what Bhoga has said. He didn’t say anything else. Please do as He said. You will come back with a good news.”

The couple left, mentally tired. I didn’t hear anything from them for two months. After two months, they came, with a exhausted face and informed me that the kid is becoming weaker day by day and they could not carry out the Bhoga Siddha had suggested them.

“Can you please read that Nadi once more and see if He says anything more?” – they asked. I did so and they got the same exact reply as before. I looked at their tired face and said, “Lord Shiva had destroyed the very karma which was the cause of a disease. He will definitely save your child. Just think that this child is hereafter Lord Shiva’s and do what Bhoga Siddha said, at once. Good will happen.” – I said.

I don’t know what they felt.

“We’re taking your words as a divine clairvoyance and think that from this minute, we shall think that this child is Lord Shiva’s and will carry out what is said.”

They came after two weeks. The child was playing in their arms, appearing happy and healthy. They appeared very happy too and carried a number of experiences which gives goose pimps to me to this day. They narrated what happened:

“Just as Bhoga Siddha said, we took our kid to the AlakNanda river in the Himalayas. We were shocked at the fierce and chillness of the water. How can we dip this kid in this water? – this thought occurred to us twice. Just before the same question hit us the third time, just as the Siddha said, we utterred the name “Namah Shivaya” and dipped it slowly, once. We didn’t know what happened. Normally, such chillness will make any kid scream. But our kid liked that chillness and it smiled. At that time, a Sadhu came to our side and said, “Give me the child. I shall bathe it and return it to you. Don’t have to worry.” – and he got our child.

He went further down to where we stood, a deeper portion of the river and dipped the kid many a times, came near us, (thadavi tharudhal – word search), took the Holy Bhasm from his wet garment, applied it in the kids’ forehead, chest and put a little in it’s mouth, he murmured something in it’s right ear and handed it over to us. We got busy wiping out the water in its body as soon as we received the child where we forgot even to say our thanks to the Sadhu. For a minute’s gap when we looked up, the Sadhu
was not to be found!

The body of the kid was warmer than before and so we thought everything should have been alright. We took it back to the doctors who checked it and they were flabbergasted! They said that the hole in its heart is completely filled and the pumping is happening properly now. We do not know who that Sadhu was and how he cured it. But good has happened just as you said. Please convey our sincere thanks and gratefulness to Bhoga Siddha.

I asked Bhoga Siddha in His Nadi and He mentioned…

This divine play has been orchestrated by Lord Shiva Himself! When He, the foremost of all Siddhas, the Siddha of all Siddhas, wants to run this play, what role do we have there? Our job got over after we said what has to be done. Hence, there wasn’t any medicine given out. There won’t be an understanding on some divine plays, one should not try to understand the meaning either!” – the Siddha concluded with this short and sweet advice.

I was taken aback for a while knowing that the Lord Shiva Himself is roaming amidst us as a Siddha!

Awesome Image Courtesy: Nupur Sehgal

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – Episode 8

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The woman did not get controlled and bedeviled everyone. It was a scary sight. She had the glow of rich, her eyes reflected pain resulting from a persisted suffering for a long time. She appeared to be well educated as well.

“O Sire, only you should save me!” – she said crying profusely the moment she saw me. I asked the adults who were grappling her to release her.

“She will flee if we release her” – said one.

“She won’t. Release her” – I said.

“Swamy, she is possessed by devil, didn’t you see how devilish her dance was a while ago?!”

“Let it be. Now set her free. She won’t run anywhere” – I said.

They set her free halfheartedly. She looked at me with gratitude. I asked everyone to sit with a few minutes passing by quietly.

I began to speak “now, tell me what happened”.

“The girl is possessed by some devil. That has to be driven away, that’s why we came to you” – said one among the adults.

“Who told that this girl is possessed?”

“She was doing her studies and is very good in academics. Suddenly she said she does not want to, we let her as per her wish but then of late  she laughs to herself thinking something, she talks to herself. We took her to a doctor and got her some medicines, which she threw away!”


“We checked her horoscope with an astrologer and did many a types of remedial measures, but she never changed. Then we took her to an occult near Choolai Medu (a place in Chennai, near Nungambakkam in Tamil Nadu ).

“What did he say?”

“He was correct. He said that a devil has possessed her”

“Ok, what did he say as a solution / remedy?”

“He asked us to take her to Chotanikkarai Bhagawathi Amman temple (a very famous temple in Kerala, where people suffer from mental illness are taken to) and asked us to stay there for 40 days. If in case we cannot go there, he said he himself will cure her”.

“What did you decide?”

“If we have to go to Chotanikkarai, then it will cost us about ten thousand rupees. He said if we give him just six thousand, he will cure her. In the meanwhile, we heard about you. We thought ok, let’s ask Agastya Muni as to what he says, then shall we decide what to do. That’s why we came here”.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Please read Nãdi for her, whether to go to Chottanikarai or to this occult, ask the Sage and tell us”.

That woman was watching them answering and me asking them questions very sharply. She didn’t shriek, didn’t react be-devilish  never moved. I looked at her eyes which were pleading to save her from these people.

Having Agastya Jeeva Nãdi, I have the opportunity to meet many a different type of people. The greatest surprise here is that the problems they face will be very normal which could be solved by themselves. But those to come to hear Agastya’s clairvoyance assume that He should provide solutions to all their problems and they are adamant about that.

I prayed to Agastya earnestly and began to read the Jeeva Nãdi. As a “Deva ragasya”, He started explaining a few things just to me.

“Truly, this girl is not possessed or anything. She is an intelligent girl, studying in a college. As she inherits great wealth from her grandfather, a group is trying to get hold of it. They are trying to get her forcefully married to her aged uncle, that too as a third wife! This shocked girl tried to escape from them and failed and is suffering because of these people. We, Sage Agastya will save her considering her to be Our own daughter!!” – Agastya Muni said.

Further He mentioned, “that cruel uncle is just opposite to you, just wait and witness how fate is taking its toll on him”

The girl left out a shriek just as the Sage mentioned this, which was terrifying to those around her. I realized that the Sage is staging a divine play to save her indeed. Even I was shocked to hear the girl scream all of a sudden. Just now the Sage mentioned that she is not possessed or anything and she screams as if it was not correct – I thought.

Once she became quiet, I looked at her quietly. It was as if she wanted to say something, but since those adults slapped her hard when she screamed, she fell unconscious. This left me with a great inconvenience and I felt bitter. I looked at them with frustraion where they began to post series of questions.

“What does the Sage Agastya say?”

“He says that this girl is not possessed by devil or anything”

“Then what that occult told us…?!”

“It’s a blatant lie”

“So we don’t have to go to the temple?”


“Shall we go to that occult?”

“That is not required either”

“Sire, a small doubt, are you saying these by yourself or does Sage Agastya Himself says so?”

“I don’t say anything by myself. I read just what comes in Nãdi”

“What can we do then?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Just set this girl free. You don’t have to tell anyone that she is possessed by a ghost or anything like that”

“No sir! If you come home you will know how she tortures us. Then only you will believe that she is possessed by ghost” – said one among them.

“Sage Agastya confirms it right, that there is nothing wrong with this girl?” – I stressed a little.

It appeared that a couple of them did not agree to what I said. My intuition warned me that I must save this girl from these people.

“Is anyone among you the uncle of this girl?” – I asked.

A man with slightly gray-haired mustache on an unshaven face, slightly bald with a long towel hanging on the shoulder came forward with a rough look.

“I am that girl’s uncle”

“Can you come inside?” I called. He came. I asked him, “do you believe in Agastya’s Jeeva Nãdi?”

“I do” he replied.

I mentioned exactly what Sage Agastya mentioned and asked “you want to get married for the third time, to this girl. Is this true?”



“She is my sister’s daughter. His grandfather wrote a will on her name with a lot of property. My sister is a widow and I am everything for this girl. I got her educated. My first wife has a son who is deaf and lame. I spent all my money in his treatment and both my wives have passed away. Now I am in debt. If I marry her, I will get the property, I will get rid of my debt and can treat my son also”.

“I can clearly see your situation. But what’s your age?”

“Fifty five”

“You want to get married to this young girl at this age. How is this fair?

“Eh, such things are very normal in our caste” he said with negligence.

I began to read the Jeeva Nãdi quietly. What the Sage said in that tensed me up.

“Sire, what sort of a crime you have done, how can you? – the Sage is asking me” – I said.

“What have I done?” – he asked as if he does not understand anything.

“Just because this girl did not agree to your plans, you paid someone to get an philter which you mixed in a coffee and gave her. It’s true or not…? – I inquired as if the police does.

His head bent down of shame and said “yes”.

“The medicine he gave is not an philter but its something poisonous that affects the brain. Haven’t you seen the condition of this girl after consuming it? – the Sage asks you. Speak the truth without hiding anything” – I said.

~  to be continued…